Diary 28th January 2016

Sad thought but happyish towards the end. I’ve been diagnosed cancer ♋ as a result of the lump on me back. I tell my folks. They recommend I don’t tell me sis. However I would tell her in person. I then proceed to tell her. I’ll be going into hospital n chances are of me coming out of it are slim. So on my dying bed I’m there saying my goodbyes n then just abt me going that I see Mariana n her two daughters aka my two step sisters. Its what they call a miracle. I then proceed to say Mama. But then when I see Him I say oh. So I scream Mariana instead. I threaten the cop with the European court of human rights cause I know Romanian courts are as corrupt as themselves if u ever touches her with anything. I then lastly exclaim that my life was over when I came out. Enjoying family unity. Kathleen’s Doncaster trip etc. Janices house Asda  with my sis meal out with the Mulligans in campo……

Maureen called by to give me grub. Then went back for further sleep. Then got up for mom. We were to collect my social welfare and then head to ndls. However with the rain, and of course traffic to add onto of all that not a chance. So we left it. The guy in post office me thinking he is Italian is actually Romanian. He told me “I’m Romanian. I see yuo are too”.  Says I back to him “God You took your time. Hahaha”.  So wet left it at multmesc, his reply cu placere which means you’re welcome. I thought it was funny thou. Hahaha

So went to moms house for a grub too. Waited for dad to return from his lunch which he has every month with his retires teachers. Dad returns. He told me a memory which I got a fit of laughing. wherreby when my sis n i came over from Romania we went to this house in fox rock to have a meal. Then on the way home my sis says to mom or dad can we go to McDonalds. Aweee. This woman was teaching with dad. Her daughter worked out in NV orphanage. I checked up on dads computer one last time. I defaulted his email program to the original. Hehehe.

Headed to my sis. Then a cuppa. So while I was with my sis Maureen rang to congratulate me on my citizenship I told her off this memory and hence it came back to her.

So came home.

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