Cornucopia, Wicklow St., Dublin, Ireland

Twas an quite a visit today. I have been to Cornucopia several times, today I decided to do a review as I’ve never done so. hahaah.

Today I had Soup, Salad and Dessert. The Soup and Dessert I wholeheartedly enjoyed. the Salad not so much. Now as regards the staff, they were very accommodating. I’ve never had an issue with Staff or their foods hence why I keep going back to em. hahaha. The only thing I would say is to offer MORE vegan alternatives ie HOT foods. I wanted the Baked cheese thing, However as it wasn’t Vegan, I had to make do with Salad, with as you can gather, did not enjoy.

The Soup was a mushroom creamy consistency. Green in color as per the pic. It was absolutly heaven. Totally enjoyed it.

My next was the Salad, I was hoping for a hot dish, however it wasn’t to be, as the stuff I wanted was Cow cheese instead my baby Violife Cheese which is Vegan. So I stuck with the Salad, of which I didn’t enjoy it one bit. Oh their was taste no doubt, but I just didn’t care for it.

So I moved onto the Dessert, as I said to my colleague, I like to “end on a sweet note” as per what my mother would say. hahha. I had a lovely Tart of which was a lovely soft consistency texture, and a crumbly base. It was all heaven. hehehe.


Sova Vegan Butcher, Rathmines,

I popped along with a Vegetarian Group to this Restaurant. Its a pop-up restaurant meaning, that it won’t be situated at a particular address permanently, it is due to close down here in Rathmines and hopefully it’ll will have been found another home for the time being. Anyways getting back to the review at hand, It’s very poorly sign posted, I was advised that the sign post was small, well how true is that. Upon arriving inside eventually, I found the environment to be very negative, very down and out building its in. When I arrived, I was shown the menu. The price is a BIG plus. I was most appreciative for that, for a guy or even a person who has a low budget. However with this mind, I can see why the price was low. I had a three course meal for €20 which is acceptable. However I’ll go into further detail.

My first course was: Chickpeas and Kale Koftas paraley sioli/fennel and apple salad. This wasn’t too bad. However as I later learned the Koftas or as the American’s call it CornDog(Not sure if that’s meat thou), I immediately began to devour it. It tasted exactly like the one I had as a kid in Romania Orphanage. The salad thou I found was very acidic, it was burning my lips etc., and even upsetting my stomach.
My next course was the main: Lentils and Aubergine Meatballs Creamy fennel and Dill sauce/garlic crostinni/pomegranate salad. The main wasn’t too bad. Again very acidic. The bread was slightly hard, however I have since explained that it was roasted.

And my third and final course: was the the dessert aka the Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake. This was absolutely stunning. Enjoyed it immensely.
And as my last part of the review, I must give credit to the chef, the presentation of each course, was outstanding. I was most impressed. So my favorite meal, was NONE, but I most enjoyed the Koftas, as part of the Starter

Chickpeas and Kale Koftas paraley sioli/fennel and apple salad
Lentils and Aubergine Meatballs Creamy fennel and Dill sauce/garlic crostinni/pomegranate salad
Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake
Orange and Kale Juice
 Perfect Cuppa tea with Almond Milk

Govinda’s, Middle Abbey St

My friend and I popped along to Govinda’s in Middle Abbey St. Great selection. Its a buffet style, whereby you choose what you want, and pay a certain price. Which is quite reasonable too. Too much hippy for my liking. One customer, although could have been a staff member thought i was a girl. Perhaps with my rainbow Scarfy. So two issues were at hand, a bit too homophobic for my liking. Like the person who accused me of  being a “woman” when he says “ladys first”, then the staff member BEHIND the counter said something, then the fact that its a Christain type of restaurant. The food thou, very delicious. Great vegan offering. My friend thou advised strongly that Govinda’s is very CHRISTIAN like hence “the hippy” lifestyle type. While personally I have no issues with any persons, I only take up issue, if a person actually accuses me of any sorts. So bottomline, I would not recommend Govinda’s on Middle Abbey St(Not sure about other branches thou), for ANY gay people. Too christian for my liking. If you want Vegan food, there are plenty of other places in Dublin’s Fair City.

Buffet Style


Buffet Style


Lemon Cheesecake


Raspberry Tea