Diary 14th February 2016 – St. Valentines Day

I was dreaming of Patrick BArrett(a former mate of mine before he found out I am gay) and I are taking pics of the Artane Boys Band coming down Clonliffe Rd., Patrick calls me up towards Drumcondra while still taking pictures. So when I got up, I was visibily upset as I had lost a good friend. So I have 5 Duckys, one of the Duckys can be called Patrick. So far I have Ducky, Baby, and NOW Patrick. heheeheh.

Normally I get up to my sis as per norm on a Sunday. However she wasn’t herself. I pray that she gets well soon. So instead Mom had invited me up to keep Mom n Dad company. hehehe. So while there we were chatting away. Had a nice meal. I fixed Mom’s phone by taking off selatape she had on. The previous time Mom rang me before I was going out, I was literally shouting down the phone trying to figure out what she was saying. hahahah. So it was found she had sellatape on it, as her Phone cover was falling off, something like that. I advised her aswell to call into Three(her cell phone carrier) that she see if there is a plan whereby she can ring ANY network. She kept admiring and complimenting my hair. hahahaha. So I took a few selfies WITH glasses and WITHOUT glasses on her phone and my Lumy.

Diary 24th June 2015

Well what a day it turned out to be. The most NEGATIVE or BAD LUCK I’ve ever had in ONE day. Quite extraordinary actually.

It all started when I failed to show up for my sis. So thats Bad Luck 1. Then when I eventually got up, I stayed up for a few hours. Was looking at yesterday’s and Monday’s news for the 4hrs PER day. Quite enjoyable alrite. hehehe. I looked also at the documentarys etc., One being the  Coming Out to the Curve that documents LGBT life in Ireland in 2015. One of the members of the Outhouse, Eddie was featured on the documentary. I was most impressed with his Rainbow colored Dinner set. heheeh and cups.

Then Mom arrived down to drop shopping. I then got ready to head out to the dole. I was initially suppose to head to my sis then the college. However I completely forgot about my dole, when I was making arrangements with my sis. heehhe. I was gonna leave the dole til next day ie Thurs. However Meteor and my Credit Union Loan esp him since Friday. As I said yesterday, I was afraid that I would be charged €10 by the bank and UNPAID. Thats the most horrific thing to occur to a customer. So I said I’d do my banking, hahaha. So I went to get the dole, then onto the bank. I wanted to set up my Meteor account on my Online Banking in the bank itself using the self service. However surprisingly, AIB wouldn’t accept it. So am at a loss as to how to pay em. Bad Luck 2.

So onwards to the college. I was to attend an Information Session for the course, Post Graduate in Mobile Applications Development I’ll be doing in Sept. I popped into Mace, beside the college, where I used to go in a lot, ahahah and to my surprise Fresh Good Food Market was their in its place. heeheh. I last was their when I was with my Mom, my sis and my Aunt back at the Markers. So I kinda indulged and overspent. I was met with great reception. heheheheh. So then onwards to Lidls, and Tescos to get OJ, Bread and Butter respectively Butter being from Tescos. So then after Tescos, I headed to my sis. heeheheh where I spent the rest of my day, into night, attempting to sort out my finances, my depression etc., I then realsied something that I was to purchase an Inflatable that I had clicked on Buy Now. And only remembered it tonight. heheeh. I had received a message on EBay reminding me that I had started a purchase on EBay for an Inflatable. And I had completely forgotten all about it. heehehe. So I first attempted to log into Paypal to add my Bank to the account. Well I went through hell trying to get my password. So I had to reset it. Then I attempted to pay as per normal, however I realsied that I had to transfer the funds over to Paypal from my bank account, then I realsied that I would have to wait a few days for security reasons. So then I said I’d attempt it considering I’d need it to go and pay for the Inflatable. So my sis offered to pay for it, of which she offered several times. So in the end, my sis paid for it, and I gave the cash I miraculously had to her. So as you can see not the best day in my life. haahah.

AS regards the depression aspect, I still have the fear that my mate Todd will tell me that he has to work for Saturday 4th July, which would devastate me. It would be another “Keith” saga all over again. Now obviously Todd and I are not a couple or anything. But I hardly see him, so its just a fear. And onto my mates of the two Brendan’s of which I have not seen NOR heard since June 12th. Now I don’t know whats going on. I ain’t their daddys or whatever, but if they are mates of mine, I should have heard from them as in like say “Where’s George”, I haven’t seen him, or whatever.

My sis and I were also discussing while attempting to look at movies. However connection all over the place were not working. Her WiFi and MY 4G Data Network wasn’t. So while hanging around, waiting for episodes and films etc., I explained to my sis exactly what happened when I was blocked from uploading Photos. It happened as follows. I uploaded 164 Flowers, NADA. I uploaded 141 Gay Love theme photos. TROUBLE. I was in the middle of uploading, and I was asked to RELOGIN, of which I did. I was immediately given the below screenshot.

Then I came to the conclusion that, I was a victim of an individual in Facebook who has coded a computer program, whereby if the program encounters Same – Sex or LGBT themed photo to BLOCK the User.


It has been announced as expected that Dry Rot, has been the cause to the terrible Berkely Tragedy that killed 6 Irish citizens.

JOsave Thsanaiv has been formally sentenced to Death. He along with his older brother Tamerlan, set off two Home made bombs at the finishing line of the Boston Marathon Bombings on 15th April 2013. 3 people lost their lives. Tamerlan, Tsaniaaiv was killed in a shootout with the Police

2 more victims from the Berkeley Tragedy are laid to rest. Niccolai Schuster and Olivia Burke.

Diary 15th May 2015

Before I headed out, I was looking at IrelandAM. I saw that Ursula Halligan who is TV3 News’ Political Correspondent, she had come out as gay. She wrote a piece in the Irish Times describing how she was hiding her sexuality etc.,

I then went to An Post to get cash for the move to Meteor. I was too late for Three AND Meteor. So will try again tomoz.

Sad to see Delhi O’ Delhi was closed down, however I later learned they’s just for renovations.

Then onto Lidls to see OJ and Sorbet. Couldn’t find either. One guy didn’t know anything, the other very mannerly.

Then afterwards onto the Outhouse. To first Cineworld thou to see if my coat had been handed in which possibly has my cineworld card too. No luck. So I just ordered a new one, I can’t honestly remember the last time, I required a new card. Besides the old one is in bits. haahah. Then back to the Outhouse, where there was great buzz there. I headed to Men’s Night. The topic of Urusala came up. Very emotive. Billy who is a member made a good point in that lesbians have a harder time coming out. Yet women in general are more open or emotive than men. Also lesbians have it easier in terms of acceptance than gay men,