Diary 23rd December 2015

Well today started off with a disappointment. Again I couldn’t get out of bed. Me thinks its because I’m surviving on Green Tea. and of course Chrisps, which is shortly on their way out too.

So that said I got up slightly later than anticipated. I then headed to meet Edmund for some bizarre reason I kept calling him Edward. I even put it on the card. Like wtf, like, or as the American’s puts it “ikr(I know right)”, hahaahah. So that said I then headed on off to meet him. It was slightly later than anticipated. I first went to AIB to withdraw cash. However the machine said “Unavailable”, so I checked to ensure its not the wrong card. I went inside to try and figure out what up. Then afterwards, I was assured its the right card. So I went to the teller to withdraw. Then I went to meet Edmund eventually. hahaaha. When I arrived another guy Ruairí was there. I never met him. So Edmund then said that he had to go for an event of “Anti-Christmas”, of which I took serious. Like I would imagine there are people against it. Like Atheists, for Meat reasons and animals etc., etc.,

So then I headed on back home. On the way, I wanted to get vegan dinner for myself for Christmas Day, however it wasn’t to be. I wanted to get stamps of trying to post two cards I left behind, in Ireland. Then I realised that I had the stamps with me all the time. But not the cards. I then came back home.

I was watching a few TV shows, then I headed on back out to first the Outhouse. I had planned on going to the Down to the Earth to see if I could get more Vegan Dinner food. As time was NOT on my side, I then headed to the Outhouse to deliver MORE cards. ahahha. I left them with Jamie. I chatted for a bit. heheheh. I then headed onto meet Todd for to see Star Wars. heheheh. Twas a pleasure seeing him again after all this time. I was disheartened to learn thou that he has been suffering depression as a result of his mother a few years ago, when he was back in Irl and she was over there, ie the US, that he couldn’t be with her. Something to that effect. So then I told him of my diagnosis. etc., I ain’t sure if its official thou. He brought up a soar spot of which was by no means his intention. How was he know. So I did a bit of self harm in the cinema toilets, the biting of rubber type and I saw something unusual so then I continuing having at it. Then after the film, I headed with him to his place.

I was lookinh aty my emails, sure whats’ new. hahahaah. I then came across a very interesitng article whereby it was desceribing an art Technostaglia whereby it’d releave our wonderous Dial-Up days, theren there was the ENcarta. God be the day, I’d go every week over the Dial-Up update Encarta on a Friday ngiht while looking at the Late Late or whatever with Mom n Dad. My Dad or Mom would wanna get the phone however it’d take it up the Internet. hahaha. Ahhh mememories.


Diary 19th November 2015

Although so far, not bad a day, hahaah, It was quite a good day.

I couldn’t sleep anytime after 10. So I got up, looked at yesterday’s news. Then it was time to go back to Social Welfare to hand in the Letter that the doctor yesterday made for me. However Mom asked if I had the paper that the guy in Social Welfare yesterday, made out, and I had left it behind, so as such, the Doctor couldn’t make out the CORRECT version. THis was made out today when the letter wasn’t accepted. So that said I was asked to get the correct things as “this has to be sorted”.

So I headed back, looked further more news. heehehe and current affairs.

I then got ready for the latter of the night. hahaahah. Ohhhh the memories. I do really miss the cinema. The depression does really get in the way of life alright. Or as my sis puts it, “debilitating”. But this time round, I went to see Brooklyn(Review here).

Diary 13th October 2015

Well today was quite a day. haha

I did my usual errands I do on a Tuesday. hahaahah. hehehe.

My first port of call was to get my dosh before it closed. I was there struggling with my bike and the laundry AND my trousers(which kept falling due to my rapid weight loss – hahaah). I’ve noticed recently that I can’t do anything with my right hand anymore. With a JO(jerkoff), nope won’t do the work. Basically I have to use the left for everything, for JO’s for walking my bike even carry bags etc.,

So moving on I then dropped the Laundry into Clean Freaks, which was quite unusual. By that I mean that the price is lower, and I got a text off them stating that there are “two items” and then the woman told me that it would be available on Friday, which is interesting. hahaah.

I then headed onto the bank did my business. Unusually I didn’t have enough for to go and do my normal weekly bill payments. So I looked up what “robbed” my money. hahaah. It was actually Electric Ireland and Sky.

So then I moved onto my grocery weekly of SmallChanges. hahaah. I asked Peadar, why the taste of one of the TOmato Sauce was so “boring” or Bland. I knew about NO Added sugar or salt, but seriously? So he told me that its JUST tomatoes. Well the laugh I got. I paid about €2 or €3 for jst “friggin tomatoes” as I said on the way home. hahaha. It was priceless.

So while transferring files for my sis’ visit, I took a shower. Then headed to my sis. On the way, I was looking for a Grater where I can grate cheese. hahaah. However the manners of a pig in Centra didn’t have any. hahaha. So I arrived and we looked at TV. I brought up how come Maureen remembers that MEMORABLE day of when I had Mom, Dad and Maureen and of course my sis for a Cuppa and a Apple PIe or something. We sat around my table. Then my depression hit. And hence my place is NOT suitable for visitors anymore. Then the other day I was onto Maureen by means of a phonecall, and she told me of the dream. I can’t for the life understand why she’s so obsessed with that particular day. ahhaah. Then my sis asked when would I be going up to the folks. And I said I can’t go up freely to Mom n Dad’s as I’m no longer welcome to visit, but to FOOD, thats’ all I get.

I was interested in finding out what party the current Dublin Lord’s Mayor(ess) is ie Críona Ní Dhálaigh, I kinda knew she was a member of Sinn Féinn, however One thing I never expected thou that Sinn Féin’s FOUNDER is Arthur Griffith. Where I know that name is that the avenue I was reared on ie the street is known as Griffith Ave., I was told that the avenue is named after Arthur Griffith. Now one asks, WHY??? like did he live there, or fight etc., etc.,


It has been announced that Paul O’Connell, has been ruled out of teh Rugby World Cup. This is his last Rugby International. Ie he’s retiring forcefully due to a string injury

A report of The MH17 flight from Kualampur that was shot down by a Buk missile, has concluded that it was indeed the Buk that shot down the plane when it was  flying over a no – fly zone in Dunesk, Ukraine.

Universal Social Charge – 13K Entry Threshold

The new rates are now 1% 3% 5.5%

Pension Payment €3pw

Christmas Bonus – 75%

Fuel Allowance 2.50 to 22.50

Free GP to Children Under 12yrs

Free PreSchool aged 3-5.5

Child Benefit increase €5 per child pm to €140…

Respite Grant fully restored to 1700

Stampy Duty Abolish replaced by a 12c charge per ATM Transaction

50c Cigs

Minimum to 9.15

Limit on the contactless Card going up to €30 from €15

9% VAT retained

600 Garda

2260 Teachers

Extr AMbulance Staff

A Cut to CGT Capital Gains Tax

Corp Tax reduced to 6.25%