Hitman: Agent 47

It was quite an interesting Movie. I wholeheartedly enjoyed. I was kept on the edge of my seat. But more so, I was left questioning who should Katia (Price) believing. Either Agent 47(Friend) OR John Smith(Quinto). The film did eventually say who is who. For the purposes of the review, I won’t divulge the information. ahahaha. But you will be pleasantly surprised. Great ACTION no doubt. A bit too bloody for my liking, however I understand this is part of the Franchise series and the movie is actually based on a VIDEO game. hahaahah.


The film starts off with explanation of the Agent and how its made. We then are treated to great action of Agent 47. Agent 47 is hunting down Katia who herself is hunting down Litvenenko(Hinds) who we find out that he’s her Pappie. However soemonesels is hot on their tale John hisemfl.

PS Please wait til END of the film, BEFORE Credits start rolling up. A clue is given. That’s all I’m giving you. haahha