Diary 6th October 2014

I was due to get up for the weekly PDC Course, I have been attending since the beginning of September. However, I just didn’t feel like it. So I stayed on in bed. There are 6 classes in total. I am fascinated by the number 5.  I haven’t been the same for the last two or three classes since the American Cousins.

Yesterday, I learned from Two and A Half Men that Sacramento, California, USA is the State Capital of California. So that got me thinking, how is a state capital city indicated. A capital city of a country is dictated by the  location of the Government Buildings of that country. eg., Bundestag, Berlin Germany; Assemblée Nationale(French Assembly)/Élysée Palace, Paris, France; House of Commons/Westminster, London, UK; Dáil Eireann, Dublin, Republic of Ireland; Stormount, Northern Ireland; Capitol Hill, Washington DC, USA etc., etc.,

So after interesting much thinking, I got up for during the night and my LONG hibernation – haahha for a piddle. I also freed up space on my Sky Box for Morning Edition.

Kirstenbosch Centenary Treetop Canopy Walk – “The Boomslang”


Our photographic group gathered at the newly opened canopy walk at Kirstenbosch last month. Alan always chooses a venue with a challenge, and this one was new and quite exciting when it swayed in the wind. Built to celebrate the centenary of the famous Kirstenbosch botanical gardens, the structure snakes through the trees giving a wonderful view over the gardens, and through the trees. The structure itself is shaped like a snake and given the name Boomslang which is one of the few poisonous snakes in South Africa. One could come eye to eye with such a creature while traversing the canopy walk – but I wouldn’t like to.

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Sunday Stroll (1)


As I languish in rural Pembrokeshire I’ve decided I should get out and about and explore the area while I have the chance. The September weather is wonderful; long warm sunny days, mostly in the low 20s, and clear blue skies are showing the county at its best. Whilst I busy myself with the house and garden during the week, in the hope that a prospective purchaser might walk through the door eventually, Sunday can be a bit of a low point so I’m dedicating Sundays to exploring local places of beauty, starting with the local gardens that are open to the public before they all close down in the autumn! As always my camera comes too!

The first Sunday stroll was a familiar one, to Colby Woodland Gardens, a National Trust property that reaches down to the coast. I didn’t venture that far but the walks vary from the…

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Diary 7th September 2014

So I got up for a short time, after realisizing  that Beverley Hills 90210 Omnibus wouldn’t be taped as my box was full. I in particular needed Ep4 and Ep5 of Season 1. Which I never knew Ep5 was on thou.

So I continued back to sleep. Then after my hibernation, I got up nice and prepped up and showered. I have decided that I shall let my bodily hair and my beard and my tache and of course my hair that i let it grow for Movember. Can’t wait. The fact that sex is down the road It won’t make any difference. If however, sex does come, I’ll decide when the time comes. Bottomline, Ama just gonna let my hair grow for Movember. Again when the sex comes(if ever), then Ill see.

I then set about heading off to see my sis. I brought along stuff that she wanted me to get from Lidls which I got last week. So I set up which didn’t take much to her Deep Fat Fryer. However the size of it, for the amt I paid. Then I blew up her Inflatable which is actually an Exercise Ball. As she was feeling a bit low, I decided to stay on with the help of a friend, I actually stayed on and said, I’ll blow up the ball and so she can play with it, when she’s feeling low. So I actually managed to do so. It took a bit of effort. But glad to do for someone in need. So we had cups of teas, laughs etc., At Two and Half Men as well. heheehe.

So when I arrived back home, I looked at my TV shows. During the midst, I got a notification that an old school mate of mine from High School who had a back brace wanted to become friends. Now the background to this friend, isn’t too bad. But for lack of contact on any medium, I removed him. He wasn’t homophobic. But he was pressing his beliefs and it bothered me at the time.

I was looking at the Diana: Her True Story movie from back in the 80s I think. It was quite fascinating. I’m assuming its based on the true story. Twould appear that she WANTED a marriage. But she was forced into marriage by the British Monarch(Royal Family). Even my own mother knew there was something going on. Nothing but a bully to Diana. She was known as the “Outcast” of the family. In fact what scared me when I heard one of the members of the public being interviewed regarding her death, he said that the paparazzi were following her in the car, which in the turn the paparazzi was doing it for us, so he made it out that WE THE PUBLIC were at fault for her death. That sent shivers down my spine. To such a sweet young person. She was only 37 if I recall rightly.

I really love looking at how things are done. Such as how are TVs made, or to my American followers, you should be familiar with Iced Green Tea, Mike  & Ikes etc., and also how Escalators and Bowling Lanes operate, Etc., etc., You get the gist of where I’m coming from. heehehe. I was always the curious one. hahaha.



Diary 22nd May 2014

Well today;s day started off with me trying to sleep. I was twisting and turning til the cows came home. I thought the alcohol would help. It did for a certain period. Thankfully there’s no more alcohol in my abode as one would say. I kept checking my phone and Poddy(iPod), the time was going slow. Getting up and waking up every few hours. Its most infuriating. Grrrrr. No dreams to report thou. So that’s a blessing in disguise.

I got up eventually, showered and got ready. I was to go along to the Meetup Group: Cineworld Craicheads for to see the film X-Men: Days of Future Past. Brendan joined me. Ahem Brendan O’ F, i’m referring to. heeheh. He was visibly moved and emotional(well me hearing him beside me). I since have found out. Review here.

After the above film, instead of going off with the group, as they do after every movie, I headed to the Outhouse first. Had a nice few minutes to myself. Brendan went with the group to The Church(Pub btw – hahaha). I’ve recently gone onto and taken to Green Tea. My first tea was Wild Raspberry, then Camomile and today was Early Grey. It’s a new epxericen but loving and enjoying it.

I then popped along to see my babe movie Godzilla. Review here. I describe Godzilla after reasliing he was actually saving the world  or whatever as a babe. Or as Meet The Robinsons, Big Body and SMALL arms. Gawd I just find it so cute. Now in the movie Godzilla is a monstrosity. But eitherway, I just find it adorable. and the sound effects.

So on my way home, I went home. Raining. MY Sammy hasn’t been behaving the whole day. I was wanting to post via IMDB like I do for every new film, I go to see. But the phone was very slow, IMDB constantly crashing etc., So I have been looking at Dallas and Fair City. Fair City has been promoting and making aware of Mental Illness, which is disturbing, but needs to be done. And just about when I close up, I was looking at European Election Debate with Vincent Browne. Our pal Thereasa from Catholic Democratic proclaims that the Gay Liberation Front movement of the 70’s exclaims that Family is to be “demolished”. The whole panel were up and wore and later learned that Twitter likewise. She wants the Contraception Pill withdrawn because of the “Oestragoen” aspect of it. I admire my babe’s Simon Harris’ comeback to thte Gay remark on the Gay Liberation Front movement of the 70’s wanting family to be demolished. “I live in a Republic. He continued “We look after EVERY citizen” OMG Like.

Another very good point alrite, made by the American guy Jan Van De Ven(Direct Democracy Ireland) made a very good point, in that people who are being sent to Europe will actually change Ireland’s future. Its their job. Afterall why are we voting for them. The rest of the panel, say otherwise.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

I thoroughly enjoyed the film. The Wolverine character(Jackman), provided the best of laughs. My babe Lucas Hill(Actor name – not sure of the character name in the film) was special as always is. heeheh. The plot from what I could gather Wolverine was sent back in time from the future by Charles(Stewart). Now the film did go backwards and forwards from the future to the past and the past to the future etc., You had to keep you’re eye on the screen. NO Question of it. I was most impressed with the action by Fassbenders character Magneto. But the cleptomaniac character towards the begging, Maximoff who by the is very cute provided great laughs and comical aspects of the film. The film continues to realise the audience that Mistique was wanting to kill Trask for a reason of which I don’t have too much memory of. Trask is a company owned by Bolivar Trask(The small guy).

Bottommline, film most enjoyable, comical, BUT keep an eye on the screen. If you look away, you’ve lost the plot to the film. I was able to keep any eye on the characters etc.,