Diary 28th February 2016

After some weird dreams, I got up and started my spell or marathon of looking at Election 2016 the Coverage of it.

My sis popped down to do her downloading. After a while, we headed to Centra so that she could get stuff, and we headed back home to my place. Then afterwards we both headed off again, again this time to her place. On the way I saw Liam Mulready. It was unreal. hahaah. LIke the last time I saw him was in Junior Certificate in Rosmini. hahaha. He walked the exact same way as I last saw him except this time with earphones, so perhaps he mightened have seen me let alone heard me. I don’t know. A memory came back thou to me. ONe time I was advised by Mom n Dad to get over my shyness to get in with Liam. As I was a shy kid growing up. They had somehow met LIam or perhaps met his folks of which they know now. However there plan was thwarted as I was following him around, and hence he reported me to my folks. AFter that I don’t remember. eheheh. Then another time as I write this particular paragraph another memory pops in. In order for me to get up in time for Mass or something, or Easter Sunday, I remember my Mom “answering” a doorbell, of which it was “Liam”, and Mom had said to me that LIam gave me an Easter egg, or something and I replied with “Ahh isn’t that nice of him”. hahaahah.

So then we headed onto Tescos, to get milk, and then headed to her place. We looked at Cameron Dallas’ Expelled movie. It wasn’t too bad a movie. However Cameron himself awwww, so precious.

The way MOm n Dad LIE to me, don’t help me. AS I said to my sis, I get anxious because of I can’t handle the truth. Which is truth. HOWEVER I will have to be told anyways.

Diary 25th February 2016

I’m in a sinn féin led govt whereby they’ve won the general election. They next then there eye on bringing the 32 counties. Hmmm

I get dreams of Barry my friend hanging around with me, and wonders off quite alot. Then of Emil acting like O’ Farrell in terms of shouting at a child or whatever and me being embarrassed AGAIN!!!!.

While taking a leak I ensure there is space for Campaign Daily on the Box. While doing so I look at a repeat documentary on What Do Women Want presented by Maia Dunphy.  I spot a hot guy(s) cause there were two of em. The segment was about fame then back to work. Senator mark caldy was on the tresure islands  reality show. Now he’s a Senator. Awwwws

So then I eventually woke up. ahhaahah. It was quiet funny. I went to pick up my baby or my +Furry Babys Stanescu Sammy. And I wasn’t looking where I was going. ANd of course he had to bring the TV with him. awwwww. But that said thou, the fire was on, so yeah I got worried, and threw him. awwwwww. Nevertheless he landed safely on his butt. hahahah.

I then started my errands: of which was the following:

An Post – Dole

Cineworld – Movie

Folks – Fix printer


Meetup GayDublin

So I then got started. I collected my dosh, then I headed onto the bank. Then afterwards on the way back to the bike, I saw Sarah. Had a lovely chat. Haha. I asked her if she was Vegan first then I asked her if she found vegan pancakes and she said her mother made them for her as her sister n herself are lactose intolerance or at least digestive issues

I then on the way to the cinema, saw an advertisement for ADIFF(AUdi Dublin INternational Film Festival instead of JDIFF(Jamesons Dublin International Film Festival). wow. APparently AUdi must have taken over Jamesons sponsorship. ahahah. Then I again I should have known as it would be advertised on TV. EVery year they always advertised. Yet this year, it never crossed my mind. hahaha. So I went to see my precious babe Dylan an aspiring actor or whatever.
I then headed up to the folks. But FIRST thou getting the cable required for me to fix the printer. hahahah. I went to PC WOrld, nothing, so I went to Maplins. THey were most helpful. I brought up three of them. THey all looked the same, BUT the M were different. hahahahah. So I arrived. Got a meal. Then Replaced the cable, and bodabing bodaboom. hahah

Went to Front Lounge to go to a Meetup known as GayDublin, a new group. I was told they are at the end of the Room. So I asked around. THe barman was suspicious. So I headed out. I was disappointed but at the same time meh. I was indecisive as in making up excuses if it were all females or even 1 male. Like at the end of the day only 4 were going.

So on the way home, I counted 5 homeless ppl. I was gonna give money, but then I just remembered that I actually do give money anyways to MQI(Merchants QUay Ireland – homeless charity whereby they help the homeless by putting them up for the night or whatever).

Diary 24th February 2016

First it was yesterday whereby someone screams my name in English GEORGE with a bit of an echoie voice and now This. The latest behind I’m at home in my apartment. I look out the window. There is a young lad outside looking constantly inside. He rings the doorbell. He says drink this and the smell immediately throw it left, towards left and it explodes. I mean like wtf.

So then after failing to sleep a proper min 8hr sleep, which I only slept 4hrs, I had to get up to go and get my Medical Cert from Fairview Medical Cert. When I arrived it was just on the dot of half 5. heheeh. So I was lucky in that respects. haha. But that said I asked when the Receptionist gave me tude, what time does the Surgery closed. She said half 5. She also noted to me that I she was the one who left the voicemail to collect my Cert. She said that I’m suppose to collect my Medical Cert on a TUesday. However thou me ignoring her tude, I noted a patient came in for an appointment for 6pm, So if they close at half 5??????

So moving on, I went to my sis to hand her groceries. I revealed to my sis that without the General Election that I have nothing. I love Elections. Its a “buzz” as one would say. Like my next “buzz” will be the Brexit aka British InOut Refernedum. We had a chat. It was brief as I had to head onto to hand in my Cert. hahaha.

So I came back and headed to bed to catch up on much needed sleep.

Diary 17th February 2016

Today was a quiet day. heeheheh.

After some dreams, of which I cannot recall, I then headed onto Cineworld. heheeh to go and see Star Wars for the LAST time, oh!!!! noooooooooo. hahahaah. Throughout the film, I was of course mouthing the quotes, hahhaah, and then of course myself dressed in the WHite tank top that has a pic of Minions on it. heheheh and of course my Yellow shorts. Now this has been going on for several years, whereby I think I’m in the future in terms of SEXINESS. hhehehe.

Diary 16th February 2016

Slept like a babe except the constant dreams of whatever like a few months ago.

I then got up and ready for my appointment. I was advised to distance myself from the abortion debates. Like that will happen!!!!. I asked what about the marriage equality. Hmmm. Sure ur not conflicted. It was yes all the way. But with the abortion I am conflicted. I was told that I was suppose to receive a referral letter from St. Vincent’s Hospital in Fairview ie my next door neighbor hahaha. . I asked if I could just talk to the team only, however she said the Team only dispense Meds etc., She also told me that she is in GP Training and that her next assignment is to “Deliver new babys” in the Rotunda Hospital. I wished her well in her new role.

So then I collected my medical cert. Then I headed onto Store St. to post it.

Went into a very heavy sleep whereby Taoiseach Enda Kenny was being inaugurated. The place I was located amongst others looked like a church gallery where singers are normally

While so I was hanging out with Noel Hughes. Then at the same time we was on a bus to Ryus Hospital where my friend had escaped to. So I went in their. Came out shaken. It was like primitive times.

I then headed onto my sis. We chatted invariably. haahaha. Then I was getting anxious over have NO income for myself for TWO whole weeks due to me mixing up new bills.

Diary 14th February 2016 – St. Valentines Day

I was dreaming of Patrick BArrett(a former mate of mine before he found out I am gay) and I are taking pics of the Artane Boys Band coming down Clonliffe Rd., Patrick calls me up towards Drumcondra while still taking pictures. So when I got up, I was visibily upset as I had lost a good friend. So I have 5 Duckys, one of the Duckys can be called Patrick. So far I have Ducky, Baby, and NOW Patrick. heheeheh.

Normally I get up to my sis as per norm on a Sunday. However she wasn’t herself. I pray that she gets well soon. So instead Mom had invited me up to keep Mom n Dad company. hehehe. So while there we were chatting away. Had a nice meal. I fixed Mom’s phone by taking off selatape she had on. The previous time Mom rang me before I was going out, I was literally shouting down the phone trying to figure out what she was saying. hahahah. So it was found she had sellatape on it, as her Phone cover was falling off, something like that. I advised her aswell to call into Three(her cell phone carrier) that she see if there is a plan whereby she can ring ANY network. She kept admiring and complimenting my hair. hahahaha. So I took a few selfies WITH glasses and WITHOUT glasses on her phone and my Lumy.

Diary 13th February 2016

Well my latest dream is of me being asked to choose who I will be voting for in the General Election 2016. I’m given a list of Political Party. I still don’t know who to vote for. hahahah. Its being held by the Irish Times AND the Red C Poll, who are the Polling company that does Political Polls.

I then got up for to see Star Wars. hahaahh. I unfortunately lost my hat. Awwww. During the film, Maura rang me. So I rang her back afterwards. I was delighted to hear that she had won money on the scratch cards I got her. heheheh.