Diary 25th June 2015

Looked at TV. News from Yesterday.

My ex rang me to find out why he can’t watch his porn xnxx.com. He was trying to view this page, in his web browser, Browser and Chrome. Neither worked. So he had to ring the embarrassing of ringing his carrier i.e network.

Mom rang me to invite me to go up to them. I was due to go to the ceremony which is part of Dublin Pride events, then I’d pop up to them. However I got a sudden rush of what Dad would say. The way Mom said on the voicemail. Reminded me of what Dad did to my sis a few weeks ago when she was in financial distress.


The last of Berkeley victims has been buried. Lorcán Miller was buried in his native Shankhill

Liberty Insurance is to shed 270. 135 of those are in Dublin, 115 Cavan and 20 in Enniskillen. The Motor Industry in NI(In the North, Northern Ireland) has been declining. Liberty Insurance had bought over Quinn Insurance several Years ago.

Nancy O’ Malley, District Attorney has formally announced an investigation into the Berkeley Tragedy

Measures for Water Charge include sell a house unless you pay of Charges.

25 years ago today, saw Ireland for the first time, qualifying for the very first time ever into the World Cup. Ireland were playing Romania(My home country. heheheh). They qualified via Penalty shoot outs. Romania were scoring, and Packie Bonner’s(Irish Goalkeeper) saved the goal.

Diary 15th May 2015

Before I headed out, I was looking at IrelandAM. I saw that Ursula Halligan who is TV3 News’ Political Correspondent, she had come out as gay. She wrote a piece in the Irish Times describing how she was hiding her sexuality etc.,

I then went to An Post to get cash for the move to Meteor. I was too late for Three AND Meteor. So will try again tomoz.

Sad to see Delhi O’ Delhi was closed down, however I later learned they’s just for renovations.

Then onto Lidls to see OJ and Sorbet. Couldn’t find either. One guy didn’t know anything, the other very mannerly.

Then afterwards onto the Outhouse. To first Cineworld thou to see if my coat had been handed in which possibly has my cineworld card too. No luck. So I just ordered a new one, I can’t honestly remember the last time, I required a new card. Besides the old one is in bits. haahah. Then back to the Outhouse, where there was great buzz there. I headed to Men’s Night. The topic of Urusala came up. Very emotive. Billy who is a member made a good point in that lesbians have a harder time coming out. Yet women in general are more open or emotive than men. Also lesbians have it easier in terms of acceptance than gay men,