Diary 6th July 2015

Well after a fabulous afternoon out in Terenure yesterday for the Vintage Roadshow, I decided to take a break. ahhaah. I only did the trousers as part of my weekly tidy up of the flat. Then I started the long haul of my Android Apps Updating. Things were quite unusually slow today in terms of the Backup on the Lappy and Sammy being slow, which is quite normal, now that I think about it. ahhaah. So now I started the Android Updating procedure around 4am, its now almost 12hrs and still updating apps. So yeah quite slow. hahah. I guess its to do with many factors including the amount of apps installed etc., etc., So now it’ll be time for me to do the final upgrade. hahaha. The most update I’ve been looking forward for several months, in particular since Christmas. Lollipop has arrived on my Android device of Sammy 2. When I changed Carriers ie Networks Operators from Three to Meteor, I thought that delayed things. After several hours of downloading updates of Android Apps, I started the Android Lollipop Update. It failed, so I put it down to the space, so I made space on it the memory and then it still failed, so I let the battery get higher charge. So still failing I continued to search Google and saw that some are saying, to Wipe the Cache Partition via Recovery AND/OR to try the Upgrade again.


Yesterday Greece voted No yesterday in a historic Referendum. The Greeks were fed up with the Austerity. Also whats so WEIRD is that the guy who PUSHED a No (Oxi) vote, Minister of Finance Yanus Varoufakis, resigned. Euclid Tsakalotos was later announced as Varoufakis’ replacement.

Clery’s Gordon Brothers are being investigated by the Liquidators over their conduct.

Former Labour Leader and Minister Pat Rabbitte has announced, he will NOT run in the next General Election. He was 26 years in NATIONAL Politics. First elected in ’89 for the Worker’s Party, went onto form Democratic Left which later was merged with the Labour Party. He was elected the Leader of the Labour Party in 2002. He was a Junior in the Rainbow(Fine Gael/Labour), Coalitiion. He was most recently Minister of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources until he was sacked by his NEW Leader of the Labour Party: Joan Burton. He was active in Local Politics and an active Trade Unionists hence the Labour Party ie the Workers Party. Its fair to mention is was active in Student Politics. Former President of the USI.

Diary 8th June 2015

Well today was quite busy despite my cycling yesterday. ahahah. But I didn’t stay up  as long as normally I wouldn’t do on a Monday. ehehhe.

So I just updated my Apps on the Android FINALLY. I had just over 200 updates, because the last time, I had space issues so hence I couldn’t. So I had the chance, and updated them all. Resetted my Home screen. Was needed badly. ahahah.

Then I headed onto my Windows Apps and Lappy updates. They didn’t take too long. So I was quite chuffed there.

Now while doing the above, I was getting rid of the rubbish in my apt. Now this rubbish had been around for quite awhile. The first Monday was May Bank Holiday, the 2nd Monday was shit, so I wasn’t gonna go out onto the street to get rid of rubbish, then the 3rd Monday was Dad’s 80th down in Kinnegad and the 4th Monday was June Bank Holiday which was last week. So then today being the 5th Monday, was my lucky day. hahahah.

Then headed to bed early for to rest my legs and body. heeheeh.

Diary 26th February 2015

During the night I heard a scream of a cat dying. Twas horrifying. I literally chilled compeltly. Then while I was on Facebook on the mobile, I saw that my mate Stephen had lost his cat and he had pleaded for its return. Then I got the willies. whereby thoughts were racing. In that I ring Stephen and ask him to describe the color of the cat, he telling me over the phone dark black/brown I see the cat screaming. So then I get onto DSPCA(Dublin Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals) to tell em theres a dead cat around. I inform Stephen and he hops on the first plane to Irl(He is in NZ) as it takes over 24hrs to come over. I then tell the Stephen to wait as someone has come to claim it. But then DSPCA tell me its someone in NZ and theys on the way. So yeahhh. THOUGHT ends there.

I wanted to test Timehop app on my sex Facebook account, however I get a prompt saying I need to verify my identity. Possibly solution could be because of the names are identical. So still thinking clearly. heeheh

Diary 6th November 2014

Well after an early start tot he day and of course a great hibernation, as you can gather why my previous blog post, I had no dreams to report happily. I got up.

It was my intention to check my Facebook Notifications. However Google Chrome continuously crashing, I figured, something has to be done. So yesterday, I upgraded the browser AND cleared cache, and cookies etc., Thinking that would work. Sadly it didn’t. So I was forced to wait PAINFULLY to download just over 700mb of Windows Updates, it was so painstakingly slow, So I tried sections as in Office Updates, then Windows then the OPTIONAL. That still didn’t work. I had ran out of time.

So now, I’m left with DISABLING ALL notifications from Friends. So will this work, I don’t know.

So with this as I said above, I ran out of time. By that I mean, I was heading out tonight to the movies.

So my intention was to go to O2, as I had reported recently, that O2 Online, told me to go and get the FREE SIM from O2 Shop. So I headed on off to O2 Mary St., thinking O2 Henry was CLOSED, however when I arrived at O2 Henry it was OPENED. So quite surprising. I understood from LocalMint app, told me otherwise. So I headed into O2 Henry to ask for a FREE SIM. I was told that I need to top it up first. I did explain, but failed. So I moved onto O2 Mary to get the SIM. I did cough up the €10 eventually. The SIM is for to unlock my Puppys and Inflatables Facebook accounts. They’s worth every cent of it.

So then on my way to the Bank on Parnell St., I encountered Brendan S. Great to see him. He reminded me that there’s a bank on Capel St., as I was on my way to the Outhouse anyways. So then in AIB Bank, I realsied yet again, that I left my Bank Details behind!!!!!. Grrrrr.

So afterwards, the two of us headed onto the Outhouse. While there, I was getting my cuppa tea ie Green. While waiting, there was lovely music playing. I kept remarking. It sounded like a sound track as in Superman etc., etc., But it was from a Thomas Bergersen. Absolutely lovely it is. Shortly before I left for the movie, Brendan had asked me if something had happened between David O’ Toole and I. I explained that yes, that it did. So I went to say abotu the bullying, the bitching etc., I explained that I had gotten him cups of tea, listened to him etc., etc., as a friend, yet I got stabbed in the back etc.,etc.,

So with this in mind, I headed onto Cineworld, to see Nightcrawler.(Review here).

Diary 2nd November 2014

Well what a day. hahaha. It started off raw, then ended possibility. hehehe. Why it started off raw, was my fault. I had gone to bed V late. As in around 3ish. Due to be up for 6ish, ie less than 3hrs sleep. Clearly, I don’t do well on 3hr sleep let alone be up in time. So as such, I was quite late for it. The last time, I was up late involved my sis coming down to my place, worried sick cause of my depression. I headed on down to her.

I started updating my 122 Updates from Google Playstore. Took a few hrs. But hey. Didn’t both me. Then I installed the Software Update. I had expected that the version number change, however it didn’t. SO now that I think of it, I take the Build Number changed.


Diary 23rd October 2014

Well I got up slightly tirelessly. heehhe. I was due to meet O’ Farrell. I had apparently forgot to turn on the Sleep AutoSMS. He texted me. So I got ready. However when I arrived at the Outhouse, he wasn’t there. Declan told me that Brendan was looking for me. But he had to head as his phone ran outta battery. So I was chatting with Declan for a few minutes. I decided to go and see The Maze Runner(Review Here). Shortly before I went, Paul came in. The guy whom, did the bitching behind my back, hence my self harm. Joe who was serving my Green Tea, looked anxiously and answered smartly to Paul as much to say, No bullying is tolerated in the Outhouse. So then I was chatting to Declan, when Paul asked me how things were. The nerves that were in me, so nerve wracking. As I have said in the past, and I mentioned to Mom recently, I don’t have the balls to confront a person but VIA Facebook only. I have a plenny a mouth on Facebook. Words hurt on Facebook, just as they do in person. Well Paul must have seen it, as he was acting so nice. hahahah. Or as Dracula would say Buhahahahahah. Or “Let the games Begin”.  So then on the way home, as I reported yesterday, that my cell phone battery was running low and the display WOULD NOT switch off. So I decided to do a little test. During the above movie, I decided and just thought could it be the Fitness Apps I have running in the background. So when I got home, I tested ALL fitness apps, that I use ONE at a time. Nothing. So I tried them all, as if I were walking. So low and behold it was found that Runtastic Pedometer is the culprit. Which is actually a shame. Ill see if I can contact the developer or something.

Diary 21st October 2014

Well what a day I woke up to and a busy of a hella one. eheheh.

I had an early start, considering I had slept according to App: Sleeping as Android 18 and a half hours.

So I first off started with getting my dole or dosh as I would sometimes call it. I then headed on off to my folks as my Dad asked last Sunday. As I had just arrived on the dot of closing for lunch for the Post Office, I wasn’t able to lodge my savings as they had shut down their machine for the Lunch hour.

SO then afterwards I headed onto the bank. I only relaised that I left my  bank details behind. Luckily I had my passport, which I always bring with me all the time. So I had to get to Customer Services to get my details. I never use my Bank Card, cause of the charges. And also I keep loosing it. hahaha

I then headed to tescos specifically to look for Vegan Pasta ie Egg Free Pasta. But usual Stanescu always gets distracted. So I looked around. I saw a new particular product saying “Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and VULCANS(Now WTF is that). So after much confusion, I bought a few other things. I went to purchase. When I finished, I realised I walked out the store and says I to meself “fuck sake”. So went back in and thankfully they were still there, considering there was another customer at the SAME computer self service.

So I then popped back to my place, to drop my stuff home and then traipsed up to my folks. We had a quickie of a cuppa tea. My folks have heard about the moneygrabber. They are trying to get me to stop seeing him and giving into him money wise which as I said to my sis later on, easier said than done as one wud say. So afterwards, we had a bite to eat. Again with the recent depression and the Outhouse. They suggested another place for LGBT. So I introduced to em Foam that Laurence introduced to me back in June after the Pride Events. So I shall show Mom around next week hopefully. Then I got started on speeding up Dad’s lappy. Likewise on Mom’s.

So after awhile, I then headed on home for a wee bit. Then headed onto my sis. We had a chat. As some of you may know, I reported back in July/August of the sexual assault my sis endured a few time within a week. Well today she was paid a visit by the Investigating Cops, regarding the said assault, that the Case shall be approaching very soon. As any natural reaction, she was totally in shock for a few hrs. So I just let her talk it out and be the brother that I can be. I just listened and advised of her of court proceedings etc., With the help of god, it will all go in her favor. We of course looked at Tow and A Half Men. We continued chatting for the night. WE got ourselves a takeout from La Costa(Review here)