Diary 20th February 2016

Today was not bad a day. Although a bit of a shock, but yet was quite cool. hehehe

My day started off with me getting up to get ready for Ailish and Noel as per my monthly schedule of meeting up with em. heheeh.

As I had yet to pay my rent, I lodged my €35 that was supposedly for my Driver’s License Application.

So then I headed on up to Ailish and Noel. We chatted. Showed Noel my Nexy and my GoPro. heheeh. A great chat was had by all. heheeheh

So then I popped into Dad who clearly was very lonely. Afterall his wife is in the hospital, of which I realised that had they not found out the cause of Mom’s Virus etc., I was clearly getting very upset. AFterall Savita Halappanavar died of a Septicemia ie INfection of the BLood. Dad was telling me Mom’s relative died of the same except his was not detected properly. Navan General Hospital has been severely downgraded. So they placed him induced Coma and sadly never came out of it.

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