Diary 29th February 2016

I was there’s for a few hrs trying to work out why I was having three runtsstic ACC. It only dawned on me that I was using runkeeper for comparison. Haha. Whats happening here, is that I was trying to figure out why all my latest updates on the Fitness was not regarded. I had been using my Nexy. I then found out that I had created a new account on the Nexy, which is an awful shame. hahaha. So I was there trying to figure out on my Lappy, why I was having THREE accounts??? Couldn’t put my head together. haahah. So that said I only realised that I was actually looking at RunKeeper instead of Runtastic. hahahah.

I was looking at the election coverage for the whole day after finishing Knots Landing. What a momentous occasion, to see Fine Gael being reduced in numbers but more so Labour being wiped out. ONe’s thing for sure. That Fine Gael/Labour is no more. As John Bowman (Former RTE Broadcaster) puts it, we have “more question than answers”

And then there infamous pedophiolia guy. Hmmmmmmmm. This triggered me big time in relation to my dreams. As per will be told. What happened was that I was chatting to this Filipino guy. We were getting on great til he brought about sex with a minor. He told me he loves it and THEY love it. I kept repeating to myself that its not possible as they ain’t mature. etc., etc., So the short of it all, I reported the convo and reported the convo to Facebook and of course Unfriended him and Blocked him and when Facebook told me “We’re sorry this has happened to you, it may AFFECT you” that went through me. This caused my 37hrs sleep.

So as I said to Sarah last week that only for POlitics or Current AFfairs, my life would be empty. hahaaha.

Diary 27th February 2016

Today was quite and what a day or as someone would a MOTHER of a day. hahahaah.

WHilst going through the History of the Constituencies of the Republic of IReland, and in particular PRE-Irish Free State(now known as the Republic of IReland), I saw Queens County Constituency for the United KIngdom and Kings County Constituency for the United KIngdom. So I began to investigate this further. When I looked closer I saw the QUeens COunty is NOW Laois and Kings County is NOW OFfaly. How amazing is this and interesting. hahaha.

Looked at the election coverage for the whole day as well as the lead up to it. What I mean by that is I hadn’t seen teh current affairs in the LEAD up to it. hahahah. I signed up to Twitter’s SMS feature of which I thought I had it enabled. So that said I got an SMS saying that Eoin Ó Broin of Sinn Féin got elected. When I read it, I was so sure it was Eoin O’ Farrell my mate. ahahaah

So throughout the day, I got myself some grub as in dinner of which Sausage, BUrgers and LAsagne was on the menu. hahahah. It was unfortunate that I burned the sausage and burgers. Hahaha. I still ate them hehehe they ain’t cheap.

Diary 26th February 2016

Well today is the day that the country went to the polls to vote the 32nd Dáil ie General Election 2016. However thou I was unable to vote to have my say, as I was too late to apply for voting as I had applied for my Citizenships, of which I got by the way a few weeks ago. But that said because I applied for the citizenship too late I was unable to have my say.

So putting that aside, I was due to go and see Deadpool, however as I went to bed too late, of midday, I was due to get up for half 8, yet after 8hrs sleep was unable to.

Diary 24th February 2016

First it was yesterday whereby someone screams my name in English GEORGE with a bit of an echoie voice and now This. The latest behind I’m at home in my apartment. I look out the window. There is a young lad outside looking constantly inside. He rings the doorbell. He says drink this and the smell immediately throw it left, towards left and it explodes. I mean like wtf.

So then after failing to sleep a proper min 8hr sleep, which I only slept 4hrs, I had to get up to go and get my Medical Cert from Fairview Medical Cert. When I arrived it was just on the dot of half 5. heheeh. So I was lucky in that respects. haha. But that said I asked when the Receptionist gave me tude, what time does the Surgery closed. She said half 5. She also noted to me that I she was the one who left the voicemail to collect my Cert. She said that I’m suppose to collect my Medical Cert on a TUesday. However thou me ignoring her tude, I noted a patient came in for an appointment for 6pm, So if they close at half 5??????

So moving on, I went to my sis to hand her groceries. I revealed to my sis that without the General Election that I have nothing. I love Elections. Its a “buzz” as one would say. Like my next “buzz” will be the Brexit aka British InOut Refernedum. We had a chat. It was brief as I had to head onto to hand in my Cert. hahaha.

So I came back and headed to bed to catch up on much needed sleep.

Diary 15th February 2016

Was looking up General Elections Candidates for 2016. Was shocked to see a guy who btw is a “Looker” or very cute, is actually a member of the Munster Council for Communist Party of Ireland. Technically he’s an Indo ie Independent.  Why are all the cuties, something very dangerous or whatever?

I finally got round to started my clothes tidying up. hahaaha. I had been putting it off as I it was all over the place. But I got round to dismissing my procrastination. I have two sets. One being what the laundry company had done for me and the other being what was yet to be used. So bottomline I have divided the two up now. So now from now on I shall use the NON laundry clothes first.

Diary 11th December 2015

While getting ready I saw a piece on RTE’s Prime Time that the ISIS video on that had a group of victims with their hands tied up. And a bomb LITERALLY sent to them. Oh the thought of it makes my spine shivers. Although RTE did warn the viewers alrite.

Then my last item before actually bedding, I installed my first Lampshade aka the Santa Lampshade. hahaahah. I was well chuffed. I should list it as a Facebook Life Event.

Before going to sleeping, I was looking up the Outhouse Facebook page. I saw an interesting story and it had on it, that St. Vincent De Paul had “stand down committee”. I googled this. Couldn’t find anything. So there’s me thinking wondering if they’s homophobic. If they were I would tell them to take a hike with their help and if they asked why I would tell them am gay.

Twas a wonderful start to the day. heheheh. Both my sis n I headed on off to our folks to get decorations up. Initially I was to go up for to print my bills off as part of a requirements of Supplemental Welfare Form application. However it wasn’t to be. Eitherway Dad n I got the testing of the garden lights completed. heehehe

Then we sat down for a cuppa. I got a fit of the giggles. I was chatting about whatever then onto when my phone showed “SVP stand down committee”. I asked the fam what did this mean. From what I understood it means to resign.

So then Dad dropped us home. I continued on with the decorations.

So then I headed on off to meet Barry for to see Krampus(Review here). I went to Outhouse first to see if anyone would recognise my glasses. heheehe. Then afterwards, I got a lovely card from Patrick. heehhe. Then I headed to meet Barry. I find that he’s changed lately. Like for e.g if I didn’t understand he’d get “Keithed”, what that means is that he’d get pissed off. Like we were talking about his Pops back ie it kills him when he tries to cut up logs. I didn’t hear him too clearly, yet he continent to sayin “you know like cutting down threes etc., etc.,” something to that effect. I find that anyone I touch or get to know that they start getting “tired” of me. Its happened to a few people in my life now – hence my potential diagnosis the Dependency Personality Disorder. I asked Barry if he heard of this. He rebuked badly about it. Yet he’s heard of Borderline, alrite. He knows a few people who has Borderline. So I’ll distance myself with him for awhile. I’ll continue to hang out with Andrea, who even asked where have I been.