Diary 21st January 2016

Well while I was sleeping Afterall I hadn’t slept for the day Wednesday heheheh.

So as such I had the following dreams.

Whereby I throw the bomb into the Domican College grounds which is a secondary school up the road from where I grew up. hehehe. However the red light is flashing and as such I throw it at the lights of Grace Park Road. We all are affected.

The above dream in my opinion was as a direct result of when Mom told me thaat American’s say “Get a life” relating to my sis’ personal issues(which obvious I ain’t gonna get into).

Then a thought entered my mind, in which I actually got up was I’m with my partner and that I have an episode of stress ie crying consistently and that the partner can’t handle it. So he dumps me into Kilduff and he says he loves me with all his heart, but he can’t hack this with this “Mental case”, so Kilduff then says its at this time he needs all the support afterall his FAM in Romania dumped him. The partner says he didn’t even know he was from Romania let alone his background.

So eventually I got up. I was to collect my 2nd payment of €101 from Basic Supplement Welfare Allowance. hehehe.

So then I came back did a bit of recording. Then afterwards I popped down to my sis to see her. Had a wee chat, as I was in a rush for to see Star Wars. haahah.

However when I arrived, I again got my times mixed up. hahaahah. So I waited til 9.20pm instead. haahah. So shortly after I left Cineworld, for to head home, that my bike got punctured. I was not in the mood to walk home with the bike. So I cycled albeit, not the best in the world, hahaha, but hey. But after Quinns, I walked home from there. There was a terrible noise of a gunshot consistently coming from my bike. hahaha.


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