Diary 21st February 2016

Well what a day after so little sleep of about 4hrs if even that. hahaah. Although I did get a bit of sleep heheeh. I was due to visit my Mom in hospital between 3-4pm as I understood it was the Visiting hours. However it wasnt too be. hehehe. Lemme explain in detail. heehe.

So I got up eventually after so little sleep due to me going to bed late. hahaha. Then I got up and ready. So I cycled up to my Mom with me leaving around 3.34 when I should have been up at 3.15. hahhaah. I arrived at 3.55pm, so I was very tight. I dropped in, however she was asleep. So I was about to head off when I got a call from Mom to say if I was dropping up to her. So I popped up to her. Was great seeing her. hheeheh. I spent a good hour with her. Then I headed on off home.

I headed on home to get a few things for my sis. heheeheh like my Sleeves, my Green Tea. I then got a few things in Groceries namely milk. I was ecstatic to learn that they sell VEGAN wraps. mmmmm

Diary 4th February 2016

Well I got up in the afternoon, to look at the most anticipated aspect and that is the General Election 2016 Campaign. eheheeh

So afterwards, I then got ready to head out. My first port of call was to get my Rent Allowance and the Basic Supplemental Welfare Allowance. I then put the money into the Bank. However it wasn’t adding it. So I just put a basic amount in, as I do like a bit of pocket money. So then I looked closely at the receipt, and it noted that I was being deducted cash for to pay back the moneys I owe them. I was told in January to go back to them, with a LETTER, and then that they would come to an agreement with me. However that wasn’t to be.

So then I popped into Gerry. I had a fit of laughing when I asked Gerry how his mother is and his reply being “Vampires don’t get colds or flues”. Well what a laugh. hahaahah. He made a good point thou relating to General Elections Campaign. He was saying that the shorter the campaign the less “boring” it becomes. or less “daunting”.

Then I headed on to my sis to see how she is. I told her of the above SW issue.

Then it was time to head on off to the city to do a bit of shopping. I headed to PC World in Jervis to get my gadget for the GoPro which is a stand kinda thing. However it wasn’t to be. So I got replacement gadgets for the GoPro and a Norton Security. heheheh.

So then I headed to Tescos in Jervis to look for Vegan Pancakes. Couldn’t find em. So I got Butter instead. So my next place was to head to LIdls. On the way I encountered  Dealz and thought to ask if there was Vegan Pancakes. However that wasn’t to be. So I headed into Lidls. Got a few grub.  I then headed into Tescos on Parnell to see if they had any Vegan Pancakes. There they didn’t. But got stuff for myself. hehhe. Then onto Aldis, where my foot saved my fall. hahaha. There they didn’t know Vegan Pancakes. I then was to go to EuroGiant, where I was reliably informed that they closed at 9, however they were closed around half 8. So I don’t know what happened. hahaha. So I popped into Pennys to get more clothes. However I couldn’t find any Small trousers anywhere, not even shorts. hmmm I was surprised. I’ll try again tomorrow. hehehe.

I then headed onto the Outhouse, where I got myself a Raspberry tea, and a chat. Then it was time for to see Ride Along 2. heheeh

Diary 20th January 2016

Today was a semi-quiet day. hahahah. What I mean by that is simply put I was to go to the Dr.s Appt to be precise the Blood Test. So I headed down their. When I was getting one of the Blood Test I noted one of the tubes wasn’t filling up fully. So I joked perhaps all my blood has been taken, hahhaah. But axs it happens its just the structure of the Test Tube.

So onwards to my next errand. Which was to go and get my NDLS Driver’s License form filled out my the Cops ie the GArdaí. However I regret to say that as I don’t have a passport with me or PHotoID, they weren’t able to fill out at all.

So that said, or moving on as one would say, My next errand was to withdraw more money for my expenditure. hahaahah. So I went tot eh ATM only to find out that it wasn’t working. So perhaps they were maintaining it or whatever. So I went in. Withdrew. Then I said I may as well ask. When I go to log into my INterent Banking Account, they at times ask me for my Home Phone and Work Phone. Of which my House phone, my OLD phone were in use. So they updated needed information.

Then afterwards, I then headed as I only remembered on my way that I was to collect my glasses. THen on the way I decided to go and get the GoPro aswell while I was at it. hahaah. ON the way of getting my glasses  I noticed this boat like statute I took pics of it, by plenny it. hahaahah. So then I got my glasses refitted. hahaah.

Then on the way back up to PC World where GoPro was to be born, mmmm, I encountered a 1916 Memory Tour bus which by the way costs €20, but anyways I took a few pics of the bus in question and of course the old style bus they are now using for Tourist buses.

I then went to PC World, so then I went to get one and I was told it don’t come with a MicroSD card at all, not even a Built-in memory, so I asked what’s the recommended size of which I was told 32GB HC. Then I wanted to get a stand for the actual GoPro. I would have had just the bare amount, unfortunately the Insurance was what took it all away. So the salesperson was telling me that I would be able to bring it back if anything happens to it. So to be a smart ass, I asked what if I literally drop it on the ground and stamp on it. Well the laugh I got. hahaha.

So then I headed towards my bike from Specsavers, I encountered Amnesty International. I wanted to subscribe to them, however I was tied for time, So I went to Specsavers, did my business, then I went back to collect my bike, before I head on off, I approached him. I asked that I sign up. He was quite taken aback. Highly appreciative. He’s never had anyone approach him, cause normally they approach the people etc.,

However on the way to PC World, I encountered a shop known as Jean Stop, whereby they were selling clothing and of particular type. I was interested in the undies that has “explicit” sayings like “Av ya seen my nuts”, “Makin’ bacon”, etc., etc., So I went with Av ya seen my nuts.

So then I went back on home. In the meantime, I noted thou that it was 13.04 in which my time to finish the recording I had left on while I was out.

So then I decided. to get my food shopping done too. hehehehe. So I rang Mom as she has a car to help me with my soon to realise €145 in Tescos(€71), Lidls(€24) and SmallChanges(€50.55). Then I realised that I had left my Coffee and Cereal behind. So I went back out to Tescos in Drumcondra to SOCALL get my Coffee however they were too expensive as I left behind more coins. hahahah.

So then I popped into Centra to see if I could get any coffee, but as it happens, they didn’t have. I then went into Pizza Dog, to get meself some hotfood. While waiting, a woman came in to hand in her CV. The worker who served me, was talking to her. He asks for experience etc., HOWever thou, she was wanting to apply for a driver’s job. When the woman left, he told me, a woman driver abnormal, something like that. I didn’t like this tone. So I said back to him: “Times are achanging man”.

Then I came back home to get some needed rest. hahahah. I then started to undo the shopping that I got. and put them away into Freezer, Fridges and the dry food too. hehehehe

Diary 19th January 2016

Well today was quite a day. hahahah. After my hibernation, mmmmmmmmmm, I was to get up for half 2 so for to get ready for my doctor’s appointment. However I had to get up slightly earlier as the rubbish that was against the door, where I left it yesterday, I spent time in moving some of the rubbish. And putting stuff away. hehehe

So I headed to my drs appointment for to get him to fill out a Medical Report for the Driver’s LIcvense. He told me that there’s no need for me to get a Medical Reporter as my General Health hasn’t changed since my last driver’s license issuing. I said what about my back or even my “Lovers” ie the eyes. hahaha. The back he was very against it. He went on by saying “You don’t want to drive”, I said of course I do. hahahah. So he said don’t put it down. So he got me to read letters as per the Eye report.

Then onto Drumcondra to get my big Mother of a savings. I went to credit union, and I said to him I’d like to withdraw from my account and leave a couple of euros to keep the Account opened. So that said I gave him my Member number and he said that’s back in the stone age, ie donkey years ago. So with that in question he asked for security questions. Apparently I had left out the digit 4 in my membership number. hahaha

Then onto An Post to get my Rent Allowance. While waiting there was a kid with his mother and brother or whatever. And the kid told the clerk that he’d wish to put €10 into the account. So adorable to look.

Then onto my Medical Cert to be put into Store St., Then onto my infamous Specsavers debacle. As reported on Sat, Maudy was making a racket. So I brought in the glasses for to drop them in for repair. I rang Maureen to find out what exactly did she tell the Supervisor. Cause I did get it for €33.50 which my aunt had said. She told me that she had said to them I’m a good Customer. Says I to her for a person whom the MOTHER pays??? how am I a good customer? She then answered it was in relation to that I give them custom ie walking in etc., etc.,

Then onto Easons for to get +Inflatables Stanescu R2D2. However I was distraught to learn they ain’t selling anymore. None in the warehouse etc.,e tc.,So then I asked if my Easons Voucher is working anymore she put likely no. As there is no balance. I in the meantime purchased a 1916 Magazine. While the salesperson was doing up my purchase a noise or something was heard. Says I to her perhaps a “Ghost”, haahaha.

So then just passing a Garda Stop van, I decided to try my luck and see if he could fill out my NDLS form, he said he’s no stamp, which is required.

So I continued onto Pennys to get the stuff I failed to have enough for the last day. Then Mom rings me, while on the way to H&M, she brought up my Mom, my birth Mom. She was saying there’s nothing can be done, until I brought up Andrea. I started to get teary. So I said to Mom am here in the City, so with that she changed the subject.

So then I headed to Tescos on the way to sis to get a few goodies. Then I headed onto my sis, of which I brought my sleeves – awwwww. Then while I was on the way up to my sis, I described this to my sis. I had two Neck Scarfies on the middle of the handlebars. While gaining momentum or speed, the scarfies were “flying” and eventually flipped over. I thought this was so adorable. Says I to me sis that If I had my GoPro, I would have recorded this and shown it to her. hehehe. She then noticed my Sleeve agitation, hahaah. Reason being its all non-too familiar. aka Social Welfare and an odd time my Mom but defo SociaL WElafre. As reported, I will be faced with a €400 bill of owing them back money they overpaid me in the coming weeks. My sis and I did a few calculations. So following are the calculations:

IB 84.50

SWA 101

RA 77

So the above I normally get would be 265 approx.

So with the deductions. The highest I can afford to payback would be €50 a week to SW. Which would last two months. So following is what would be the week WITH deductions

IB 84.50

SWA 51

RA 77

So that brings it to 191. That’s just bare minimum for Bills. So I would be having for myself about €10 a week, I would double it when I want to see a film in iMAX ie for the iMAX Fee AND the food of course. When I go to iMAX I LOVE food in their ghahaha. It adds to the movie. or as they say “Be a part of the movie”.

Diary 26th July 2015

Again I wasn’t able to get a good quality of sleep. So I got up slightly earlier than scheduled. Was recording King of Queens. When I realised after this that the recordings were NOT as expected, I was mad. So I said I’D drop everything and got up and set off to PC World to get my new USB Drive and the USA Clothing from Penney’s. I had planned on getting em at 5pm ie leaving at 5pm, hwoever it wasn’t to be. So I set off at 3ish.

Next as I hopped on my bike, I realsied there was a puncture. I was so sure and still could be that somebody punctured, I ain’t sure. I will have to ask em Pops.

So I set off walking instead. I was gonna cycle on a puncture, however I then remembered that the last time I did so, I would have to get a NEW Wheel altogether costing me over €20. So I said I’d just walk.

So I brought my Rainbow Umbi ie Umbrella, hahaah. Just as I was nearing PC World, Umbi, wouldn’t stay up, I was quite baffled and still am. I then wanted a pic of a display in Arnotts of a large Magnum. Sammy 2(phone) wouldn’t work. I restarted, didn’t restated. I was surprised. the battery couldn’t have gone. It was at 39%. So was baffled. IT eventually worked and got to get a pic of the Silver Magnum ice cream display. awwww.

So then onwards to PC World, got the USB Stick. Then onto Penneys’ in O’ Connell St. More than delighted with it. Was looking for USA clothing, not one was to be seen. heheheh. So I got other stuff.

So I came back and recorded two episodes of Knots Landing. And lo and behold it WORKED. I was so overwhelmed and delighted. The USB stick was the MAIN reason, for not getting any news since last Wed. Now anyone who knows me, should know I easily  get ticked off or pissed off if I don’t get my daily dose of News – hahahaha.


The Special Olympics of 2015 has been officially been launched. It is in Las Vegas. Over 100 delegates are representing Ireland. 165 Countries are partaking in the Games. Over 25 sports will be played over 9 days

Diary 24th July 2015

I literally couldn’t sleep. I’ve noticed a pattern in the last few days whereby I sleep for about 2 or 3 hours then I get restless in bed, naked or not naked, I get very restless. Then eventually about an hour or so, I sleep. What could be the prob is that I eat the food from my Aunt(Nun), and the takeout, all in one go. Then Tea and Coffee within an hour. This could be the problem. So we’ll see.

So after the TV aspects, I headed to my sis. We chatted for a bit. Before I went to my sis, I popped  into Chopped a new health store. heheeheh. I wanted to head to see Chopped. It had opened several months ago. hahhaa. I just meant to go in. And today I was given the chance. eheheh. I was disappointing thou that its only a Restaurant mainly, and not a health store as I thought. hahaah

So afterwards, I headed off to town to start on my birthday shopping. hahaahah. My first port of call was to find my self Singlet/Unitard. I first headed on over to Glamour World. The most customer friendly guy. Was very impressed. Noticed a gay couple or at least two gay friends, or at the very very least gay. ahhaah. Never seen that before. heeheh. So after failing to find it, I headed to Good Vibrations where I asked again. He didn’t know what I was talking about, however he did point to one. And so I was delighted and got it. hahahaa. I then headed to PC World, to go and find a device to charge my phone ie known as Charge Block or something like that. There was such however ridiculously expensive of €54. Perhaps for Christmas I’ll reconsider. Then as time was moving on, I then headed to Penneys’ where I did the rest of my shopping. As I had a bit of time on my hand, I decided to hop into H+M. As the last time, I had taken a pic a few months ago of a regout I wanted to buy, however I didn’t have the cash. Their size system is quite confusing. hahaah. Then I headed onto Outhouse where I was welcomed with open arms from Ronan, to Michel to David etc., etc., Then afterwards I headed onto the cinema to go and see Jurassic World(Review here). hahaah. I had intended on seeing it several weeks ago when it was originally released.


Former CEO of the disgraced former Bank Anglo Irish Bank, is refusing to come home to Ireland to partake int eh Banking Inquiry. He is being requested to travel home, but ahs insisted that he give evidence via Video Link.

Derry City, in CO. Derry, Northern Ireland, is in talks of renaming the city. It is known as Stroke City. In that Derry City is actually known as Derry/LondonDerry. However controversy has arosen with the Nationalists so against the renaming.

Diary 4th May 2015

Mom collected me. Maureen joined us. We were celebrating her birthday. We went to the Markers. The roof was closed due to bad weather. We had a soft drink. I got my dinner salad. We did a bit of shopping. A bit of Vegan. So I was happy. Was amazed at Yes Equality shop window. I wanted to in there to support and buy cupcakes. Got meself a Yes Cupcake and Red Velvet Cake. mmmmm. While my sis and I were having a dessert, There was a couple beside us. Her view  on the referendum was in our side, but she compared gays to pedos and murderes. Which I was quite taken aback So afterwards, My sis and I met up with our Mom n Maureen. We were taking pics of ourselves. Mom wanted a pic of myself. And she exclaims “Why is my face on the screen”. Well the laugh I got. haahah.

My mom dropped me to my sis’ place, So afterwards, I headed back home. Bumped into James, whom I met from the Outhouse. He was very interested in photography, when I told him of the photo walk, I did recently.

I wanted to get shorts in Lidls and to get side of the bull I got a pic of earlier. However Sammy had a plans of his own. Low memory caused Maps to crashed, which I needed to get to the Docks again. I was getting pissed off. So I left it.

So I just started to head to bed after uploading NSFW pics and videos of myself. I get a call for Georgian. I said in an annoyance tone, wrong number. Every single human being  Irish guy and and gal knows Georgian as in Georgian Dublin. My name technically is Georg-ANN. However some people have issues pronouncing which I don’t mind as is the case with any foreign name. So I just suggest to the person pronounce it as George, or Georgian(As in Georgian Dublin) like I said above.