Diary 28th July 2014

Just before I began my hibernation period, Coincidentally, I was looking at an article on the web 25 Unbelievable Places on earth. One of em was Turkmenestan. Nat Geo then, I saw on the TV, was doing a documentary series, in which TV presenters or whatever they’re called take LIVELY risks. In this episode the TV Presenter was going down the Door to hell, Derweze, Turkmenistan. How coincident is that. hahha.

Then at around half 10pm, I woke up to loud music, its just a once off, so I’m not pissed off with it. So I got up and looked at the days News Bulletins. and soon to be the Current Affairs. One of the Current Affairs program, I was looking at, eventually(I say eventually, as the download from my Sky OnDemand, was a bit slower than normal) – A woman was looking for a man with MONEY. I got the vibe from the Interviewer/Presenter of Ireland AM – Anton Savage that he ain’t all for a person looking for a money grabber person. He sums it all up: neatly. “emotional relationship predicated to some extent on a commercial transaction. There is a term for that that’s not positive. “. He ended the interview with “Kindness, Gentleness, THANK YOUUUUU”. In a disgust way.

I was also taking pics of hot guys on the Embarrassing Bodies TV Show from UK’s Dr. Christian(who’s gay – yeaahhhhhhhhhhh). They were doing a piece of STDS and having sex WITHOUT a condom while on Holidays.


The downing of the MH17 could be constitute as a War Crime. Heavy fighting in Eastern Ukraine where the ilfated Plane was shot down, almost two weeks ago, has again prevented International Investigations near the site.

Secretary General Brian Purchell at the Department of Justice is to step downs Secretary General after a Review of the Department has been published by Minister of Justice Francis Fitzgerald TD. The report contains a “secretive and closed culture”. Major problems with Leadership and management. Continuing on the report specified the treatment of outside state agencies as Informal and unstructured. The report calls for a Major reform of the Department

Former Senator and TD and Junior Minister Ivor Callely (Fianna Fáil) has been sentenced to 5 months for defrauding the expenses system of the Dáil(well Seanad) over Mobile Phone expenses

2 Irish have fallen victim of Mont Blanc in France. They were members of Mountaineering Ireland. 1 was from Clonmel, Co. Tipperary  and the other from Waterford. They were descending(going down) Mont Blanc Massif, France. Police believe there Ropes unscrewed and fell to their deaths of 200m. They were climbing the 4000m mountain Dent Du Géant(Giant’s Tooth). Mont Blanc is Europe’s HIGHEST Mountain and very popular amongst the Irish Climbers.

A person walking on a beach, has been killed by a plane who crashed landed on a Florida beach, in the US. He was walking along with his daughter. The daughter is in critical condition. The pilot sent a distress signal when he couldn’t make it back at the airport. So had to make an emergency landing. Neither the Pilot or the Co – Pilot were injured.

Lightning Storm sparks chaos on a Cali Beach. A man has been killed and 14 others were injured. 16 to date, has been killed by Lightning strikes in the US. Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California experienced as a One described it as a “Sonic Boom”. Another described as if “someone punched him in the back of the head”, a flash of light”