Diary 24th August 2014

Well I got up tightly for the most anticipated March for Marriage march. It is hoped that it will be the last one as the Gay Marriage Referendum is on the horizon in Spring ’15. On the way, I saw Christopher McGann. He was crossign the road towards the March in question. I then got talking to him. So we chatted and chatted while Marching too as well. I had mentinoted that he had disabled his FB. He explained that he was getting tired of it. Something liek that. I toghouth he had a young buck or something. But no. He mentitnoed healtihyl speaking, I could start off with Tumrik in my OJ. I could consdier it alrire. While marching we encountered Fergal. He said something like he’s a “Homo”. Now, I understood that he was taking the mikey or something homophobic. Cuase I remeber I said something of that nature abotu someone recently, and my friend BRendan O’ F, (I think), I wouldn’t say it too loud. But I think he was tryign to say that he’s gay. He was representing Athiests Ireland. He had said he was on Parole. So he must have committed some crime or rather. So we all set about the march. We started off in Dame Street. The route is as follows.

Dame St – College Green – Grafton St – Nassau St – Kildare St – St. Stephn’s Green – Stage.

We then stood for about an hr or so. We had the following Speakers.

Tara Flynn – Tara is a character from the Armagayddon Video. This is an LGBT Noise video. Here is a link for the video itself: LGBT Noise – Armagayddon.

She told us that a distressed man came up to her down in Cork(she being from Cork). and the young man asked her, “You might be upset when I tell you”. He went onto say that he’s from Dublin and is gay and he would like to know of any gay bars in the area. When she told him where to go, the “delight” and the gleam that came out of him. She went onto say that “If you don’t like Pistachio ice cream, don’t ban it from everyone. Just don’t eat it.” She gave this example as to what the Irish people are doing to the LGBT people. In that they don’t like gay people, so they start telling their kids etc., don’t go near em etc.,

Dil Wickremasinghe. She was the next speaker to come onstage. With a powerful speech. She brought in her cousin’s memory. With a firm voice she told us a date in December, where a military came into their house took her cousin, and abducted him. The next day, his body was found beaten, and murdered bloodily in a river or something. He was killed because of his “Journalistic Skills”. Might I add he was also gay too.

Finton O’ Toole, who is a journalist, and I think a former politician. He gave a speech on TOLERANCE. As part of the anti-gay strategy, the group told us that the sky would fall, if Divorce were to be introduced(which it has been enabled now), and likewise the contraception. If that were made to be available. and likewise if condoms were to be sold in Pharmacists and shops. He added that if gay marriage is on the cards, the sky would fall too and as he puts “He doesn’t see the sky falling. ”

And lastly, he said if you’re looking for a slogan: Here’s one for ya: “If you want a REPUBLIC, put a ring on it”. WE all roared and cheered.

Grainne Healy who is a Chairwoman of Marriage Eqauilty spoke of ICCL(Irish Council for Civil Liberties)

Vicky who is a Transgender(I think) BUT defo a member of TENI(Transgender Equailtiy Network, Ireland) spoke out in support of Marriage Eqauiltiy.

Eoin Da Bardue, who represents LGBT Travellers came up to speak.

David Carroll, Ray Haugthen(‘ Scuse the spelling)(BOTH from BelongTo)

Iam Gamble(The person’s name who was at the March as a speaker – just can’t pronounce the person’s name let alone spell it). Eitehrway the person was representing INTO(Irish National Teacher’s Organisation) LGBT.

Laura Harden who is the President of the USI(Union of Student’s of Ireland) left us with some beaitful sayings. by saying “here in the USI we have a saying: “United We will never be defeated” and another, “Ní neart go cur le chéile”(There is no strength without unity)

Then we both headed off, Fergal caught up with his crowd, Then we both headed on off home. He was meeting a friend at Panti Bar. He then suggested that I also try Matcha.

So then we left it at that, and dispersed. On the way home, I got a voicemail from Mom saying that my sis wouldn’t be able for a visit which I normally would on a Sunday. So I rang her boyfriend, to ask me what the hell’s going on. He explained, of which I shan’t get into details.

So with that in mind, I was between 3 minds. Go to the meetup/Visit Mom and Dad/ or just simpley stay in. I had seen Mom and Dad already. So that was a no go, and if I were to simply stay in, I would be lonely. So that left me with one thing, which is the Meetup. I had already met Arwin from Friday’s meetup for Lucy(Review to be provided in due course). So I decided to pop along to the meetup to see Into the Storm again(Review here). We met up with a new person Erin. She was coming from Germany. Another guy was to come along, but failed to show up. So Erin headed on towards her accommodation. And Arwin and I headed on up. He lives just off the main road of where I go up. He was telling me that he’s on a diet, in particular Carb Diet. In that he don’t take any cinema food bottomline. He explained to me why he was wanting abs. As I said to him in the cinema, that if any guy or gal says otherwise, then there’s something wrong. He explained that due to his depression, that when he goes on a diet, his depression LIFTS. Which is quite fascinating. I told him of my precious. My Puppies Sammy and Patch. and also can’t forget my Inflatables.


Almost 8,000 people took part in the annual March for Marriage. It is hoped that it will be the last one, as Gay Marriage will be put to the people in Spring ’15. Some people were wearing sashes, and that was actually because the newly crowned Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh recently came out gay ie a lesbian.

Diary 13th August 2014

Well today had come and my excitement for Joseph(Review here) had arrived. I was most excited to see the production. Maureen(Nun) had previously told me the story of Joseph. I met Brendan and Daniel at the NCI College, and we all headed on off to Bord Gais Energy Theater. I was there the last time for the Big Gay Sing, in aid of Marriage Equality. We again waited outside for a few minutes. After the popcorn was the not the best the last time, I was a abit hesitant in getting it again. So I decided to try it. So I got the SMALL version this time, just in case. It wasn’t as bad. The salt level was low and the most important it was stale as O’ Farrell says. hahah. So then we all went in. Then at the Interval, we went for a toilet break. I got my scrumptious Green Tea. mmmmm. Then we all went back in. After a wonderful performance, we all headed on home. We left Brendan at his Bus. Then I walked with Daniel to Baggot St., where he lives. On the way, I encountered gorgeous buildings. Twas lovely to experience such wonderful place. I explained to Daniel, that when I walk, I’d to be thinking and of course we don’t have to concentrate etc., hahaha. Whereby if your cycling or driving ya have to concentrate on the road.

On the way home, after leaving Daniel, I accidentally ended my Fitness Apps, which was a pity if ya ask me, cause one of the apps, I have NOW allows me to post to DailyMile and then in question on Facebook. Whereby previously I had to Map my route on my own. So then I stopped by Gay Spar(as Mike told me a few weeks ago the Spar on the corner of George’s St/Dame St where all the gays go for whatever) to see if I could get a sandwich, as I keep forgetting to take out a bread outta the freezer. To my surprise n shock n horror they didn’t have any Vegetarian or at least Meat Free sandwiches let alone salads. I was quite taken aback. So then onwards and upwards towards Londis where Subway is on O’ Connell St., So then I headed on home via Drumcondra and got myelf a Veggie Burger n Curry Chips. I was most impressed with the service. When I got home, I saw a takeout, says I to meselfe “Fuck it, she don’t trust me”. The reason I says so, she don’t trust me to eat on my own. She being my Mom. Well assuming it was her who put it on my bike.

On the way home, I decided to try the OK Google feature on my Android Cell Phone. I wanted to remind me about the Bread int he freezer, SO I said the following “OK Google, Remind me to take bread out of freezer. And would ya believe it, it worked. Quite freeky, might I add . hahaha. Am waiting for the the actual time.” Then I tried S Voice provided by Samsung. And as it happens it saved the reminder in Google Calender. Whereas the OK Google, as provided by Google Now, saved the reminder there.


Hollywood has lost another great acting icon. Lauren BacCall died of a stroke at the age of 89. She would have been in the earlier era of Hollywood. WAY before MY time.

Diary 25th July 2014

Well after a great sleep yesterday, I got up with a slightly happier mood,(I have Patch to thank – heheeh). I got up, with a view of doing the News Bulletins from July 24th and free up space. However it wasn’t to be. I showered. Getting rid of all the hair, that I had let overgrown over several days to a possibly week. So then I headed on with my first errand of getting my haircut. There was an auld lad in front of me. I vaugley recognised him. When it was confirmed he’s an accountant for Jim Markeys across the road, I remember seeing him there alrite. The accountant customer was asked what he does for a Friday ngiht. His idea, is very simpley and elegant. Pub then onto another pub, for music and the he simply hops into a taxi. Twas great to see a bubbly guy(barber). We remembered dear old Kevin, Who was my manager in Spar in Drumcondra where I used to work, when I was a kid for pocket money. heheeh. He even remembers Don – my nemesis. Wow, talk of bringing up my past. It was amazing. My birthday of this year has brought up some happy BUT painful memories. Ain’t that abnormal. So with such a happy face(for once – at least)

So then I headed back thinking I had a bit of time, but as it happens, I didn’t have that much time. It was my plan to see How to Train Your Dragon 2(Review here), as the last time,So then I popped my head into the Outhouse, literally. As the film was starting at 6pm. I saw Brendan S. Great to see him. Then I headed onto the Cinema, for my peaceful time. heheehe.  I was late for the beginning. But as it happens, I wasn’t as late as I thought I was. It was really effective alrite as I said in my review.

I then headed back to the Outhouse where I was greeted by Dave. I had hoped to get a sandwich. However, Dave explained  that there aint no Lettuce and JUST Tomato. So I jsut left it and got my Green Tea of Raspberry. Ohmmmmm So scrumptiouslioucious. as I don’t take their Tea anymore(cause I first keep forgetting to bring my soya and they don’t have it and secondly my wish of weight loss and not only that the discovery that Soya brings upon Man Boobs as mentioned by one of my FB Mates). I had asked Dave, that can it be done, whereby I bring my OWN green tea, and they just give me the hot water. He was a bit apprehensive about it. So he just recommended that I ask Joe. So we just left it at that. Now, as I don’t take their tea for Men’s Night, which they get for free(some arrangement in advance is made), I had to bring my Green Tea in a Paper cup. Which I didn’t mind. So ownards I headed on up. Great to see a lively bunch. heeheheh. Patrick, Brendan S, Brendan O’ F, Eddie, Ken(who left shortly after I arrived), Peadar, Bernard, Ollie and a few others I couldn’t recall their names, BUT obviously recognsied. Patrick brought up a story he heard on Liveline(Joe Duffy on RTE Radio 1). Whereby he heard a woman from Donegal. A guy went into a bar in none other than a Budgie Smuggler, from what I gather is a swimwear or underwear that only covers ONE side of your cock. Something like that. But it ain’t what I thought. Eitherway it was featured on the Liveline. Shame I didn’t see the guy. hahahah. mmmmm. So then Brendan O’ F later on told me that his mother was asking for me. I can’t tell you how happy that made me feel. The feel that ANOTHER mother was asking for me. heheeh. Its kinda weird come to think of it that my mother asked me to send her love to all when I was at the Andre Rieu Satellite Concert last Saturday. Brendan S, then told me that he put O’F and myself and whoever else on a Restricted List. Its a feature on FB. I never got the jist of it. He put it in lamens terms. This means that if he posts anything public, then we’ll get the post. He was under the da illusion that he posts too much. He was told something of this. I told him that that’s wrong. and they’s nothing but a lier. I told him, that my sis posts BUCKETS(which I don’t mind – obbbbbbv), but that he hardly posts at all. I have him on the Notifications.

So then onwards to my next film. I headed this time with O’ Farrell to see Transformers: Age of Extinction(Review here). Before we went in, O’ Farrell asked me which Hepatitis, I had, whether it was B or C. I explained that I contracted it along time ago in Romania. BUT, that it got “activated”, when I “drank myself to death” a few years ago while I was enduring  Homophobia. I used drink as a coping mechanism. NOT that it didn’t work. However that’s another story for another day. So then we headed in. We unfortunately had some unpleasant experience. There was a family of god only knows how many. They were all UNDER 12(considering the film was 12A Certification provided by IFCO). The Mom n Dad were there. The Dad sat beside me and the Mom down with the kids. They were making noises. As if it wasn’t bad enough the screen in question hadn’t turned on the 3D aspect of the film. IT was all blurry. But getting back to the kids, CLEARLY the film was not suitable for 7 or 8 year old kids. How they got through is beyond me.  I will bring it up with the staff next time I go to the cinema. Brendan had to go out to seek a staff member. The staff member had a talk with the parents and the kids themselves. This didn’t stop one of em throwing somethings at Brendan. He got really mad. Saying “Obey your parents”. I “will have you thrown out of the theatre”. So then we headed on WITHOUT confronting the ill fated family. They should have had a babysitter or if they couldn’t afford or they couldn’t find a babysitter, just do without it. Oh I ain’t letting Cineworld away with it. I will notify the staff and/or Management.

So after some unpleasantness, I left O’ Farrell to Luas and then as I got a bit lost myself I just went towards Capel St., of which I couldn’t find Panti Bar. Kinda weird, as I haven’t been there since last year for Géilí – last year’s Pride Events(2013). I happened to bump into Joe from the Outhouse. Was great to see him. I vaguely recongised Noel Gannon. Which is kinda weird, didn’t think he was that small. But eiterhway,  he didn’t recognise me at all. Joe says to me, Not norm to see me in these parts hahaha. I felt like spilling my guys about my dear Mother(Romania), but ietherway, was great to see him. He made a suggestive move to suggest I was looking for a bit of actions, not Panti I’ll be looking for action. hahahaah. I had one Vodka & DASH of Coke. Twas lovely. Slightly stronger than what you’d get in the George. Another gay bar.

So then I headed on towards home. I was looking for Barber that Frank my barber had mentioned. On the way, I happened to come across an Internet Cafe or at least what used to be. I recall the days, on a Sunday, whereby I’d sneak out via lies to my folks to go to the Internet Cafe on a Sunday when me Pops would be looking at the match. It was a ritual with me. I used to go their to print stuff off from Ros na Run and of course to surf as well. Now in those days we had the 56K modem(ahhhh memories), there was no such things as Facebook, NOT even Bebo had existed when I was growing up.


It has been announced that all 116 passengers Algeria Airlines all have perished.

US President Barack OBama, has hit back at Ireland’s Tax Inversion. Ireland’s Corporate Tax is 12.5%. From my understanding, Obama is stating that US Companies who come over here, are actually paying at Irish Rate NOT the home company’s country. It first started when it was found that Apple(Being an American company) was actually paying IRISH Tax Rate NOT their own country’s rate.

Diary 16th July 2014

Well today was particularly a quite day. In that I was due to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. and of course Transformers. However as I went to bed late, I got up late. So I got up at half 7, and headed on towards the Outhouse first whereby I came across, Bernard, Declan and a few of the lads. Nice to see em. heeheh. Sven said some joke, of which I didn’t understand. And so he actually just simpley says were all normal. hahha. Declan didn’t recognise me with all my clothes on. Now that’s a good one. ahahah. So then I had a nice Peppermint tea. It was absolutely lovely today. Which is kinda weird. Like I left it to brew as instructed yesterday, when my sis n I “brewed” the tea. My mouth was only a peppermint taste. I’m still even tasting it. Yesterday in my sis’ place, I only realsied that for the Green Tea to be effective, ya have to brew the tea ie leave the bag alone WITHOUT squeezing.  Ya learn something new everyday. ahaha


Interesting point was brought up on Tonight with Vincent Browne, relating to the recently appointed Junior Ministers. The host Tom McGuirk(who is deputising Vincent Browne) asked a very interesting, which is “Why is do so few go into Politics”. Carol Hunt(Journalist, The Sunday Independent); expresses “its a very much AntiFamily timetable”. In that for a “man who has a woman at home, a wife”. While Pat Leahy(Political Editor, Sunday Business Post); says its a “miserable life”. I completely agree with Carols point. Like going back to the olden days. Whereby women were homewives and stayed at home while the men worked.


GAA and Aiken Promotions have appeared for the first time to the Public Accounts Committee. No surprise it has been a blaming game.

Diary 15th July 2014

There was no end to my dreams. Here’s just a flavor of what I have been enduring for the past 15hrs of sleep. From 7pm to 3pm the following day.

I am seeing a pic of myself as a kid and the guy in the middle is “Jimmy” and my sis on the other side. I learn a disturbing secret that Jimmy’s father murders his mother. I’m wearing a green top. I was acutally looking at my self as young lad.

I am at home with my folks and of course with my sis(AS ADULTS). WE are all looking at pics of ourselves when my sis n I were kids. When I see a pic or vid of myself I run out of the back room balling crying.

Its a possibility that both my sis and i have to b told stuff regarding our stay at the Orphanage.

Arrested and fined 150 of which the Cops pays for me. It was so clear as to being handcuffed. Not sure exactly the crime in question.

Maureen n Mom meet me in a restaurant of which I introduce porter to Maureen my aunty.

While messing with by sis in my gaf I cripple my bk that I need to lay on my back for several hrs.

While waiting for help, life passes me by. The nurse  wants me to point out the pain so George from Kennedys is in swimwear. I ask George to turn around and I show the nurse. One of the ideas or life’s mishaps is the idea of where I am going through a set of walls into a lonesome house. This particular house is in an area surrounded by a brick wall in a country side type. The freaky thing about this particular house is that I’ve dreamt about this particular house in the past.

Now from the back problem of the above, I go straight to a scene of whereby I’m in a hospital due to breathing difficulties. I’m at a corner when I encounter Richard and Hyacinth Bucket (Pronounced bouquet – hahahaha are filming an episode. I says to Richard “go long Richard”. He makes a beautiful dish of pasta of which he is blending. Hyacinth’s dish is a mess in that when she goes to blend, she pushes the wrong button or something as it is as if she pressed the button to release like slurry.

I then encounter Mary Byrne in a room. Mary sings a beautiful song and I congratulate her.

My old school principle passes me on the corridor. And my top part of the oxygen tank dismantles. I have struggling breathing. The principle helps to me to put it back together. And so I breath in the fresh oxygen of from the tank.

So after I woke up and eventually got up. I was looking at yesterday’s News Bulletins(14th July) when I saw Mom coming down the steps of the my place. So I went up to greet her. She was wanting to bring me down to get the Dole. I said that I’m going to see Mrs. Brown’s Boys: D’Movie with my sis. Mom says that, that may be cancelled as she’s got a headache. As it happened it was cancelled. So with this in mind, I set about heading off with Mom to the Dole. Mom was very disheartened to learn when I told her that I don’t want anything. I made a sorry ass of an excuse so that I don’t get cash or cheque or whatever for the phone etc., etc., You see, I first said to Mom that I have the tickets. She was so annoyed. She even said that the family “lack in communication”. She then put it that it don’t help when I don’t answer the phone. I had explained to her that when I expressed an interest in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat Theater show that’s’ being put on in Bord Gáis Energy Theater in August. It never crossed my mind that she and Dad were getting me tickets. So with this in mind, she then asked that I be with Dad on Tuesday(the day before the birthday) so that he can give me a “cheque”. It was then found out actually that he wanted to pay for the phone IN FRONT of me at the clerk in town or more than likely in his local O2 store up in Artane. I later revealed to my sis, that I can’t allow that anymore. As he has told me that I need to “get my priorities right”. I find that horridly annoying. He probs mean well. But I just hate it to the coar. Everytime, he buys something BIG for me, like a new gadget or a new phone or whatever, he passes on a comment to the sales person. Which is HIGHLY embarrassing. I get this sinking feeling. He would say something like, “looks like I’m buying”. Something like that. So I got my Dole sorted and my banking. So Mom and I were arguing that I get a takeout. I personally didn’t want it. But Mom got it for me anyways. The 3 in 1 was absolutely scrumptious. But the Vegetable Curry, I wouldn’t be so quick or as me Da would say, “I wouldn’t be first in line” to get the curry.

When Mom left, shortly afterwards, I saw Maureen leaving food for me and for my sis of which I later learned from her, that I was to drop it down to my sis. We chatted for a bit. When she first saw my place, her reaction was actually interesting. “Jesus, Mary and Joseph”. I said Jesus isn’t here”. When me Da would say Jesus as in being annoyed with me or whatever, I used to say all the time, that “Jesus isn’t here”. He hated that. I said this to Maureen. She had a hearty laugh. hahaha. She expressed that the environment can cause Depression or whatever. I said “People cause Depression NOT environment”. She then told me the story of the Joseph and Amazing Technicolor DreamCoat. It was so interesting. I really can’t wait NOW.

So then afterwards, I headed on to see my sis. We chatted and had a mixture of TV too. WE were looking at the old episode of Two and A Half Men and of course Golden Girls. On the way I got sugar for her, and I saw different flavorings of Green Tea. So I decided to get em. We both tasted the Strawberry flavor. IT was so scrumptious. I expressed my dreams to her. She is very concerned. I also said that I noted that everytime, someone I knew very well or became close to, that I get into a deep state of depression, as occurred since last Thurs when my sis told me about SOD’s untimely death. So the two of us, headed on out to get a few groceries. So now I’ll be adding the Green Tea to my diet on a permanent basis which is SO cool. heeheh


Junior Ministry or Part 2 of the Cabinet Reshuffle was announced by An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny. It was reported that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron(Conservative) announced his Cabinet Reshuffle of BOTH Senior and Junior Ministers(Secretaries) with this, he announced a whole “string of” women in his portfolios. However across the pond here in Ireland, The Taoiseach failed to do such. He himself brought in legislation to change this behavior of having no women in politics. 

Another controversy has arose now. In that newly appointed Joe McHugh TD has been assigned the Minster of State at the Department of Gaeltacht. Now reason being this person is a controversy is that he’s been assigned to a minstery of which he has little to no Irish.

Simon Harris TD(FG) – Minister of State at the Department of Finance

The youngest male member of the Dail, and the sexiest(heheeh) replaces Brian Hayes. Who’s gones to Europe. He was voted as Dublin’s MEP last May. 

Darragh Murphy(FG) – Minister of State for European Affairs

Paudie Coffey(FG) – Department of the Environment

Aidahaon O Riodan(Labour) –

Kevin Humphires(Labour)

Ann Phelan(Labour) Minister of State, Agriculture

Damien English

Michael Ring TD – Minister of for Tourism & Sport

Joe McHugh TD – Minister for State at the Department of Gaeltacht

Sean Sherlock

The following are the losers ie, they have been demoted.

Fergus O’ Dowd(FG)

Dinny McGinley TD

Ciaran Cannon(FG)(Former PD)

Joe Costello(Labour)

It is with great regret that Garth Brooks has officially announced that he will NOT be playing any gigs in Croke Park this Summer which was due to be held at the end of the month. Garth Brooks himself issued a statement “Crushed is an understatement”.

Diary 19th March 2014



Well today was quite interesting in what I learned. First and foremost, before I go anywhere, I normally get stuff required for where am going. E.g If i’m going to the Outhouse, I take my money, and my lacto free milk. If I’m going to the Cineworld I take my card, money as well. However with great regret, just before i went to bed, I searched everywhere for the card, couldn’t find it. So I rang Cineworld Customer Care UK. I shall be getting my card in the post. However with that comes a financial corruption too, next month that is. 


So armed with the a bit of sadness, came great happiness that I was able to change my name of the card, of which I only realised a few months ago. So I took the chance of getting them the change my name from George Coffey to Georgian Stanescu. The sooner I have my name changed on all my bills of which there’s only 1 or 2 left, the better. I want nothing to do with the Coffeys which is kinda ironic when ya think about it. My uncle was a Coffey. Yet I grieved for  him. I guess I ain’t a heartless bastard, as I thought I was. Then again who knows. I have been accused in the past. When ever someone calls me such, I usually reply simply saying “Yeah I know I don’t have a papa(birth)”. They hate this. I respected my Uncle no doubt. However with their religious beliefs we don’t agree. Likewise on my Mom’s side. So I’ve had to make a heartfelt decisions to just stick with my Sister who has been through thick and skin. 


So with this new found information, I headed on to Cineworld. While on my way to the cinema, there was a few lads at a take away, and one of em, whipped out his cock. Boy was he a scorcher hottie. mmmmmm. He had it against a window for me to see. He must have been a ginger, as he had ginger pubes. I’ve felt like going over there and sucking him off. It was quite endowed(if my memory serves me right, that means big right????). Now what I’d like to ask meself first thou, is how da hell did he even know I was gay, maybe the pink watch, maybe with the scarf on me with my trackies. Who knows. I did notice one thing however, that everyone else was wearing some form of light clothing. However one thing, I should point out, that perhaps with my recent dietary change, that my body is colder than normal. My sis went trough he same thing recent months. She’d ask me if It was cold, and I say err no, quiet the opposite. She explained to me, that if you don’t take proper diet, you’re body ain’t warm, ie, Food is Food for your body. Keeping it warm etc., 


So then I reached Cineworld. It took a few attempts for my Membership number to work off from my text. Eventually its all got sorted. Likewise getting the food. I didn’t want the staff, seeing my hottie of a guy of my phone and off course, using my App Lock app I have installed. Anyways I got it all sorted, and headed on to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. Review here


So after the film, I headed onto the Outhouse. I came across my mate Bernard. Twas lovely to see him. He explained about the dreams, I was quite interested to learn about the dreams that I have been having. I learned that dreams a person have, is actually connected to what your eyes see. While Bernanrd was up at the counter to get himself a cuppa tea, I overheard Joyce(she works as a volunteer) saying to him, that there was this guy Friar Allesandro. She mentioned the word “EAT”. She was insinuating that Friar Allesandro is a hottie and sexy. Now Joyce who is in her 50+ gave me a great insight that there are actually straight people who are Allys. But fair play to her talking about a hottie of a babe. I just had to input my thoughts on him. I saw Friar Allesandro on The Saturday Night Show last week. He was also on Morning Edition this week. A singing priest. I explained to Bernard that he “came out” as a singing priest. Of which he explained to me that there are singing priests. Well I proceeded to say there’s something special about this guy. Like why have him on both major TV shows. Perhaps its the fact that he’s a Friar. Eitherway he’s a babe. Bernard introduced to me his boyfriend Leon(Pls excuse the spelling).  Outhouse was quiet busy today. There was the Transgender group that is around every Wednesday well at least the last few Wednesday anyways. Most enjoyable seeing all the LGBT. Well Gays, and Transgender. Didn’t see any Lesbian or Bisexuals. (Perhaps they could have been there, just not out). Eitherway lovely to see Outhouse so vibrant and busy. They then moved off. I saw David. Twas lovely and wonderful to see him. The last time I saw him(which was Christmas ’13) he was telling me he was heading on a cruise in Feb of this year. He had a lovely time. I was sad to hear that OpenHouse(Ireland’s HIV POz support network) from what I understood, is shutting down. He went onto explain that the Diocese owns it, and they are shutting it down. If I have misunderstood, pls don’t hesitate to correct me. 


So then I headed onto to see my 2nd movie of the night and see 300: Rise of an Empire. Review here. Just before the film in question started there was the preview of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While that was on, people were confused, as to what was going on. This is about my 3rd time seeing 300: Rise of an Empire and everytime I went up, I was warned in advanced in case I was going into the wrong movie, that its just a preview. Of which was grand. But tonight, a member of staff(of which I was very surprise) with one of the customers came up to me and asked if this was a preview or was he at the wrong one. I said in an annoyance tone, that it was just a  preview. The staff member should have known, considering he works there. And secondly the customers should be told about the preview when they go to the screen or even when booking tickets.


However on my way home(great time to be thinking – hahaha), that if a person does not fit in with society or whatever, that we are a minority. SO to list in my opinion of people who are a: those of us who suffer from Mental Health we are discriminated against, sexuality(LGBT), Color of Skin, Race(Ethnicity), etc., If your not satisfiable because of your color of your skin or your sexuality or the country your from(Romania ur considered a ROma, China, Latino etc., or whatever there’ll be discriminatory behavior. Now the reason I was thinking like this, is we the minority group should group up together and get together and fight back. Like a good mate of mine on FB a few months ago, did bring up a very interesting topic, namely a black person against our sexuality. Which is kinda funny when you think about it. He compared our civil rights(US anyways) to the Civil Rights Movements in the US, namely the slavery, racial color etc., So for a black person to go round preaching the bible or preaching gay is a sin etc., is quiet ironic don’t ya all think.