Diary 16th February 2016

Slept like a babe except the constant dreams of whatever like a few months ago.

I then got up and ready for my appointment. I was advised to distance myself from the abortion debates. Like that will happen!!!!. I asked what about the marriage equality. Hmmm. Sure ur not conflicted. It was yes all the way. But with the abortion I am conflicted. I was told that I was suppose to receive a referral letter from St. Vincent’s Hospital in Fairview ie my next door neighbor hahaha. . I asked if I could just talk to the team only, however she said the Team only dispense Meds etc., She also told me that she is in GP Training and that her next assignment is to “Deliver new babys” in the Rotunda Hospital. I wished her well in her new role.

So then I collected my medical cert. Then I headed onto Store St. to post it.

Went into a very heavy sleep whereby Taoiseach Enda Kenny was being inaugurated. The place I was located amongst others looked like a church gallery where singers are normally

While so I was hanging out with Noel Hughes. Then at the same time we was on a bus to Ryus Hospital where my friend had escaped to. So I went in their. Came out shaken. It was like primitive times.

I then headed onto my sis. We chatted invariably. haahaha. Then I was getting anxious over have NO income for myself for TWO whole weeks due to me mixing up new bills.


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