Diary 24th January 2016

Well what a night of health endurement I went through. It involved piss and cumming. Which the latter I don’t understand. I wasn’t even horny. I wouldn’t mind but I did go to the loo during the night.

So then I got up eventually. Looked at yesterday’s news. Then afterwards I got ready for to head on my long trail of going into town to go and get “Marianna” and my sis’s care bare and of course my two Birth Sisters. hehehe. I left at 17.18. I arrived at 17.40. So I was very close. heheheeh. The shops were closing at 6pm. They close early on a Sunday. haahahah. So then my first shop was Toymaster for to get my sis Care Bear, I had seen the other day. Then next to go and get my BIG teddy bear. I then quickly googled opening hours, for PC World. As it was closing at half 6, I said I’d go. As my GoPro didn’t come with any memory let alone Internal Memory. heeheh.

So then I struggled as ever hahaha, with my trousers falling off me with severe weight loss, and then. So I came back to my place for a brief period to get my sleeves, and to drop Marianna and my Sis 2 back at home. heheeh.

So then I headed onto my sis. I wanted to get Coffee and Cereal ie the Vegan Cereal. So I headed to Centra in Fairview. Then I headed on to my sis, again struggling with my bags. I then headed onto her. We chatted invariably. I told her of my episode of what happened to me when I was with Ailish and NOel last ngiht. She put it down to a Virus, that I may have picked up. Then I made a point of why I name my teddys after my birth family ie Mariana and my two birth sisters. Like with me I don’t even know what my Mother looks like let alone my two sisters. My sis ova here  was saying that it might be an idea to wait until am ready. However with my age, I think it’d be better if I were told EARLIER in life than if I were to wait.

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