Diary 20th July 2014

I got up around 7 when I was spoz to be with my sis or at my sis. heeheh. I eventually arrived.


I rang Maureen relating to the “Message from the Environment” or whatever. I first asked her if she knows anything about voicemail whether she knows how to listen to it. She does. She told me that it costs her to listen to her voicemail. So I said that I’d giver her a shortcut to listen to her voicemails on her landline phone. So then I got onto the main topic of teh conversation in which,  I asked what exactly did she mean when she said about the environment. As it happens, she just wanted to recommend a course. I told her that I have no interest in it, whatsoever.


Everywhere I walk, whether to film or whatever, I encounter some hot guys fitness. The whole country’s gone fitness mad. haahah


Just literally a few yards from me sis, I encountered a dog sticking his head out through a gateway. It frightened the shite outta me. hahhaa. Never seen it before. Now that’s a good one thou. hheeh


Eventually I arrived at my sis. WE discussed various topics. Our first discussion was of Celebs being drunk or ruining their lives. I said that I can think of celeb who IS a clean, as in Daniel O’ Donnell etc., What I’m trying to say, any “celeb” we hear is either in trouble with the law or whatever.

I was looking around, and saw my childhood crisps that I used to have as a kid as in Burger Bites. When I was a kid in my Elementary School days, if my memories serves me right, I recall, that I used to always ask a guy for burger bites. Something like that. Then Dad a few years later, when I was working for Pauline his next door neighbor, I used to get paid a big bucks. Then as I was spending like a loonie, on Simpsons DVDs etc., he accused me of being a “Parasite”. It hurt me at the time. At times it bugs me. Hence why I never accepted cash from any of my folks when they offer. I have to WORK for it.

My sis then brought up an interesting but valid point being that Bread(well white) is made from flour. I knew that Brown bread was made of flour. But white, it never crossed my mind. So now I’ll have to start looking for bread that is vegan. As flour u can guarantee there is some form of eggs involved.

Then we continteud our night discussing what a friend of mine told relating to dating friends. He made a very good point. In that if you date a freind of your’s and it DON’T work out, then it will compromise the friendship you have had. You will feel awkward around each other. Sadly that is true  of one person.

Then we got on the main story of the day: The Mom Debacle. In that Mom has been impossible with my sis. Becuase of the news and hurtfulness of my birthday. It all started last Tuesday, when I told that I didn’t want anything off em, and that I have the tickets for the Joseph & The Amazing TechniColor Dreamcoat – which technically I don’t.

We did however were looking at Two and A Half Men and Starred Up(Review here). I just had to see Jack’s Precious bundle of joy(You all know what I mean. heehehe wink, wink)






196 Bodies have found. 100 others have yet to be found.


Three time major winner. Rory McIlroy won for the very first time, of the Open Champion


A woman in the US is sueing tobacco company Reynolds…. America. She claims that the her husband is now deceased. She claims, that the husband was not informed that the tobacco company did not inform the husband or anyone else I assume that there are cancerous risks. She is suiing the company for $23BN. Its an untter disgrace,

Alan’s point on TV3’s IReland AM was and I quote:

“Did they chain him down, and make him smoke, three packs a day

But, if every researcher, and every doctor in the world tells you, was he in a cacoon,

Did he not read a paper, did he not see anything, in all those years

Did he not see one thing, where it said smoking kills, Do not smoke”

Sinead’s point was on the topic: “But they didn’t inheritantl say, this will give you cancer and it does”