The Good Dinosaur

Well the film in particular was Good, its all I could say, when asked how was the film. It was good, but NOT bad. ie Just Right. That said the plot was quite simple, music thou was outstanding. I totally enjoyed it. There was a bit of sadness and emotion as shown by audience memebers. I totally enjoeyd the wonderful quotes when Arlo has “fears” when Poppa states “You have to get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.” Then Butch 

The plot as I said was quite simple. It tells teh story of if teh asteroid had NOT extincted the Dinsaurs 65million`years. Mama and Papa are doing farming by means of their back etc., and of course the tails. It tells teh remamrekable story of how an APastorairus meets the human “scritter” Spot. So Arlo is part of a family of Momma(McDormand), Poppa(WRight), Children include: Arlo(Ochoa), BUck(Scrbiner) and LIbby, Arlo goes throguh lifes ups and downs. ARlo being the odd ball int eh family.


Hotel Transylvania 2

Quite a remarkable film. Totally enjoyable. Great laughs were had by all. hahaha. One word for this film was “Acceptance”. In the beginning, Dracula didn’t accepted Dennis being human and as such grew to him and accepted him in the end. hahaah

The plot was quite simple. heheheh. The film starts off with the wedding of Mavis(Gomez) and Jonathan(Samberg). Mavis finds out she’s pregnant. And Baby Dennis(Blinkoff) is born. Mavis wants to move to California with Jonathan’s HUMAN parents: Linda(Mullaly) and Mike(Offerman). However Dracula(Sandler) don’t want this. What with his overprotective mode. hahaah. So Dracula wants to bring out the Vampireness outta of Dennis. As always, Dracula has a plan. hahaah. If Dennis becomes a vampire then he’ll want to stay put. hehehe. However trouble further ensues when Mavis(Dracula’s Daughter) reveals that she invited Vlad(Brooks) Dracula’s father, to the party. Vlad is a very traditionalist ie against Humans full stop. He would even “suck out their souls“. Vlad wants to scare out the Vampire outta Dennis. So via a teddy bear at Dennis’ party, he is attempting to scare Dennis, but it don’t work as Dracula actually prevents it. And so Vlad finds out his son Dracula has actually changed and attempts to change. Vlad’s followers attempts to take down all humans etc., and Dennis’ REAL self comes to being ie a Vampire and attacks the followers.




A goldfish(Nara) is found by a human boy(Doi). The Wizard(Neeson) is found to be the father of the goldfish. The human boy calls it Ponyo hence the name of the film. Ponyo is captured by the Wizard. Ponyo’s friends help get her back with the human boy. Sôsuke’s mom(Fey) is gone and has been taken by The Wizard. The Wizard and the Ponya’s Mom changes Ponyo back to a fish. However a clever old lady realises that Ponyo is actually in danger along with the mom and the Residents of a nearby Nursing home. So the Sea Goddess has a change of heart and turns Ponyo into human. IN order for this to happen Sosuke and the goldfish must “be on land and jump in the air”.

So overall, not bad a film. My first time ever seeing the film. Yet I never heard of it or even saw it in cinemas. hahahah. I only saw it on my TV Guide and decided to check it out.



Well what a movie it turned out to be. Kevin James who plays the President, provided a fantastic score. He brought along his King of Queens humor and laughter. I was literally breaking my sides laughing on a constant basis. It was activating my soar throat. Thats how funny it was.

It basically tells a story of the classic video games that the Aliens mistaken to be destroying their planet. Adam Sandler who played Brenner, wasn’t too bad. I’m not a fan of the actor. But in this case I found him to be at home. The film starts off with a group of young kids playing video games in the arcade. It is then announced at a convention that NASA is to send a Time capsule sorting a thing to Space. However the Aliens misinterpret and start attacking Earth with all they’ve got. They come in the shape Donkey Kong, Pac – Man etc., All the oldies. All the crew get together to save the world.




Hop tells a story of an Easter Buddy, whereby EB(Brand) is helping out with his Pops(Laurie) at the Easter factory. EB then grows up and insists on his interest in Drumming. Pops wants him to take over the family business. On the Human world, Fred(Marsden) is having an “intervention”, whereby he is being kicked out of the family, so his sister Sam(Cuoco-Sweeting) helps him out with offering Sam’s boss house that she is suppose to housesit. haahah. The Human world meets Bunny world when EB is knocked down by Fred. EB has been looking for a place in the human world, when he leaves Bunny land, after a having an argument with Pops. While Fred is throwing out EB, EB reminds him that he’s the easter bunny claiming to fred that “He is special, not Oh, everyone’s special, special”, So Fred recalls a memory when he was a kid. EB’s Berate Pink Bereats (Emergency Bunnys) are on the search for EB. So chaos ensues. heheeh Fred is framed by EB to escape the Pink Berates. Carlos(Azaria) leads a takeover from Pops. All is well now. EB, Pops and Fred all played the part in taking back Easter. haahah. So Fred has been inducted or “initiated”. So now he and EB are “Co-Bunnys”.

I just noticed with the credits that Huge Hefner played the voice of the Playboy Mansion. Like really in a kids movie???

So my thoughts on the movie, very nice, simple plot. Enjoyable. Can’t really fault this movie, except for the Playboy Mansion scene. I felt there was no need for that in a kids movie.


The Simpsons Movie

Well what a class this movie is. hahahaah. Seen it several times. Grandpa(Castallneta), has a vision in church. Homer(Castallenta) adopts a pig and calls it Spider Pig. It turns out to be a disaster for the community. hahaha. Homer dumps Spider Pig’s “waste” or as Marge(Kavner) refers to it as “leavings” into Springfield lake, even thou the Mayor of Springfield, Mayor Quimby(Casltealnna) has called a “Code Black”, ie calling all Springfield Residents to stop dumping in the lake. However Homer fails to listen, and costs Springfield its life. So how to save it, first the family flee to neighboring(so called – hahah) Alaska. Then they see on the News that its to be bombed to make way for a new Gorge. So the family get caught by EEPA EEPA, EPA.

I do appreciate the way the movie kept some of its TV series like Bart writing on the Board of which it says”I shall not download this movie”, fantastic.

So overall a fantastic movie.