Diary 27th January 2016

Supposed to have gone to NDLS. However my cold in the way, I couldn’t be bothered. So I continued onto my folks.

I started by installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 that was on my drive. I then removed Norton as the Norton uninstall tool had been corrupt. So I removed.  I continued on for a few hrs. So while waiting around I had heard that the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) is to dissolve the 32nd Dáil). So I said to Dad I had best free up space on my Box. Hahaha. Shortly before I gave up I decided to try the emails once more and low and beholds it actually out worked. So Norton was working, updates were still downloading and emails yeah. I had re-imported the settings for dads Account settings is the Emails pop n smtp etc etc. Even though I had done this previousl, it still didn’t work.

Then I came home only to realise that the letter I had received  hadn’t been opened. It was to tell that my citizenship had come through.

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