Diary 7th October 2015

I rang Meteor, to find out if I were to be entitled to a free Upgrade. I got a text from them a few months ago saign that I might be. hehehe. I then was told that I am. So am so happy, that I’ll be getting a new baby for Christmas for FREE. yipeeeeee

Just before heading to bed and doing my NSFW Video, I went to check the post, I received a letter from the Citizenship Section. I repeated to myself several times, that “it was too quick” a reply worryingly. So then I read the long letter. Bottomline, I have to wait 6 months for the Decision of the Minister of Justice And Equality. I’m kinda pissed off, but at the same time somewhat relieved that the decision making is to commence. So here’s pray it will work out out. I had hoped that I would have the Naturalisation by February at the latest but it don’t look like it. However as they say Never Say Never. God is Good. I had hoped that I could cast my vote in the General Election 2016. Lets hope and pray. ITs in God’s hands now. Over to him. Remember God Is Love.

Diary 1st July 2015

Going to  bed last night, was upsetting for me, as I couldn’t for the life of me understand why my cell ain’t charging. All I remember was that it fell, a few yards if even that. From the window ledge to the bed. So its just baffling, why all of a sudden. Like I was telling my sis, today that it took 12hrs and half hours and it NOT at 100% only at 85%. So I just don’t get it it. And it even now decharges rapidly. So something is defo not right. As I said as well, Georgian and BAtterys don’t fit in the same sentence.  My sis came down to me for to download thinking I would be up and about. I was due to do errands. I hadn’t slept too bad. I was teary for a few hrs, with the above battery problem. So afterwards, I said I’ll have to use my birthday money AGAIN on my battery. So I got up at half 5, obviously too late for Dole. So I just left it at that looked at Everbody Loves Raymond episode of where the clan go to Italy. Bringing great memories of Italy to us. hehehe


Greece is the first country who failed to make a payment to the IMF on time ie making it the first developed country to Default. The deadline was 11pm IRISH time, 30th June 2015.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan TD, became the first Foreign Minister to attend the Battle of the Somme

US and Cuba have reached a deal between Washington and Havana whereby the full diplomatic ties between the two countries were cut in the early ’60s will be fully restored and an Embassy will be opened in both countries representing each country. Both President Barack Obama and Cuban President Rahul Castro made formal


Apple’s Music streaming service Apple Music has gone live today. Apple will offer users free for 3 months. After 3 months, you are charged $9.99. You would be streaming the music instead of downloading. For me personally I’d rather download the music so, that I can keep the music. That said Apple Music does offer you a chance to “keep them offline for playback later”.

Diary 30th June 2015

My cell ain’t working battery wise. So the alarm never went off.  And as such, I wasn’t able to get my dole. So I continued sleeping. My sis came down to me.


Roaming Charges are to decrease within in the EU. Since 2007, Roaming Charges have dropped 91%.. From April 2016,

  • Phonecalls are to drop from 19c to 5c
  • SMS or Text messages from 6c to 2c
  • While a MB of Data will drop from 20c to 5c

Presidential hopeful for the Republican Party Donald Trump is in hot water over remarks made tot he MExican Community. Accusing them of bringing crime, rapists etc., etc.,NBC has axed one of his shows Ms USA and the Ms Universe Pageants. He’s refusing to back down.

Diary 26th April 2015

My sis came down for her downloading. Showering  when I came back form a wonderful an eventful day. haahah. Which was quite busy as you can see.

I was on my way to an a cycling event for Marriage Equality cycle. I saw this in my emails(thankfully I was checking em – haahah). We were to meet in Fade St., Rothar the shop where a group gets together. On the way, I encountered Mark who was telling me that he cycles out to Howth every week at half 6. I vaguely remember him telling me this. heehehe. The cycling group were disappointed in the distance, so I just said try cycling out to Howth. ahahah. There was a guy there who was the splitting image of David Gillick(a GYM guy) who is now into healthy eating. He didn’t know who I was talking about. ahahah. Then there was another guy beside him who was the splitting image of a PD guy I used to know. We then ended up at a restaurant in Dawson St., I was about to pay, when I was told not to worry. I was amazed. ahahah. I came across a woman Miren from the Vegetarian meetup. Also a guy I knew several years when I used to be involved heavily in cycling with the Dublin Cycling Campaign. So overall a great event.

So it was time for my next event, being of which I was late however it didn’t matter. ahahah. I was late about a half hour. The event was detailing how to cope with NEGATIVE comments while canvassing for the Referendum. I signed myself up. heehhe.

I then met O’ Farrell in McDonald’s. I was in between whether or not to meet him. I said I would so that I could tell him of the above. However it wasn’t to be. WE hardly spoke. He did mention of his personal troubles thou. So while I was on the way to meet him, I encountered the woman(Rachel) whom I saw was around, from the above cycling group CANVASSING a YES vote. She asked that I take pic of her handing a leaflet to a person. I asked if I could add her as a friend on FB. She was very unnervy. So I asked O’ Farrell. He said not to bother adding her if she felt uncomfortable. I looked at her profile. So I left it at that. Clearly she was very nervous when I asked her. So I left it. But I then later on found out where I knew her. She’s in the GCN contributor of relationship or something.

I then after O’ Farrell went to Three to get a phone number from a SIM card I had already. I showed my ID. The number was for my sex account.

I then headed home, afterwards after a long tiring day. Showered. Then afterwards, I was trying to remember the whole time the route I took. I eventually got it. heheeh


Diary 27th January 2015

Well today i got up after booking the jobs coach or career coach as advertised in the jobcare course last week. As I booked too late i was told they 113 had booked for a venue of 65. So to come for 1.25 and it starting at half 1. So while waiting I encountered Lar who showed me Foam Restaurant where I brought Mom there and the area that he showed me the day after pride. The event was full capacity and as such they wouldn’t let me in.

Headed onto o2 to get charger for cell they didn’t. Then onto Carphone Warehouse. No avail. So I went onto PC World, And on the way to PC World. I came across a corner phone accessory shop. So got one there.

I then went to AIB to with draw My 44 from jobcare.

So I headed onto the outhouse with a view of meeting David. However as Sammy 2 decided to have his moment as in not charge so I cud reply to David I gave up. Apologiesed.

I then headed onto US Shop to get the t-shirt n top n shoes as the owner of the shop was leaving Ireland and heading back to US.

Then onto my folks to speeds up mom’s lappy. Windows updates. Changed appearance to be of basic. I told Dad instead of discouraging Mom from using her lappy how about encouraging her.

Then to my sis. We chatted n chatted. Hehhrh


Diary 8th November 2014

After a wondrous hibernation, I got up. heheeheh. I was looking at yesterday’s news. Mom popped down. As I didn’t have my SIM card, I went out as I seen her car. We chatted.

I spent the best part of half hour to an hour, contacting Emil, Todd(even more with Todd) and Brendan O’ Farrell. Emil kindly got back to me eventually, saying he is unable meet. So it was my intention to go to O2 Henry St., to get my replacement SIM card, as I had lost it as reported . Then onto my Bank AIB on Capel St., So I set about heading off. So just as I stepped into O2, door and it on nearly 10 to 6 when they were closing at 6, I was taking my battery out, and would you believe it, that my SIM card was actually in the phone. I took the battery out, then I also took the SIM card of what I thought was my Puppies/Inflatables SIM Card, which was required to unlock my Facebook account for Puppies and Inflatables. Low and behold ANOTHER SIM card fell out. I kinda shud have thought something was wrong, as when I inserted my Puppies SIM, I entered my SIM for the phone, which was kinda strange. Eitherway bottomline, I have found the SIM card of my phone, so happy as larry. ahahaha. Then onto the AIB Bank to pay my rent.

While I was doing all the above, I in the meantime, trying to get through to Todd, but eventually I got through BUT when the movie had started. So I gave up on him, and contacting Brendan O’ F. As he graduated as a Post Graduated Diploma, last week, I decided to pay for him as a gift. So while waiting for him, I headed to Pennys, GlamWorld and Jervis. I went to GlamWorld to have a look at the Inflatables Penis/Cock – whatever you’re having yourself. ahahah. I went to Jervis to get Milk. Got myself a few items too as in clothes and an Rainbow Umbrella. While walking on Henry St., I noted a gay couple ie Lesbians HOLDING hands. I was delighted. eheheh. It then got me thinking, that if I see male/female couple, that one of em, could be either of gay ie NOT out, or either one of em or BOTH of em could be Bi, or how about this either one of em or both of em being Trans.

So I met Brendan. We got the tickets for Interstellar(Review here). While getting the food and bringing em to the screen, I had to tell Brendan that my trousers was falling down. So I had to yank em up. hahahah. When I got up to head on out of the screen, all of a sudden, I got a severe pain in my tendon, at the side of the knee cap area, Everytime, I took a step, it was killing me. It did go after a bit. Brendan looking on as I was in pain asking If I was alrite. etc., So after the film, I headed on home.

Where I was when I got home, was looking at Midday. The topic today was the Ashers Bakery up int he North, whereby they refused to serve a gay couple because of their sexuality. One of the panelists wittingly BUT clever at the same time saying: “Come here to me, Whats the law, the law men, women, gay straight your equal. And therefore You cannot discriminate. ”