Diary 25th January 2016

Mom was to collect me for the Driver’s License.

So my first port of call was the Garda station. I was afraid the Garda would notice the days of my OLD passport as I can’t find the newest r current. That went well. So my next was to go onto

NDLS(National Driver’s License Section). As I had failed to bring in a Proof of Address that THEY wanted, I was placed on rejection list as I failed to have a proof of address. Like I had brought in a proof of  address from my bank, but it was a Correspondence from the bank. They wanted a STATEMENT.


So Mom left me at the bike shop. However thou when I arrived, I was hit with a €30 bill. I was charged an extra €20 although he took a fiver off at least that was something. When he mended the old tyre it burst on him and hence he couldn’t get my permission to meet me know as he wasn’t given a contact number.
So then afterwards, I went back to bed for the whole day until my appointment tomorrow with Social Welfare in Óisín House.

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