Diary 8th September 2015


One of the dreams, I had was quite interesting, but at the same time troubling. I’m in a queue for a job or something. I’m wanting to apply for a job BUT while MARRIED. I ask about SameSex, the employer whistels a tune, and then I notice the word Jesus, so I just assume he’s a bigot and not a chance I’ll get a job.

Next and final dream, was most weird, but very disturbing. Its as follows. I’m on a bus tour with kids. This particular kid keeps messing and although we’ve arrived at our destination makes the bus go further down a road to a bridge. I with my Driving skills, step on the Gas(Accelerator). Even as a I right and recall this dream, its as vivid as if I were dreaming right this second. So I drive the bus back towards where we were suppose to stop, however we are forced to stop. We stop outside a restaurant and we notice the road where we were on initially is actually a place where Food is delivered to the restaurant. There is a crate(wooden) of lettuce and vegetables and then to wash the food it is emptied into the water then sent to the restaurant. I then see the food again and this time it is emptied and I exclaim: “What a waste of food”. So the food is emptied crates again and we see the road again, as the road itself is visible and turned around.


What a day today turned out to be. I had been on the Facebook before going to bed onto Darragh my cousin on my Dad’s side. I had apologised to him for my outburst last year for getting involved in my business on FB when he had said to me stop airing my dirty laundering on FB, something like that. I replied to him to Fuck off. So I apologised for that outburst blaming it on my depression. So then I also asked if I could re-add him as a friend on my Facebook. So he accepted and he asked if I could help him do fencing. I initially turned him down with a view of sleeping until it was time for my dole which An Post closes around half 5 and I wake up at five to 5. However my body woke up and 11.54am ie five to midday. I was rethinking of whether I should stay on or not. It was a lovely day out. So I got up. GOt a voicemail from Maureen saying that Dad was doing gardening of shredding, something like that.

So then I headed up to Darragh’s with a view of helping him with fencing. I initially actually messaged him on FB first. But no answer. So I just went up just in case he was sleeping or whatever or maybe he left the cell inside the house and he himself working outside. But as it happened no one was there. I even jumped up and down at the side gate to see if he was there. But couldn’t see anyone.

So then, I rang Dad to see if he wanted help. he said he had started if I recall. So I headed to my folks. When I arrived, Mom and I hugged with here being teary. Dad had nothing to say. We just chatted in general. I noticed that the garden had been done, but the hedge on the balcony had not been done. So I said what gives, Maureen had told me otherwise. So then I said that Darragh was onto me relating to Fencing. I said to Dad he hadn’t aged a bit. hahaha. So I just had a meal(back to square one – says I to meself). So in future, I’ll strictly keep to visiting my folks once a MONTH, like I do with AIlish and Noel. Like after all that’s happened, as I said to my sis, later tonight, I’ve lost all respect for my pops. He really pushed me. Just before I headed off to Darragh’s for the fencing, Dad asks me if I had enough money. Now he gave me €100 of which I gave to me sis, yet he asks me. I’m getting mixed signals……..

Darragh in the mean time, had messaged me saying the offer is still there. So I told Mom n Dad that I wanted to help Darragh. So back to Darragh, when he messaged me saying that he still is around. He was leaving his girlfriend Sarah to the Airport. So I spent a few hours with Darragh. Darragh had emigrated to Australia a few years ago for no jobs reasons. He’s home for a weeks. He had an encounter with his next door neighbor Maureen. He was helping a neighbor across the road with a leak in the pipe. The main reason I was half thinking of the fencing was one I wanted to sleep but on the other hand, I REALLY wanted to see him. Afterall, I haven’t seen him since he emigrated even before then. hahaha. It was really great to see him.

So then we finished up around 4.34. Just in time for the dole. Then into the Bank, while getting change, Brian who works in Kennedys was curious if all i’m gonna be getting is the change. So I’ll attempt to change in the future either from the Post himself OR when I go to put in Money into the savings and the TV License stamps.

Then SmallChanges. As Darragh paid me, I used his cash on food in SmallChanges. hahahah. Great shop it is. Got myself different flavors of Cheese VioLife and also enquired about SATCHED soup instead of Cans. He checked if they were vegan as there was no label “Suitable for Vegans”

Then I came back to watch a documentary on how the replacement Twin Towers that was sadly Terroisitically Attacked in Sept 11th 2001. It went to document how it all came about the World Trade Center Memorial and One World Trade Center. Twas quite emotive to look at actually. So then afterwards, I watched Mrs. Brown’s Boys. heheeheh.

I then headed to my sis. I initially met her in Centra to get grub for myself. We headed to her place. Had a grand ould time, full of laughter with Comedy of course with Everybody Loves Raymond and Golden GIrls. hahahah.


Alexander Pacteau has been sentenced to 23 years to jail. He was charged a month ago. He was charged with the murder of KAren Buckley. Karen from Cork, moved to Glasgow, UK a  few years ago for to study Nursing. She was on a night out. She disappeared for several days. She was found on a banquet after 4 days missing.

Transgender people or People who identify as Transgender can now get a Gender Recognition Form, following the passing of the Marriage Referendum in May, and the President signing it into law last week. The Marriage Referendum paved the way for Transgender Equailtiy as well. So now if you wish to change your Gender in the eyes of teh law, you must apply to the Department of Social Protect with a form

The makers LucasFilms who makes the Star Wars saga, has been given the all clear to continue filming more on Skelling Micheal in CO. Kerry.

Diary 1st September 2015

Today wasn’t too bad. I eventually got up from weird dreams, that is being repeated. So I got up for the dole. I was wanting to withdraw a €10 for the Steam event on Saturday night. However it wasn’t to be as I brought the wrong book with me. So I then went to the bank to lodge in my accounts for bills etc., However I didn’t have enough bills denomination ie I had too many €50 bills, so I went to Kennedy’s to break one of the €50 notes. Then went back and then headed off.

My next stop was to head to my weekly return of SmallChanges in Drumcondra. I wanted to buy VioLife. heeheheh and saw that they also sell Green Tea, and regular Tea. And was intrigued whats the difference between that and those of the Tescos etc., He made a point of the “white” tea bags that some tea bags are bleached to make the bags white and as such possibly wouldn’t make it vegan.

On the way home from SmallChanges, Drumcondra, I decided to take my jacket off as it was lovely and sunny and warm. Well what a mistake that turned out to be. hahahha. Just after I turned onto Ballybough Rd., from North Circular Rd., on the actual bridge, it started to rain, But not even the rain, my bag with the SmallChanges that I had bought all fell out of the bag. The bag had started to rip. I would make the reason being from the road itself. So I began to grab the bag and tighten it. But even that didn’t’ fit. So it just rip apart. All my stuff fell out. Afterwards, a woman came to my aid and picked up my stuff namely the SmallChanges products I had just bought. So I in my TShirt, had the bag to my neck to prevent any further colds etc.,

So when I got home, I got word ie a message from my sis saying she’s unwell, and NOT to visit her today. So I left her be. Then afterwards, I saw that my Mom was coming down the steps, so I quickly run to Champy who is lying down on my bed and in my way grrrrrrr. Mom saw me by saying that she can see me. So I paused the TV, so I drowned out her voice by playing the News of whatever was on at the time. So she left after awhile. I then received 2 missed call of one being from Mom herself, as I saw it. But strangely one from Maureen. So I checked there were two voicemails too. One was Mom begging me to go back to the house like the way it used to be and the other being Maureen stating that she bumped into some one that both my sis and I knew along time ago or as some would say “Many moons ago”.  The person being Fiona Brennan who was in the orphanage of where my sis and I were reared for the childhood of our years. Fiona would have known my mother before I was given up for fostering over year in Ireland. Well the rush that I got mentally wise. In that I get Fiona herself to ask her if she can accept her son for gay. And Fiona asks why can’t you do it, I says that I have confrontational issues, like I did with my friend O’ Farrell. I wasn’t able to confront him relating to the financial at the time. So I posted my problems on FB instead and he asked by SMS why couldn’t I tell him in person. I told him that I have confrontational issues. I get it from being afraid to confront Dad. Like a few years ago before I moved out, I was wanting to withdraw €1000 ie 1K for my annual Christmas Eve shopping with my sis. He wanted ME to state the amount, Both my Sis and my Mom were not being listened to by Dad. He wanted ME, no one else. Then there’s the headlock incident. So you can see why I can’t confront a human being. Maybe if I were to be married to a guy or whatever. But getting back to tonight, I got a further confirmation that if my Mom in Romania is being contacted or at least trying to be run after, that my folks ova here don’t want me. I’ve given them my life literally. Because what I was told that the reason I can’t contact my Mom is that there is a restraining order against me. So that means anytime I contact her, that I will be arrested in the Republic of Romania. So why else would the family over here KNOWING the fact that my mom has a restraining order. I even brought this up with my sis or my Mom over here. And they completely dismissed as in don’t worry kinda thing. Well restraining order is nothing to be messed around with. Unless the hubbie is dead or whatever then I shall reconsider.

While checking my emails, I received a notification from Google, saying that I need to delete a few items as my Storage is very low. So I started with the obvious which is Google Photos. Everytime a take a pic on my cell, It uploads as a backup to my Google Photos account. So I selected a mouthful of photos and attempted to download. Some worked others didn’t. So I tried shortening the selection, that did work etc., So I continued on to Google Drive. Not helping. But then just when I was giving up on what I found weird, was that I only realised that my 100GB that I get for a month for €2 a month. Then I saw only 25GB etc., So I was left on a lurch. I was even thinking of their and then applying for a 1TB per month for a €10 as well. So I was so puzzled.

While looking at TV of Documentarys as well as my usual News Bulletins and the Current affairs shows that follows, I saw a very interesting documentary based on Night of the Big Wind. It was quite overwhelming. Outstanding it was. It tells a story of the Wind that was like Supernatural forces that literally tore the whole Island of Ireland apart. Like there was this scene, that as the wind was howling it was like human, and the family all huddled together, while the wind was ripping the house down. I actually thought the house was in the sky. Wouldn’t be one big surprised.


The Fennelly Report has been released. Last year Former Garda Commissioner resigned aka Controversial Departure. 

The Irish Nanny – Ashling Brady McCarthy accused to killing a baby she was babysitting at that the time of the toddler’s death. The Medical Examiner found that the baby’s head had a bruise and hence died alter in the Hospital. However yesterday, the Jury found the Irish Nanny to be NOT guilty ie all charges were dropped. Irish Nanny has come out saying she wants to come home to Ireland. However there is one little problem and that being that she is an “illegal alien” ie she never registered with the US to get a proper Visa to work. So she’ll be deported back to Ireland and possibly charges

Diary 10th August 2015

Today was a quiet day. With the goings on with Dad, I was pining for Mom, its a shame that she’s caught in the middle along with my sis. But hey its family. What ya gonna do. hahahahaha.

So to distract me, I have been looking at the day’s news, the last episode in the series of Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way, fantastic documentary by the way. It featured the late Larry Cunningham who sang the infamous country song “Lovely Leitrim”. Then it was onto my soap of Dallas – always entertaining. ahahah. Its been my 3rd time seeing the series. hahaha. Then onto the comedy of Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens. Fantastic comedy. Always enjoyed it. In fact I was thinking the Leah Remini who plays Carrie in the series of King of Queens, I find her much better than when she was in Saved By The Bell. So then afterwards, it was onto my films. National Treasure(Review here) and National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (Review here).


Diary 24th June 2015

Well what a day it turned out to be. The most NEGATIVE or BAD LUCK I’ve ever had in ONE day. Quite extraordinary actually.

It all started when I failed to show up for my sis. So thats Bad Luck 1. Then when I eventually got up, I stayed up for a few hours. Was looking at yesterday’s and Monday’s news for the 4hrs PER day. Quite enjoyable alrite. hehehe. I looked also at the documentarys etc., One being the  Coming Out to the Curve that documents LGBT life in Ireland in 2015. One of the members of the Outhouse, Eddie was featured on the documentary. I was most impressed with his Rainbow colored Dinner set. heheeh and cups.

Then Mom arrived down to drop shopping. I then got ready to head out to the dole. I was initially suppose to head to my sis then the college. However I completely forgot about my dole, when I was making arrangements with my sis. heehhe. I was gonna leave the dole til next day ie Thurs. However Meteor and my Credit Union Loan esp him since Friday. As I said yesterday, I was afraid that I would be charged €10 by the bank and UNPAID. Thats the most horrific thing to occur to a customer. So I said I’d do my banking, hahaha. So I went to get the dole, then onto the bank. I wanted to set up my Meteor account on my Online Banking in the bank itself using the self service. However surprisingly, AIB wouldn’t accept it. So am at a loss as to how to pay em. Bad Luck 2.

So onwards to the college. I was to attend an Information Session for the course, Post Graduate in Mobile Applications Development I’ll be doing in Sept. I popped into Mace, beside the college, where I used to go in a lot, ahahah and to my surprise Fresh Good Food Market was their in its place. heeheh. I last was their when I was with my Mom, my sis and my Aunt back at the Markers. So I kinda indulged and overspent. I was met with great reception. heheheheh. So then onwards to Lidls, and Tescos to get OJ, Bread and Butter respectively Butter being from Tescos. So then after Tescos, I headed to my sis. heeheheh where I spent the rest of my day, into night, attempting to sort out my finances, my depression etc., I then realsied something that I was to purchase an Inflatable that I had clicked on Buy Now. And only remembered it tonight. heheeh. I had received a message on EBay reminding me that I had started a purchase on EBay for an Inflatable. And I had completely forgotten all about it. heehehe. So I first attempted to log into Paypal to add my Bank to the account. Well I went through hell trying to get my password. So I had to reset it. Then I attempted to pay as per normal, however I realsied that I had to transfer the funds over to Paypal from my bank account, then I realsied that I would have to wait a few days for security reasons. So then I said I’d attempt it considering I’d need it to go and pay for the Inflatable. So my sis offered to pay for it, of which she offered several times. So in the end, my sis paid for it, and I gave the cash I miraculously had to her. So as you can see not the best day in my life. haahah.

AS regards the depression aspect, I still have the fear that my mate Todd will tell me that he has to work for Saturday 4th July, which would devastate me. It would be another “Keith” saga all over again. Now obviously Todd and I are not a couple or anything. But I hardly see him, so its just a fear. And onto my mates of the two Brendan’s of which I have not seen NOR heard since June 12th. Now I don’t know whats going on. I ain’t their daddys or whatever, but if they are mates of mine, I should have heard from them as in like say “Where’s George”, I haven’t seen him, or whatever.

My sis and I were also discussing while attempting to look at movies. However connection all over the place were not working. Her WiFi and MY 4G Data Network wasn’t. So while hanging around, waiting for episodes and films etc., I explained to my sis exactly what happened when I was blocked from uploading Photos. It happened as follows. I uploaded 164 Flowers, NADA. I uploaded 141 Gay Love theme photos. TROUBLE. I was in the middle of uploading, and I was asked to RELOGIN, of which I did. I was immediately given the below screenshot.

Then I came to the conclusion that, I was a victim of an individual in Facebook who has coded a computer program, whereby if the program encounters Same – Sex or LGBT themed photo to BLOCK the User.


It has been announced as expected that Dry Rot, has been the cause to the terrible Berkely Tragedy that killed 6 Irish citizens.

JOsave Thsanaiv has been formally sentenced to Death. He along with his older brother Tamerlan, set off two Home made bombs at the finishing line of the Boston Marathon Bombings on 15th April 2013. 3 people lost their lives. Tamerlan, Tsaniaaiv was killed in a shootout with the Police

2 more victims from the Berkeley Tragedy are laid to rest. Niccolai Schuster and Olivia Burke.

Diary 29th May 2015

I headed to my sis after I learned of the treatment she received from Dr.s in her Psychiatric services.

I then onto Outhouse where I was to meet Andrea to see San Andreas(Review here).

I then came home to learn that there as a SECOND air disaster in New York 2 months after 9/11. Shortly before heading to bed, I rang the Mater just to ensure my sis’ safety. I then was wanting to trim video. Then I realise I actually never did. ahhaah.  What I was thinking of was deleting the AUDIO but the video I didn’t.

Diary 7th September 2014

So I got up for a short time, after realisizing  that Beverley Hills 90210 Omnibus wouldn’t be taped as my box was full. I in particular needed Ep4 and Ep5 of Season 1. Which I never knew Ep5 was on thou.

So I continued back to sleep. Then after my hibernation, I got up nice and prepped up and showered. I have decided that I shall let my bodily hair and my beard and my tache and of course my hair that i let it grow for Movember. Can’t wait. The fact that sex is down the road It won’t make any difference. If however, sex does come, I’ll decide when the time comes. Bottomline, Ama just gonna let my hair grow for Movember. Again when the sex comes(if ever), then Ill see.

I then set about heading off to see my sis. I brought along stuff that she wanted me to get from Lidls which I got last week. So I set up which didn’t take much to her Deep Fat Fryer. However the size of it, for the amt I paid. Then I blew up her Inflatable which is actually an Exercise Ball. As she was feeling a bit low, I decided to stay on with the help of a friend, I actually stayed on and said, I’ll blow up the ball and so she can play with it, when she’s feeling low. So I actually managed to do so. It took a bit of effort. But glad to do for someone in need. So we had cups of teas, laughs etc., At Two and Half Men as well. heheehe.

So when I arrived back home, I looked at my TV shows. During the midst, I got a notification that an old school mate of mine from High School who had a back brace wanted to become friends. Now the background to this friend, isn’t too bad. But for lack of contact on any medium, I removed him. He wasn’t homophobic. But he was pressing his beliefs and it bothered me at the time.

I was looking at the Diana: Her True Story movie from back in the 80s I think. It was quite fascinating. I’m assuming its based on the true story. Twould appear that she WANTED a marriage. But she was forced into marriage by the British Monarch(Royal Family). Even my own mother knew there was something going on. Nothing but a bully to Diana. She was known as the “Outcast” of the family. In fact what scared me when I heard one of the members of the public being interviewed regarding her death, he said that the paparazzi were following her in the car, which in the turn the paparazzi was doing it for us, so he made it out that WE THE PUBLIC were at fault for her death. That sent shivers down my spine. To such a sweet young person. She was only 37 if I recall rightly.

I really love looking at how things are done. Such as how are TVs made, or to my American followers, you should be familiar with Iced Green Tea, Mike  & Ikes etc., and also how Escalators and Bowling Lanes operate, Etc., etc., You get the gist of where I’m coming from. heehehe. I was always the curious one. hahaha.