Diary 26th January 2016

After a near 24hr sleep it was time to get up for to be medically assessed for my injury benefit.
I first went to collect my medical cert albeit it took longer. The receptionist weren’t calling numbers at all.
Then I rushed onto oisin house. The nurse brought me into the assessment room. Then I was asked questions as per the form the assessor was required. He brought up my uncles death which started the whole thing with back pain etc.
Then went to mom and dads to figure out what to do about his lappy. So I put it down to lack of updates.  So spent several hrs installing.
Then afterwards I headed back to my place to collect my sleeves and Boi were they came in very handy tonight. I was non stop at them while I was with my sis. Reasoning being the bringing up of my uncles death then the st Stephens day massacre etc etc then whether or not Il b STARTING on disability allowance etc etc.   We looked at Alvin 4. Happy king Julien day from the film  Madagascar.

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