Diary 2nd October 2015


Diary 2nd October 2015

Before I went to bed, I encountered a lovely post from a friend on FB whereby travelling on a train for to see America from East to West from Coast to Coast.

Westwood to go and if I know of anyone with a beard for Movember.

Airtricity guy comes and says do you know what Unit PRice am being charged. He cheekily says as you can I’m from Airtricity. I said first I can’t see what company you’re from and 2ndly I’ve no interest in changing. Then he headed off as in being insulted or whatever.

I then got ready to head off to see The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials(Review here). I headed off to the Outhouse to pop my head in as one would say. hehehe. Gerry himself was there. O’ Farrell joined us. He was upstairs with Men’s Night. I then headed off to the film.


9 People shot dead. 7 injured. 2 critical ill in hospital. They were asked if they were Christian, and if yes, they would see God in one sec. The gunman has been shot dead by police. He had spoken support of the IRA. He was a British then moved to US as a baby. They occurred in ROseburg, Umpqua College, Oregon, USA. PResident Obama has called for tighter gunlaws. He has spoken of “Routine”, as in its the same same Columbia, Tucson, Aurora, Charlestonw, Newtown.

Brian Friel a Playwright, has died of natural causes at the age of 86. He wrote the infamous Dancing of Lughnasa and Philadelphia Here I Come. I’m almost sure as well he wrote a book relating to the IRA. I could be wrong. But am almost sure. He died in Greencastle, Co. Donegal.

Diary 13th July 2015

I tidied up my shirts and sleeveless shirts as part of my cleaning weekly ritual.

Then after that I was uploading pics of myself onto Instagram, and a user by the name of Red Bull gives you wings, says and I quote: “Tbh don’t like any of my pictures every again. I don’t know u and I don’t want to. Get off Instagram faggot”. My reply to him was: “Thank you for your input@redbull_givesyou_wings . I’ll be sure to pass it along to my supervisor. Have a nice day.”. hehehe. Felt good about it. Bit shaken, but good. Knowing I turned a negative into a positive more so a BUSINESS experience. haahah.

A deal has been reached by the Eurogroup for Greece. Greece has been given until Wednesday to implement the Austerity with fears of a collapse in Govt meaning ending Tsipras’ term .
Eircode has been officially unveiled. Ireland is the only country in Europe that does not have a Postal Code system.
German President Joachim Gauck is on a State Visit to the Republic of Ireland.

Legislation for the Same Sex Marriage Referendum, has now been delayed due to two legal challenges held in May/June of this year. The Marriage Referendum was passed by 1m votes. The first country every in the world to pass a Same Sex Marriage by POPLAR vote. It could be in the Statute Books ie the Bunreacht na hÉireann(The Irish Constitution) within months or a year. The Government had hoped to have started the process of Legalising Same Sex Marriage by August and the first Same Sex Weddings would take place in Sept.


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has passed away at the age of 55. He died July 11th of a Bile duct growth. He oversaw the launch of the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. He worked across a widerange of flagship titles including but not least The Legend of Zelda, MarioKart etc.,e tc.,He faced stiff competition with Microsoft’s XBox and Sony’s PlayStation game consoles.


Big Hero 6

I popped along to the most anticipated movie of my Babes Inflatables. Big Hero 6. The film surrounds an Inflatbles that sets about saving the a town. How it stats that is that a young kid Hiro has an amazing relationship with his Bro Tashadi. Hero starts with Robo Fighting. His bro Tashadi is exceptionally looking out for him. I’ve never seen such closeness. He brings his Bro Hiro to a Nerd School college kinda. Hiro is overwhelmed. He meets Baymax(INFLATBLES). He’s an Inflatable Robot that is a “Healthcare Companion”. They go on a journey in finding out the mysterious person who was involved the fire.

Overall a FANTASTIC film. Pure emotional at times. But fantastic. I smell a sequel on its way.


Diary 9th November 2014

Well I got up not to bad. After enjoying a great sleep, I headed onto my sis for a great visit. hehehe. WE chatted and looked TV and movies. hehhee. THats about it to be honest. She had a bit of a breakdown, due to which obviously I won’t be getting into. Bottomline, I advised her of the situation. So hopefully alls’ well. Both of us were playing Ring Cock, whereby we threw rings on the Inflatable cock I bought yesterday. It was so fun.


Former Fianna Fáil, Minister  for Agriculture and Food Joe Walsh has died. He was 71. He served as Minister in ’92-’94 and again ’97-’04. He oversaw the Foot and Mouth Disease and introduced controls.

Remembrance Sunday in honor of those who died in two World Wars, and later conflicts.  Taeoiasach Enda Kenny laid a Wreath at War Memorial, Enniskillen(an IRA Bomb claimed 11 lives in 1987), while Minister for Foreign Affairs was at the Wreath Laying Ceremony in Belfast, UK. Other Dignitaries included Northern Ireland’s First Minster Peter Robinson MP.

Dulbin, IRL was also a location of Remembrance, where Tánsite, US and British Ambassador also paid tributes in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, The Lord Mayor of Dublin – having to defend his presence. 100s and 1000s of IRISH who fought in World War 1 including Michael Colton’s Father

And Ireland’s Ambassador(Dan Mulhall) to Britain was at the Senitaf, London, UK. Wreath’s were also laid in Belfast, UK and Dublin, IRL

25th Anniversary of the FALLING of the Berlin Wall. German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended a Service in honor of those who died and perished at the hands of the Communist Regime of the East German Regime. She also said that fall of the wall has shown the world that “Dreams can come true”. The Reunification of East Germany and West Germany signified the end of the Cold War. Mikaeil Gorbachev who was the last leader of the Soviet Leader was also in attendance and among the honored guests. Tonight at the Brandenburg Gate, 7,000 white balloons will be realsed symbolically reenacting the Fall of Wall on this Night 25 yrs ago.

Diary 30th October 201

Well what a day I had. At least in the positive sense. I got up around 2ish, when I had enough sleep from my hibernation yesterday. Afterall I was down in Meath yesterday. I looked at TV for a few hours.

Then I got ready to head out to the Outhouse, then onto the movies. In the meantime, I got a call from O’ Farrell. So I headed to Outhouse first. I encountered Searson. We chatted. Told him of my Uncle’s SLOW demise death. He’s not obviously, but the painful waiting is bothering. Then O’ Farrell popped along. I then asked if a guy who tells you just cause I won’t send an ass pic, he says that I ain’t gay. O Farrell is of the view it tells which sexual position you’d be, ie Top/Bottom etc., While there, I encountered David O’ Toole. I got nervous at first. However, like I did to Paul the other day, I didn’t talk to him at all either. Paul knows he did wrong. David I’m not sure. But I got the gut feeling, that perhaps he may know. Cause he left sad or whatever. I said his goodbyes to the two Brendan’s etc., But I refused to talk to him in the first place.

So with that, Both O’ Farrell n I headed on to see Gone Girl(Review here). Now he’s seen the movie. SO he wanted my opinion. During the movie, I then taught to meself, to the above question I asked both Brendan’s ie about the Ass question?? Sexuality DOES NOT define who you have sex with let alone who you share you’re sexual body pics of ie ass, dick etc., etc., Its who you are ATTRACTED to.

So after the movie, I left Brendan to Camden St., where he walked home. On the way, I gave him Financial advice. Of which I quoted our Former Taoiseach Charles J Haughey(RIP), “We are living way beyond our means”. What I mean by this quote in our case, is to cut back on the expenditure. Expenditure should be SMALLER than Income.

I was watching Late LUnch LIve from OnDemand on TV3. One of the episodes they had(This was from during the week) was Rory O’ Neill aka Panti. They showed a clip from the Abbey THeatre whereby he gave a speech on Oppresion of gay. “Embarreased by his Gayness”. His point was have you ever been with you GAY BEST FRIEND etc., and you feel embarrassed by his gayness etc., Now this is quite true of my mates BRendan S and a few other clowns. What I’m referring to is the Pride Regourt, whereby a few ppl where EMbarrest by my Gayness.

I went to attempt to look up if there was a way to download a few sections of the Late Late Show, I had missed from Friday just gone due to Box space issues. So as it happens, I looked on RTE Player, and went through it, ie whisked through it. And as it happened, didn’t need it. I did download software, but as it happens didn’t need it.



Diary 26th October 2014

Shortly before I went to bed, I got a Viber call from a mate, saying, that he got a call on his Ground(Landline) line, stating its from Microsoft and to download a program. I recommended to him , that as he knew himself, YET he still downloaded it. I remember I myself got scammed a few years ago, it sometimes, is still on going with my folks. Bottomline as I explained to my mate, that you NEVER receive  a call from a major corporation, let alone Microsoft. I said that Microsoft have Millions or even billions of Windows and their products Users. They are not gonna start ringing cause first its AGAINST THE LAW and second, time and financial costing. SO yeah its obviously a scam.

So for the next few hours, I was recording the State Funeral of Albert Reynolds who died in August of this year. This lasted 4hrs. Then afterwards, I headed onto my sis. We chatted mainly tonight. Twas nice and calm. Considering during the week she had a relapse. But all’s well now. heheeh. WE looked at TV what else hahaah aswell. Then suddenly, I asked what if AIlish(Mom’s Neise), and all the Dots, can’t pin point anyone, but what if they were influencing Mom to say things like say Homophobia etc., I wouldn’t put it past em, is what I’m saying.