Diary 18th January 2016

Well today was a relaxation day. eheheheh.

Was looking at my last Dallas, for in like forever. Quite emotional to be honest. hahhaah. And I wouldn’t mind I had a dream of Sue Ellen and Cliff of whom they had an affair in the series, and Cliff wanted an abortion whereas Sue Ellen wanted to keep the baby but Cliff didn’t want If I recall was NOT in the series. In the series BOTH parties wanted the baby, but sadly she lost it.

I rang for a Blood Test appointment to for Kilduff. She wants my Blood Results.

Then it was time for the Vantage Point film. I seen it about 2 or 3 times. The plot was very simple, but the construction so confusing and all over the place. BUT the music was just so compelling. Quoting myself: “Music adds to the film” Well this particular one was fantastic. heheeh

So while looking at it, I was cleaning beside the bed more so down at the end of it. hahaah. I came across MORE Christmas Lights that I never put up, whoopise. hahahaha. then the dust got to me, so I quet for the night. hahahah.

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