Diary 4th November 2015

Today, as I had no plans of going out, I decided to stay up a bit and do a bit of recording. hahah.

I was looking at the Dubliners Vicar St concert. Well by George did it bring some fond memories, some painful but fond. Depending. Now what I mean by that is, that I was singing a song, and I dedicated it to Martin Mulligan(Kathleen’s hubbie). Had rush thoughts of Michael Doherty looking at my video on Youtube, and making a mockery of while passing it around to others on New Years Eve kidna. How he gets hold of it is, that I email it to him, WHICH I will be doing so, eitherway. hahaha.

The other was after Sabrina, was a music video from Lady Gaga – Bad Romance. Now again more painful memories came back as I was singing the song, the Take 2, ahahah. Which as I explained in the video that my ex and I were picking “our song” etc., etc.,

Diary 1st November 2015

Well what a day it turned out to be. A negatively day was turned into a positive day.

I was due to be up for 1ish for to go to Dublin Vegfest, aka International Vegan Day. However my legs were killing me, and crying out for me. So eventually I got up for half 3ish. I was gonna shower for Movember, ie to shave EVERYTHING, literally. hahaah. However it wasn’t to be. So I headed on off to F2 Center in Fatima, Rialto. Its a very ignored place in the City ie The Liberties. I used my Lumy to direct me to the place at hand, as per usual it wasn’t helpful. Google Maps would tell me to reroute or I’m going the wrong way. However with Maps from Windows Phone, nope it wouldn’t. So eventually I arrived. THe place was bouncing when I arrived, even at an hour left. I arrived at 4ish. They didn’t even check my ticket. I missed out on Goody bags. Aww well. However great stuff was on show. The venue thou is VERY Questionable. They perhaps were trying to put an ignored place on the maps. I ain’t sure. But very questionable. Like when I was leaving, I hopped on my bike and simply put, I was asked “Are you ready, ” I said ready for what, and the guy said “A new life”, and he sniggered. So yeah venue for a MAJOR event, very questionable. And how it was Modern, ????? Very small if you ask me. I thought it’d be a huge hall.

So I headed on back. I arrived back to my sis. We had a great time. I showered, as per my schedule, although LATER than scheduled, but I had to do it, so in accordance with the Movember Charity. So we chatted but more so while she was downloading, we was looking at Saved By The Bell. So I left her at her place. We chatted for a bit and headed on back home. eheheh

Diary 18th October 2015

Today was quite an enjoyable day. Although I told my sis of a horrid dream of rape of a good friend of mine. As far as I recall, he was being recorded of being raped. And I went back to the perpetrators’ house and broke the tape by pressing a stop button and some other button. And my mates parents trying to tell me he was being raped etc., etc., Then the mate’s relatives got involved. Something to that effect. She saw it in my worry face. And I wouldn’t mind I had actually told myself NEVER go back to bed sleeping, how true is that. Like the reason I says this is that I was left awoken as my Lappy was left on the whole night as I was trying to download a very cute singer from Turkey whom I came across on a mates’ profile on Facebook. And also I was trying to do ……. So I had to leave the lappy on. While doing so I was struggling to sleep,, however I woke up for a leak and then went back hence the above dream. So then onto some pleasantness I treated my sis to some Vegan Home cooked Pasta and Tomato sauce. So she was doing downloading and I was entertaining her with some of comedy I had. heheeh namely One Foot in the Grave, Saved By The Bell and Taxi. My mom in the meantime came down with some food, and then after a few hours, I then headed with her to her place and then came back.

While looking at SundayAM on TV3, I only realised that Killian O’Sullivan who does TV reviews for the week, that it’s the same Killian from Fair CIty who played Lorcan(Carol’s son). He sadly was killed off from the show. He’s been on the TV3 show for several months, yet I only noticed today. hahaah. Nice one Stany!!!

Hotel Transylvania 2

Quite a remarkable film. Totally enjoyable. Great laughs were had by all. hahaha. One word for this film was “Acceptance”. In the beginning, Dracula didn’t accepted Dennis being human and as such grew to him and accepted him in the end. hahaah

The plot was quite simple. heheheh. The film starts off with the wedding of Mavis(Gomez) and Jonathan(Samberg). Mavis finds out she’s pregnant. And Baby Dennis(Blinkoff) is born. Mavis wants to move to California with Jonathan’s HUMAN parents: Linda(Mullaly) and Mike(Offerman). However Dracula(Sandler) don’t want this. What with his overprotective mode. hahaah. So Dracula wants to bring out the Vampireness outta of Dennis. As always, Dracula has a plan. hahaah. If Dennis becomes a vampire then he’ll want to stay put. hehehe. However trouble further ensues when Mavis(Dracula’s Daughter) reveals that she invited Vlad(Brooks) Dracula’s father, to the party. Vlad is a very traditionalist ie against Humans full stop. He would even “suck out their souls“. Vlad wants to scare out the Vampire outta Dennis. So via a teddy bear at Dennis’ party, he is attempting to scare Dennis, but it don’t work as Dracula actually prevents it. And so Vlad finds out his son Dracula has actually changed and attempts to change. Vlad’s followers attempts to take down all humans etc., and Dennis’ REAL self comes to being ie a Vampire and attacks the followers.