Spectre is the latest 007 Bond offering. Not bad a movie. A bit disapapointing thou. Plot reasons is the reason for my disappointment. I personally enjoyed Skyfall beteter. Even the music at the beginning by Adel added to it. Although Sam Smith did justice to it, the music in this film, I still feel it wasn’t enough.

The plot again was confusing. However it did come together eventually. heeheheh. Bond(Craig) is in Mexico City, trackie a guy down. Trouble ensues. M(Fiennes) is furious and tells Bond that “he is grounded“. However Bond feels this is needed, so he hires the help of Moneypenny(Harris) and my baby Q(Winshaw). Q “pricks” him with a Microchip, so that M and everyone knows where Bond is gone to.


Diary 28th September 2015

As per my normal weekly schedule I stayed up.

I was watching TV. Two and A Half Men, Everybody Loves Raymond and Will & Grace.

While watching TV, I got a call from Mom. I also got a call from Dad relating to the citizenship. I didn’t see the point in replying as I’ll be seeing him on Wed anyways. heheeh.

While doing my TV recordings etc., I was checking my Games requests on my Gaming account on FB, and it only came up with errors. So far it has lasted about 15mins or so but it lasted almost an hr. This has just been confirmed on my Tweeter account from RTE News.

I was getting my dinner. And decided to try the Tofu sausages. I was gonna upload to the Vegan group, but as I didn’t enjoy em, I decided against it. haha

So instead of FB(never realised my such reliance on FB – hahahaha) I did my dishes,


It has been announced(well more so speculated), that Pope Francis will make a Papal Visit to Ireland in 2018. The World of Family will be held in Dublin. So traditionally the Pope has always in the past always visited the World of Family event. This years World of Family was held in Philadelphia this year. 

Alexander Pacteau, who was jailed for the murder of Karen Buckley in Glasgow, Scotland, maybe RETried, if there’s new evidence found. It was found that he had raped in the past.


Well what a film it turned out to be. NOT what I had expected. You would do well to be VERY Mentally STABLE. or as the States put Emotionally Stable. There were plenny of mature themes, in IReland, they have it as 15+, I feel they should have it slightly higher, say about 16. They had all the usual of crime, shooting. etc., They actually showed a scene of self inflicting wounds. ie slicing wrists and the death occurring. Then you must certainly WOULD not want to have just eaten. THankfully I had finished my nachos when this scene appeared, whereby an Autopsy of a kid was occurring. They had taken the brain out of the skull and literally as I type this, I get a bit queasy sliced it in half like a cake or whatever. I felt there was no need for that for me personally. The plot was on the ball alrite. The main character clearly suffered from some form of Mental Health trauma. He was even asked what does he have. He himself couldn’t bring himself to reveal.


The plot was self explanatory. We are treated to a crime scene. Joe(Dean Morgan) hires out John(Hopkins). Joe along with his partner Katherine(Cornish) help with John to solve very similar crimes who has physic visions. IN that the victim is of a dying nature, where they have an underlying issue. For e.g a kid ie the boy I referred to above, died of wounds to the neck, but then is later revealed that he actually had BRain Cancer. Likewise Joe the Detective. He was actually shot and later revealed that he was Stage 4 Cancer. So the killer Charles Abmorsie(Farrell). The film deals with whether someone should kill  out of “compassion” or “mercy”. However John RIGHTLY points out we “can’t play God”.

The Transporter: Refuelled

Simply put, not the best I have encountered throughout the whole series. Although this is a reboot of the trilogy of the past. I found the Frank(Kreins) character to be of weaker to a certain extent. Now while action was no short of it, I found it to be lacking. I loved the way they kept the majority of it. However with Frank’s father???? now what up with that. Then to use the father in a kidnapping??? Nope completely lost there. The plus side, the Airport scene was class, and the usual speed chase of which we were treated to two.


At the beginning we see a familiar, whereby a bunch of crooks are trying to steal the car. However Frank has other tricks up his sleeve. haahah. He then goes to meet his father Frank Snr(Stevenson). During one of his socials with his Pops, he answers a call to: “Is this the Transporter”, great tagline, love it. He meets a woman who starts the whole thing. A series of events occurs. The girls help the Transporter in retaliation.



Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Well this film, was actually quite good. I had seen the previous Mission Impossible films and found them to be quite confusing plot wise and the technical aspects of it. However with this particular franchise, I found it quite easy to understand. The action was top notch, no question. I enjoyed it immensely especially with Plane scene at the beginning. Me with a fear of flying, I actually felt I was actually on the plane. So real it was. hahaah. My fav scene thou was with the Prime Minister(Hollander) and Atley(McBurney) when Atley’s face was 3D Printed ontop Ethan Hunt’s(Cruise) face. I thought that was class. When Prime Minster claims that Brandt’s(Renner) hand is “So warm”. We all got a great laugh. Brandt looks over at  Atley/Hunt and hunter shows the face as much as to say deal with it. I thought it was class.

So now onto the plot. The plot as I says above quite simple. Ethan Hunt(Cruise) stumbles upon a group known as the Syndicate who has been described as: “An Anti-IMF”,who’s job is to take down the IMF and all that goes with it. It all starts off as I said above the plane scene. You’d wanna have a head for heights, no question. Anyways, Ethan gets onto the plane with the help of Ethan’s buddy Benji(Pegg). Then afterwards a LOVELY score. It really was like a TV Series type as I actually learned of this lately. Hunley(Baldwin) wants to disband IMF competly and appears in a US Senate Committee. Classic line from Brandt is “I can neither confirm nor deny any details without the permission of the Secretary”.He continuously states this when asked by the Committee. So a series of events occur. The Vienna Opera scene was a classic scene too. The Chancellor of Vienna is assassinated. I don’t get the connection to it. They did explain the Istanbul and all the majors terrorist attacks. But that’s about all I understood.

2D – Sound spectacular.

Pls note there are no extra scenes BEFORE the credits or AFTER