Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie

Well if you were looking for comedy. Comedy is certainly what you got. Twas most heartwarming. The plot was very simple. Whereby a cruel politician(might I add) is in crooks with a group of Russians and wants to take down all the stalls in Moore St., There were some very poignant moments however, when it was revealed that Agnes(Brendan O’ Carroll) had to give up her 6 children: Mark, Dermot, Rory(Cowan), Cathy(Jennifer Gibney), & Trevor and put em all in care as she couldn’t afford them when her hubbie Redser Brown had passed on. Another poignant moment was when Both Cathy and Mrs. Brown herself gave a lovely speech in the courtroom in which Cathy pointed out “It doesn’t matter you are, you will be welcomed on Moore St., So how she won the trial was when her Grandma or someone back in time, was paying her Tax Bill back in the day, she was provided with BOTH Braille and Non-Braille version. As Buster and the clan lost the Non-Braille version. They had to make do with Braille. In the court they had to ask if a person knew Braille. They all turned to Guideye(The guy who plays Blind in an episode of Mr.s Brown) and he says “How the fuck should I know”. hahah. Twas priceless. If you were looking for Guest Stars, you were not left without surprises. Shane Byrne(Former Rugy Ireland International), Joe Duffy(Radio presenter of RTE’s Liveline), Ciara O’ Callaghan(Irish Actress of Fair City – what a shocker that was. hahah)

Diary 25th June 2014

Well today’s plan was to go to the next Pride Event: How To Win A Referendum in the Civic Office, Dublin City Council, Wood Quay entry, I think. I asked exactly where would it be held, but no one knew. In the meantime, O’ Farrell contacted me to ask if I’d like to join him to see 3 Days TO Kill(Review here). I said firstly what about his date(which I later learned was rescheduled) and secondly err what about the Talk/Debate. His attitude was, “Well I’ll tell you how to win the referendum”. So I said that I’ll pop round to both the Debate and then onto him, in the Outhouse and then to the Cineworld to see the film. So I set about heading off.


When I arrived at the O’ Connell St.,/Parnell St junction, I was heading towards Parnell St where the Outhouse is. Says I to meself, ain’t I spoz to be going to the talk, in which I turn onto O’ Connell St., So onwards down O’ Connell St. Low and behold, when I arrived at the Savoy Cineama(where world premiers’ or Dublin at least film premieres are held), I encountered Mrs. Brown’s Boys: D’Movie. I was so excited and ecstatic . I had understood the premier is tomorrow(26th) and the film release is Fri (27th). I took quite a lot of pics. I saw Sharon(Mrs. McGoogan’s(Eilish O’ Carroll)’s onscreen daughter), Trevor(Mrs. Brown’s(Brendan O’ Carroll)’s Son(Priest – or as Granddad would say, “Which one is he?” Mrs. Brown replies> “The Nun”), Brendan Grace(Twas sad thou seeing him on a walking stick :(, June Rogers(My memorable quote:: “Who do you think you are, Patricia McKenna(Whom she’s a politician. I think she’s retired now thou), Maria(Dermot Brown’s(Mr.s Brown’s son) wife), Deano & Rory(twas lovely seeing him again – The last time I saw him was when they were doing a film shooting scene at the Department of Local Government and Environment), Granddad,  & his Wife in real life. It was unfortunate thou, that I had missed The main character or star of the show, Mrs. Brown herself(Brendan O’ Carroll) and his wife Jennifer Gibney.


So then after the excitement of seeing the cast again, hahaha, I then went on to meet O’ Farrell in the Outhouse. Met Patrick. Says old fogie. I reply ur never too old. So he says “naughty 10 yr old”. hahaha. We didn’t stay at all as the film was starting soon. So onwards towards the cineama. So then after the cinema, I Questioned Brendan RE: Rape sign I saw yesterday coming home from my sis. Possibly in context. He has a point, I just wish they actually specified Rape Seed Oil.


I asked him is it homophobic if someone’s person says to you, that they don’t like you cause you’re gay, and that if ones gf does not like me cause I’m gay cause the boyfriend wants sex with me. Automatically yes.


ON the way home, I was really touched seeing a group helping the homeless. The group didn’t even accept ones help ie donation. So they gave the money to the homeless person.


While on my way home, I was listening to the song/track: “Sing – The Commonwealth Band feat. Gary Barlow. ”

It was spectacular. I was bothered by what my friend Aaron from my primary school had said, that his gf don’t like me cause I’m gay, cause she’s afraid that she’s gonna loose him. As Brendan says, “Protective” of him. So this song helped me a great deal.

Here’s the lyrics to part of the song. I think its so fitting.


“Some  words they can’t b spoken and only sang.


There’s a place there’s a time in this life  when you sing what your are feeling

Find your feet stand your ground

Don’t you see right now the world  is listening…




Music at the end of the day is my life. On the topic of day, I decided to wait til 8 when LIdls opens to get a few stuff there. On the way, I was advised by the Gardaí(Irish Police Force), to move along, he even touched me cause I was standing still. There was a confrontation or something going on. They were trying to get a bolster to break down the door. When I arrived at Lidls, I was told that the Inflatable Beach Ball, which I wanted, was not there and that they didn’t have it on sale. Which I found so weird. I’m just after looking up the site, I misread it. It was just a picture. I thought they were selling it.




French Traffic Controllers striking continuous. Strike expected until the end of the week at least. UPDATE French AirTraffic Controllers has called off the strike. Dublin Airport Authority have received Official notification from the AirTraffing Controller in France to say that the strike has been called off.

Belgian Traffic Controllers to announce a strike if it goes ahead. Will have a detrimental.

So while one finishes strike another starts. The French has called off and have been agreed. However The Belgians have started theirs.



Filipino Women who were forced into Prostitution during the War, are looking for “Justice for the Injustice” that was done to them


The Free Travel Pass scheme is being under reviewed. Proposals to date are: Limit the Transport to use, Annual Charge and/or Limit the hours the Travel Pass can be used. Age Action Ireland has launched their Hands Off campaign.