Diary 22nd December 2015

Today I was due to get up for to go to the bank to get Statements sent out to me, and then onto the Credit Union for again the bank Statements. I need these two documents for the Disabsiltiy Allowance.

Then I got up, showered for a bit, I then realised that I would not be able to go up to Mom n Dad’s as initially planned. So while showering, that said, I was there more so biting my arm and the scratching. I got rid of the puss or whatever ya having urself. hahaah

So I went to my Doctors Appt. I waited around as I was late for him. So then eventually he saw me, he asked me questions as per the form. Then he offered that I go get my wounds seen to.

Then I got ready to go and see my sis. We chatted and chatted. heheehhe. As the night wore on, so was my mental health. After last night’s events whereby Dad had said to my Uncle that I was only going up their JUST for food, that went through me. He probably was making it a joke, however I have been in reality feeling the pinch aka the vibe. So this got the better of me, so as well as my sleeves, I just bit on me arm, like I did so this morning. Then throughout the night with my sis, my arm was paining. So I just continued and continued. Then while I was getting something for my sis, going up the steps, my back began to kill me with the pain. So I bit on the arm, comepltelty to “reroute” the pain of the back to my arm. And would u believe it actually did. I remember in the past, if ever something was paining or that I would receive pain like an injection or whatever, that I would bit the arm, so that like I said above it would deter the pain or reroute.

Diary 18th November 2015

Well what a day it has so far turned out to be.

I was due to get up for 10.15am. As reported yesterday, I was to come back today otherwise my Payment would be suspended or stopped. So fearing this, I got ready. However as the same mistake made, in that I set the alarm for 10.15 PM instead of AM. The fact that I woke up around 9.15 it was kinda  a blessing in disguise as I was checking my phone to see is it time to get up etc., So at 10.35, I got up quickly wondering why the alarm never went off. So am glad to report that I was on time(almost) hahahah. However while cycling, I kept getting calls from Mom, and I was telling her that am cycling, I cannot accept calls. There was a white car beside me with the word “Revenue” on it. Well who knew they had their own cars . hahaah. Like I actually thought these were cops or something. So eventually I met Mom at the Social Welfare. While waiting around, Mom asks me what about the Job place, could he have meant there. I was getting increasingly anxious and nervous, as if I wasn’t enough. So I got a ticket for Desk 29(I call it the Information Desk), when my number was called, I was required to wait around for a further minutes for my name to be called. He didn’t call me to be in private, instead he called me publicly and said to come back 3pm, 15h00. Well I was getting very pissed off, but none so than Mom. Like wow. ahhah. She really put them ALL in their place. So we eventually got talking to a gentleman who knew his manners. The reason Mom came in the first place was she was worried about back, while doing the job at hand. So I’ve to get a Medical Certificate from the Doctor after he said: “Yep we know what to do with you”. So afterwards, Mom treated me to a lovely Lasagne and Soup in Cucina. I booked an appointment for the doctor to get the Certificate.

So then afterwards, We dispersed, I went to Outhouse to relaxes after a harrowing experience and then afterwards, I wanted to get to the French Embassy for to lend my support by signing the book of condolences, however when I arrived, there were a couple of people there, I then headed back home.

Then after about an hour, I then headed to my Doctors appt, Met Mom. I was at teh appoitnment lietereally for a few minutes. Scoialiois or now known as Dorsal Spinal Scoliosias is NOT a Disablety Allowance contestant. What I mean having Scoailios does not entitled you to Disaislblty Allowance. Only time will tell. So if anything arises, that the Chief Medical will be in contact with my Dr. So for now, I will be requried to make a Dr’s Appt everyweek, which as I said to Mom is bull. To get a new MR1 Cert.