Rainbow Appears Over World Trade Center The Day Before 9/11

via Rainbow Appears Over World Trade Center The Day Before 9/11.

Diary 29th May 2015

I headed to my sis after I learned of the treatment she received from Dr.s in her Psychiatric services.

I then onto Outhouse where I was to meet Andrea to see San Andreas(Review here).

I then came home to learn that there as a SECOND air disaster in New York 2 months after 9/11. Shortly before heading to bed, I rang the Mater just to ensure my sis’ safety. I then was wanting to trim video. Then I realise I actually never did. ahhaah. ย What I was thinking of was deleting the AUDIO but the video I didn’t.

Diary 11th September 2014

Well I eventually got up. I cleaned myself up. Then shortly as I had to head to Lidls to get myself some slippers.

So that was my first port of call. It was my intention to do my archival shopping as I like to call it. hahaha. So I first headed into Lidls, then I realsied that the slippers were actually in Aldi. I mistaken this. So I just got OJ. While here, I noticed while at the stalls, that there was a customer asking questions about a product to the security guy. Well as I said to myself, the manners of a pig. The mouth of him. More so the body language. While on the way to LIdls, I called into US Shop. I came across a deal for โ‚ฌ15.More or less what Lidls would be charging for shoes. I had guessed that the sales person was an American. She’s actually from Tampa in Florida.

Then I headed onto Aldi. This was the place, that I was spoz to get the slippers. When I was lining up for to pay for the slippers, a Filipino couple offered me there place ahead of them, as I was just getting one thing, and they were doing a large shopping. Twas really nice of em to be honest. So I thank you, them.

On the way to Tescos, I encountered a guy playing “Somewhere, my Love” on the flute. I beautiful rendition of an Italian Classic. Reminded me of the wonderful Holiday, in Lake Garda with the family. The best holiday I ever had with the family. Then onto Tescos, I went to get some milk and more OJ. Oh boi, love me some OJ. heheeh.

I then headed to the cinema to see Lucy(Review here), as the last time, I had seen, I had missed some of it.

I then headed onto the Outhouse, where I always feel safe and be myself. heheeh. I bumped into Mike, David and Brendan O’ F. I then introduced myself to a guy Gar, who has been there and I’ve seen in in the past, but never got his name. So when I was getting something, I got talking to Mike. I had said some phrase or rather, and he then said something I don’t think Ros na Run would have such language or whatever. Then we got talking about Gays in Soaps. Was quite intriguing it was. I reminded him that there is a gay male in Ros na Run currently, but he don’t have any storyline currently. Although back in the late 90s, they had 2 gay characters. And he said that he actually remembers his Mom talking about it. Likewise in Fair City. There was 2 gay males back in the apparently late ’80s. Now obviously I had seen this. But just couldn’t remember the year. As it happens, it was in the time, I was in the Romanian Orphanage. So then I got my stuff, and headed onto the group. We were chatting and chatting. And told him my true inspirationย of the HIV guy, I was chatting on Grindr. David was most intrigued. And as it happens, was possibly the same guy he was chatting to. As I said throughout the night, Such a small world. I then was intrigued with David’s saying that a guy being straight is a turn on. I was quite intrigued by this. And then thought to myself, but sure, I see em all the time, and look at em. So yeah I quite agree with him. heehe

So then Brendan and I headed onto the cinema to see The Guest(Review here). On the way to the screen, the security guy, helped me bring my bags to the screen. Such a nice guy. heehehe. So then afterwards, I struggled with heading on home with heavy bags of the shopping. I had just past the pub Meaghers and to my surprise one of the customers who was smoking said “If i had been fucked out”. I said “Oh, Lord no”. Then I passed the new Chinese name at least beside the pub. It has changed names twice. heeheh.


America remembers Sept 11th 2001. 13yrs ago today America was under attack.. 2 Plains were hijacked and crashed into the the Twin Towers aka World Trade Center. America was completely UNPREPARED. Another Plain was hijacked and set for the Pentagon of which it was het. Then there was a 4th one I think it was going to the White House or Congress, I can’t quite recall. The plain being hijacked, was actually intercepted by passengers aboard. The Plain crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

The Jaws character who was the villain in two Bond Films has died at the age 75.