Hitman: Agent 47

It was quite an interesting Movie. I wholeheartedly enjoyed. I was kept on the edge of my seat. But more so, I was left questioning who should Katia (Price) believing. Either Agent 47(Friend) OR John Smith(Quinto). The film did eventually say who is who. For the purposes of the review, I won’t divulge the information. ahahaha. But you will be pleasantly surprised. Great ACTION no doubt. A bit too bloody for my liking, however I understand this is part of the Franchise series and the movie is actually based on a VIDEO game. hahaahah.


The film starts off with explanation of the Agent and how its made. We then are treated to great action of Agent 47. Agent 47 is hunting down Katia who herself is hunting down Litvenenko(Hinds) who we find out that he’s her Pappie. However soemonesels is hot on their tale John hisemfl.

PS Please wait til END of the film, BEFORE Credits start rolling up. A clue is given. That’s all I’m giving you. haahha


The Transporter: Refuelled

Simply put, not the best I have encountered throughout the whole series. Although this is a reboot of the trilogy of the past. I found the Frank(Kreins) character to be of weaker to a certain extent. Now while action was no short of it, I found it to be lacking. I loved the way they kept the majority of it. However with Frank’s father???? now what up with that. Then to use the father in a kidnapping??? Nope completely lost there. The plus side, the Airport scene was class, and the usual speed chase of which we were treated to two.


At the beginning we see a familiar, whereby a bunch of crooks are trying to steal the car. However Frank has other tricks up his sleeve. haahah. He then goes to meet his father Frank Snr(Stevenson). During one of his socials with his Pops, he answers a call to: “Is this the Transporter”, great tagline, love it. He meets a woman who starts the whole thing. A series of events occurs. The girls help the Transporter in retaliation.



The Man from UNCLE

Well what an interesting film, this turned out to be. I was completely lost with the plot. Although the Music was unreal, I totally enjoyed the music. Henry’s character was fab. Totally enjoyed his soothing voice and his strong American accent. Bottomline, guys YOU need to have seen the TV Series that was released in the ’60s/’70s. I was completely lost as I said, like one minute Solo and Kuryakin are fighting EACH other, next Gaby is actually betrays Solo and Kuraykin. Like whats going on. And now we learn at the end that Gaby, Solo and Kurayakin have a “code name” for the thrio, as stated by Waverly(Grant). They are now known as UNCLE(United Network Command for Law and Enforcement). So overall great movie, Music WOW, so ENJOYABLE. I was there like the conductor.

The plot being from what I can get, is that Solo(Cavill) is teamed up with Kuryakin(Hamemr). Initially Solo teams up with Gaby(Vikander). They are pursued by Kuryakin. They each learn that Kuraykin is actually now Solo’s partner. So with the niceys niceys done, Gaby is to play Fiancé with KUryakin.


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Well this film, was actually quite good. I had seen the previous Mission Impossible films and found them to be quite confusing plot wise and the technical aspects of it. However with this particular franchise, I found it quite easy to understand. The action was top notch, no question. I enjoyed it immensely especially with Plane scene at the beginning. Me with a fear of flying, I actually felt I was actually on the plane. So real it was. hahaah. My fav scene thou was with the Prime Minister(Hollander) and Atley(McBurney) when Atley’s face was 3D Printed ontop Ethan Hunt’s(Cruise) face. I thought that was class. When Prime Minster claims that Brandt’s(Renner) hand is “So warm”. We all got a great laugh. Brandt looks over at  Atley/Hunt and hunter shows the face as much as to say deal with it. I thought it was class.

So now onto the plot. The plot as I says above quite simple. Ethan Hunt(Cruise) stumbles upon a group known as the Syndicate who has been described as: “An Anti-IMF”,who’s job is to take down the IMF and all that goes with it. It all starts off as I said above the plane scene. You’d wanna have a head for heights, no question. Anyways, Ethan gets onto the plane with the help of Ethan’s buddy Benji(Pegg). Then afterwards a LOVELY score. It really was like a TV Series type as I actually learned of this lately. Hunley(Baldwin) wants to disband IMF competly and appears in a US Senate Committee. Classic line from Brandt is “I can neither confirm nor deny any details without the permission of the Secretary”.He continuously states this when asked by the Committee. So a series of events occur. The Vienna Opera scene was a classic scene too. The Chancellor of Vienna is assassinated. I don’t get the connection to it. They did explain the Istanbul and all the majors terrorist attacks. But that’s about all I understood.

2D – Sound spectacular.

Pls note there are no extra scenes BEFORE the credits or AFTER


Transporter 3

This film, tells the story of Frank(Statham) being put to sleep or framed to so that the Frank has a band on him. It seams that he was asked to do a job in the first or second film, and he refused. And as such his past has come to haunt him. So as such he is now under surveillance with a bracelet.

While there was plenny of action in it, no doubt, and the skills as I said in the previous sequel is spectacular. However with this sequel, I found the plot slightly confusing. There was the Minister, his daughter, then the guy who was with the daughter at the beginning, and the baddies. Now I can’t connect the baddies and the Minister. To do with Environment????


Transporter 2

Frank’s car is attempted to be robbed. Great start to a great series or franchise. Seatbelt is the third rule of the car. He drives Jack(Clary) a kid home from school. ON one of the days, he picks up the Jack to drop him at a party, he is somewhat caught in a crime spree. Frank is forced into a kidnapping AGAIN. as this time, the son of Jefferson(Modine) are being held. So this time Frank spends the whole movie searching down the culprits. However we later learn that it wasn’t a kidnapping. It was actually something to do with Jefferson’s Job. So he has been infected with the virus, and the wife Audrey(Valletta) and of course the son. Anyone who breathed the stuff would be infected as its airborne. and as such a search for antiDote ensues.

I found this movie to be exceptionally fabulous. However with the movie, thou, the title may need to be researched as the movie didn’t deal at all with Frank actually Transporting packages etc., He transported a kid to school and spent the whole film in actually tracking the culprits etc., etc., Statham’s acting capabilities much better than the first one. I find that Statham is much better acting alone than say the Expendables series. That belongs to Sylvester Stallone. Like his use of everyday objects as fighting mechanisms like the firehose , etc.,e ttc., And can anyone explain how did Frank get the AntiDote to the conference and to the folks. That wasn’t explained.


The Transporter

The film is very basic plot. Thats what I love about movies. Some I do like when you are left guessing, but not all the time.

A Transporter is required to deliver “Packages” around. All Packages are “required” to follow “guidelines” in case of car chases. His first trip to deliver robbers Packages to a guy. “Weight”, “Destination”, He continues to get jobs or “Transports”. However on one particular job, he receives a package to be delivered to Grenoble, France. He stops buy for refreshments and his car is blown up. As expected he gets very pissed off. This Chinese woman – Lai(Shu) was one of the deliver packages. HE delivers her. IN return he receives the package that blew up his car. So on a revenge warpath, he encounters Lai again. He is so annoyed. It is then revealed Lai involved in his personal life is actually because she tells Frank(Statham) that her Father and family are to become slaves in a shipment container.

I enjoyed the movie. Seen it a few times. Great action flick. No doubt. However I was lost as to the bit why Frank was late and yet Frank himself is punished by his car being blown up. So according to the film, If I’m late for something and that was MY rule, I should be punished?????