Diary 29th January 2016

I’m at a hotel. A trick is played on me. Whereby my bikey is sold. So I get him back when am told that a dog is woofing in the courtyards. I become so emotional when reunited.

I then have another dream whereby a guy flies me off into a room. Then this happens a second time. On both times, pictures of women’s boobies etc is found on display. The first time I don’t do anything. The second time I’m abt to attempt to delete em by selecting, however they disappear when the guy tells me they’re deleted and you’re fired., I react so badly to the point I scream out loud. I tell them first Am gay n second for u to first not to interview other people you automatically assume. You’re some leader!!!!!!

Maureen, My sis, mom n I are in someplace in Romania here called duag r duaw. On a white bus with the name in gold.  My sis talks to locals and I breakdown exclaiming “Il never have that”

Dad came to collect me. I got ready for to meet him. We registered the citizenship letter and then got a bite to eat in scrumptious cafe. It was scrumptious alrite. Haha. Then afterwards I came home.

For ready for the Dr appt. He examined basically. I told him abt my back trouble he wouldn’t hear of it. Then with medication I told him I don’t take capsules. Yet he gave em. So went to pharmacy n they told me to go back to the reception. The reception asked me with a stern face something wrong I told em. So she came back possibly from the Dr.  Then having seen no change I then decided to try n chance me arm n head to lydons pharmacy. They were so kind to change it to vegetarian Ie no capsule. So yeah. Delighted.

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