Victor Frankenstein

I travelled along tot eh film with a friend of mine. His synopsis of the film: “Interesting”, which no doubt so true. The Visual Effects, class. Oh and the baby, mmmm MUSIC. It was fantastic. BUT not what I had quiet expected. Like Frankenstein being the MONSTER turned out to be the story of its CREATOR aka Victor Frankenstein(McEvoy). As I said and I’ll say it again, I don’t care for body parts being tested or even being shown on TV, as I said to my mate, thank god I had finished my nachos.

We meet Igor(Radcliffe) and his new boss Victor Frankenstein. Victor found Igor in a circus. They together try to create a monster ie LIFE from a dead body. Something to that effect.


Dracula: Untold

Well what to say about this film. It blew me off my mind. Blew my jockstraps off – hahaha. I most looked forward to all the time, the fight scenes. It was absolutely heaven to watch. Bottomline, the plot being, Vlad(Evans) along with his mates, encounter a dark force of supernatural forces in the form of The Master Vampire(Dance). We are introduced first to a “history” lesson kinda thing which I can now reveal that actually Vlad was taken in by the Turds. Then afterwards, his two men are killed by The Master Vampire. A few years on, Vlad is trying to beat an army full of Turds. While at a dinner, Vlad being the Prince of the Kingdom, is forced by the Turds to confront Mehmed(Cooper). Mehmed reveals that he wants a 1,000 men to join the Turds, ie History is repeating itself. So Vlad to get help turns to The Master Vampire – claiming: “I’ll find a way”. He has a confrontation. The Master Vampire says: “How supremely noble”, when Vlad returns back to the supernatural forces. While  asking The Master Vampire for help, Vlad cunningly says “Men do not fear swords, they fear monsters”. Continuing “Sometimes the world no longer needs a hero, sometimes what it needs is a monster”. The Vampire reacts harshly “and you believe you know what it is to be a monster”. He convinces Vlad to drink his blood and is NOW Dracula.  Vlad will have “the strength of a hundred men, speed of a falling star”. So he goes on fighting and fighting with extra powers with Bats etc., Then the Turks want 1000 men and the Prince’s who is now Dracula’s son. So he is even more enraged, and more fighting ensues. Then so that he can get extra help, he then “converts” some of his allies to Vampires. When they were about to “change” his son Ingeras(Parkinson) to a vampire. Vlad/Dracula didn’t want this so he sent the Monk with the son. A few years later, we learn the Son has become the Prince as the father Vlad had “died”. Then we later learn that he was reincarnated by The Monk, if I can recall rightly. Vlad was given 3days by the Master Vampire to do his job and defeat the army of Turks. When the 3rd day was up, sadly the Princess went. And she gave him permission to live on as a Vampire

ie Dracula. So he bites her to become a Vampire. He was told to resist blood, and that if he actually got into the blood, that he would be permanent as a Vampire. Oh he resisted alrite. So then what an ending we were given. The Master Vampire became “whole” again. And left us with a a chilling line in a modern city: “Let the games begin”. Bottomline, fantastic.Then the last scene of where the scene has now int he MODERN era. Vlad meets another woman Ima. And Dance being Master Vampire claims: “Let the games begin”. I find that FASCINATING.