Diary 12th February 2016

I am there walking to a village in Co, Tipperary. I spend the whole dream with my sis trying to figure out the exact name. hahaha. We are with two old fogies or bachelors who try to help me remember. hahaha. I pop into a Centra look around. This is now on my own. Then I walk back from this village back to Dublin to my sis. heheheh. I remember thou, that I continue walking on my own down passed the village. I encounter a main road.

So then I got ready quick as lightening. heheheeh as I couldn’t’ afford to miss this payment. As I was in debt of over €200. So that said I got hot on me tails. heheehe. I was quite surprised thou when Niall who is the other proprietor, actually said “Good Evening”, hmmmmm. So then afterwards, I headed onto the bank to lodge money in.

Then I came back to watch a movie and then quickly I headed back out as I wanted to look for Tracksuits ie Matching stuff in Pennys. hahahaah.

Then I headed onto the Outhouse where I encountered Gerry. I was telling Gerry of the above dream. He thinks it may have something to do with my recent trip to Leixlip. David and I talking about Batman V Superman. I had taken issue with two Superheroes FIGHTING each other while David had taken issue with an Alien(Superman) and Batman(human) would be fighting. Superman would win in a split second. Then I went upstairs to see the guys above in Men’s Night. Ronan and the gang were talking about Star Wars and Rey etc.,

Then I headed onto the Cineworld to see Dad’s Army. When I went into the screen, there was nothing on screen when at least ads or trailers/previews should have been shown. Then when the film came on it had subtitles some had no issues, I personally meh!!!, don’t mind the subtitles, but reading every single line…. but there was a few against it. I felt a war would break out. hahaaha. Was given a free ticket. haahaah even FREE iMAX, mmmm

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