Diary 19th February 2016

Well what a day, it turned out to be. hahaahah. I had gone to bed around 5ish in the morning. I didn’t sleep a wink. Could it be becuase of Finance, or that I was meeting MAureen. I guess nobody will know, NOT even me. heheeh

I first started off with by going to the bank to sort out my Rent issues. So my first errand was to withdraw from the Credit Union. Then I headed to An Post to get my normal cash. On the way to the bank I only realised that I left my cash witch was to form part of the Rent. However as I said to myself “ya fuckin ass”. I was mad at myself that I had left the cash behind which is in my safe.

So with that I rang Ailish to see if I could call up tomorrow night Sat, as per my norm once a month. Then I decided that on the way to Ailish, that I can go and lodge money then I’ll head to her place.

So then it was time to get up for to meet Maureen my aunt. I had only learnt that my Mom had gone into the Hospital. She was brought up by Dad on Wednesday Night. She thought she’d be out the next day hence why she never said anything. So that said, Maureen told me as she’s still there and will be for over the weekend. She had diarrhea and vomiting. This was caused by Blood Infection and something with the liver. So I expect to go and see her on Sunday with my Aunt and Sister.

ANyways Maureen and I trodded along to Govinda’s.hehehe. I warned her thou that these are against gay people, that they are highly Christian crowd. Then we were chatting away. I had a lovely scrumptious Broccoli Soup, Bread, then the main dish being Rice, with Lentil Sauce on it and of course some pastry yolk. Oh and one last thing, it’s VEGAN. mmmmmmmm

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