Diary 5th February 2016

Twas a nice and quiet day. hahahaah.

I had initially wanted to go into Pennys in O’ Connell St., and to get teddys for my sis in EuroGiant. However, I had horrific diarrhea BEFORE going to bed and in the middle of the night.

So with this, plans were to change. So instead I actually went to the Outhouse and then to the cinema. heheheh. The lads all congratulated me on getting my citizenship of which I obtained last week. George said a phrase “You can’t get a bog out of a man, BUT you can get a man out of the bog”. So I was welcomed with open arms. heheheh. I had asked Stephen whom was also there as a British Citizen would he be allowed to vote in the upcoming General Election 2016. Con confirmed that Stephen will not be allowed as he is NOT resident in ROI. hehehe.

So onwards to the next place of interest ie the cinema to see Spotlight. I of course had my sleeve with me, in the bag, of which I smuggled him in. hahahah

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