Diary 20th May 2015

Got up for Mom and Dad housecleaning for Josie, Dad’s cousin. Afterwards to NCI for Open Day. Saw Paul Stynes my NCI Lecturer for my BSc(Hons) in Software Systems. I was recommended to do a PG ie Postgraduate Diploma. Legally and technically, I am not allowed to do the same level or lower of the Qualification ie have doing. eg I did a Level 8 int eh National Qualifications Framework which is an Honours Degree, Now what am saying, for me to progress I can only do a Level 9 ONWARDS. I also saw Derek and Christine Munches(as someone said which I don’t quite recall), the surname I know is actually Muntean.

I also did a photoshoot of NSFW type as well.


Very emotive film. During the seen when Nathan(Butterfield), poured his heart out to his Mom, when his Mom(Hawkins) was wondering why he couldn’t’ connect with her and could connect with his pa. His pa had died at the beginning. Nathan had been diagnosed with Autism of some form. I felt for him. Really did. Then throughout it should another mate of his who has some form of the autism perhaps the same, but of self harm. So that got to me too. Overall a wonderful film, but VERY powerful. The plot was simple, but VERY complex. I’ll explain, The plot being a childhood math prodigy goes to compete in IMO(International Mathematics Olympiad). He meets a Chinese girl on the way. We were all left wondering WHO won the competition was it China, UK(where Nathan’s from), Australia etc., etc., Thats the only shame. But like I said of a different. You have to be VERY well mentally well in my opinion.


Diary 20th August 2014

Well today was quite productive and so enjoyable in a very long time. hahah. My sis is on her way to recovery, my folks ain’t as running after me as they used, life couldn’t get any better, or could they?? Well Let me tell you all a little story. hahaha.

It all started off when I was due to get up for half 4 so that I could record Ros na Run. However, I was too tired. So then I said perhaps I mite just go to the vegetarian meetup late. However that wasn’t too be, as by the time, I hiked outta bed, I was forced to just head onto the meetup. So onwards towards the meetup. I was to meetup at Delhi O’ Delhi in Moore St., When I checkin, via Swarm(formerly Foursquare – although still same company), Swarm told me the last time I was there was actually in February. Which so happens to be the same time I was at my last Vegetarian meetup before my finance and my depression got the better of me. Review of Delhi O’ Delhi here. I met with a few new faces and familiar faces. I paid my Subscription dues of the VSI(Vegetarian Society of Ireland).

Then afterwards, I headed onto the Outhouse, my other home. haahah. As I said to Declan, I go their for a bit of company. I then told em, that as my place gets flooded, that I go their for a bit of solace. It was very lively today. There were Transgender and Lesbians Groups. Twas wonderful to see em. One of the women says hello sxc. Declan assumes she’s talking to me, which I doubt. Then again u’d never know. It was fascinating to learn of Seven(can’t get his name still – hahaha). He’s as he puts it Mongrel(or as I put it Cross Bread). What I mean by that is that Hes from the States, Norway, and of course Ireland.

So then I headed onto my last event of the day, namely to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.(Review here). Twas lovely to see it again. However there was a disturbance everytime, there was a piece of action there was this guy in front of me, chatting away, talking loudly and sometimes clappping. Then it occurred to me that there’s a strong possibility that he may be autistic. So I said I wouldn’t get involved. Even though there was the temptation.

And so to top of my lovely productive BUT most enjoyable day, I got myself a bag of chips. I was so tempted to take a pic of a guy in the chipper. However a friend of mine warned me for safety reasons. All that was going through my mind, BUT THE STATES do it all the time. Would luv to know how they do it, WITHOUT being seeing.


US Journalist James Foley has been beheaded by Islamic State Militant warns US to get out of Iraq business otherwise MORE beheadings will occur.

There’s a possibility of another Icelandic Volcano erupting and causing Air Travel havoc that occured back in ’10

According to a report published by the HEA. your Post code of where you live, determines who goes to college. D4,(84% go to college and D6(Rathimines; Ranaelgah – Virtually EVERYONE goes to College). D10(Ballyfermot area) and D17(Darnsdale are) 15% go to college. D1 and D2, just a quarter do go to college; Bottomline the success of you going to college, is WHERE YOU LIVE. Compeltely a shocker in my opinion. Affluent areas are 6 times more likely to go to colelge.

Sharon Ní Bheoláin does the Ice Bucket Challenge for MND(Motor Neuron Disease). Colm Murray died of it last year. Its very close to Sharon’s heart.

Diary 18th August 2014

Recently I have been blocked on Facebook. It has been quite disheartening. I keep a record of guys I add or send requests to etc., Quite alot of guys I had befriended over the years, have not only removed me, which I don’t mind, but to BLOCK me. I take that to heart. There is no need to block  a person unless for a particular reason. I recently emptied my Block List on Facebook, which would help me better in terms of finding out who has blocked me and not. If I have no interest in keeping a friendship, I remove the person, then to ensure that they don’t get my feeds, I block them TEMPORARILY then they are off my Follow list.

Then recently I was looking for a sex whats new – hahahaha on Grindr and various sites. Any guy I’m NOT into, I tell them that I have Hep B, and they go ahead and block me. I don’t mind. BUT guys I’m into and I divulge my hep b status, they IMMEDIATELY Block me.

I wonder will America be as welcoming. As Ireland is spoz to be the “Land of the Welcomes”. I most certainly have not been welcomed in recent months ESPECIALLY since I came out Hepatitis B. So I guess the Boilerhouse is my friend. Then again, I will have to come out Hep B to them as well and all. So I guess JO and Solo is Georgian’s IMMEDIATE future.

On the way to the college, for the Information session as per the letter below, I was thinking to meself. That Sky provide 3Player(TV3’s OnDemand Service name), yet they don’t offer RTE Player. Which is an awful shame. Cause currently. For the news, I download my News Bulletins from 3Player and then Ireland AM, and Midday and Tonight with Vincent Browne(Current Affairs as I call em). I also download their documentary. Bottomline is, that I get to have space on my Box, hahaha. SO that’s awesome. But RTE 😦

I got a letter in the post from Social Welfare notifying me of a FIT(FastTrack Information Technology) course(something to do with courses and my payment). So with that in mind, I then headed to Whitehall College of Further Education where I previously went back in 2004 as I hadn’t enough College Points to get into NCI. I went the back route. SO I was admiring the lovely building. I saw one of my former Lecturer there. Nothing’s changed staff wise. On his phone. That didn’t bother me thou. I was quite shocked when I went in. There was hardly a soul. I had arrived at 2.40. The time in the letter said 2pm. They were acutely finishing up. They had such a brazen attitude. Literally laughing in my face. I said that the letter never said the time it finishes. yet they were packing up. They hire staff, who DON’T have knowledge of the module they are teaching. What a joke.

So then I headed towards my folks. As it was a lovely day. Literally as I was in the door. It started showering. SO me in my shorts, I was quite lucky. hahaah.

So then with my horninsiness hahaha, I took a few NSFW pics and watched Fair City. JUST to free UP space on my Box. Never ending to my busyiness.


A vulnerable young woman who wanted an abortion under the new law, gave birth to a Premature Baby via Ciscariaon. Under the new legislation, she was refused an abortion.

Diary 2nd August 2014

Well it is with great regret to announce that the’res a possibility of me moving out of my VERY first home due to flooding AGAIN!!!!. I’ve 2 floodings. And as they say “3rd times STRIKE Law, we’re out” as they say. I can’t quite recall the time frame or whatever. But the first time, I endured the flood, wasn’t the best, it was up to near the bed. I attempted to call the 911, but they couldn’t help me, as I was able to leave the premises. They could only do it, if I were stuck in the premises. This was the time when Dublin was under water a few years ago. In the meantime, the Landlord, had refurbished the place. Then afterwards it flooded again. However not as bad. So now with the 3rd time flooded, I’ve had it. A person can only take a certain amount. So firstly I shall begin the HUGE cleanup on Tuesday as we have the Bank Holiday weekend in Ireland. So I’ve plans made. Like for today Saturday Night, I will be with my friend O’ Farrell and his mates. Then Sunday will be with my Fam MY Sis at the very least and then Monday to see Todd for Gardening and a film. Now getting back to the actual event at hand, I had got up with a view of actually looking at Friday’s news, However when I woke up, I heard quite alot of trickling, So I got up to a flood(SAYs I to meself FUCK IT), So I in me boxers at 5am in the morning, with my leather(faux pas – to my knowledge), get out the window to block rain and water from getting in again. SO I dragged the Sandbags to my door and a towel I never use. It did help apparently.  So then I got back in and salvaged what I could. My deeply beloved Inflatables did get a bit of a hit, BUT I managed to salvage em. Likewise my new clothing I purchased over the last few weeks.

So while looking at the news, I have been for a few hours, working around how to get my Pics from the Sammy (my old phone). The Drives wouldn’t work. So I had to work extra. First I had to make room on the SD Card so that I could use Lappy to transfer from SD Card to HDD on the computer.

So just as I was about to have a toastie before going to O’ Farrells,  I saw Mom coming down the steps. She took me out for a takeout. She left me to the bus stops. But me wanting to walk to his, place. I cleverly waited at the bus stop just in case she’d come back when I go walking or whatever. So that when the bus went by, she’d know that I’d be “on” the bus. hahaha. So when the bus had come and gone, I then headed down Clonliffe Rd., to go back to my place for a toilet break.

Then I got ready for my length of a walk to my mate Brendan’s where he was to gather a few mates of his. ON my travels to Rathfarnham where my mate lives, I was walking in wet, rainy viciously etc.,I was amazed as to the amount of people that were out etc., Like considering it was apocalyptic. Oh I had my umbrella. There were times that the rain let up(very rarely), I would take down my umbrella. But it was found that the rain from the trees was heavy anyways. hahaha. But generally constantly raining throughout the walk. I was drenched from head to toe. hahahaah. I then passed a few landmarks. One being Portobello College, where I used to work for work experience in Whitehall College of Further Education. I was required as part of my course for two week. I remember I had to do paperwork as part of the Course work. I used Uncle Joe’s death as an excuse but as it happens its actually wasn’t required. The lecturer was easygoing. No question of it. Then I arrived in Rathmines. 2 memories came to mind. One of em was a guy I was to have sex with. I passed his house. I initially met him on Manhunt. I remember, I arrived late, and as such he suggested I stay over. However I wanted to go home(bearing in mind I was still living with my folks) to Lappy. And the other memory which is more of a recent one, in that I met Brendan Searson over at Swan Leisure, which I actually passed. hahaha. So then with a few hiccups(Not much btw – Thanks to Sammy 2’s assistance on GPS Navigation) I eventually arrived at O’ Farrell’s place. However as I wasn’t gonna carry a vodka bottle and a coke bottle all the way over from Fairview, I decided to get the supplies when I arrived. As there’s a Tescos beside where he lives, it was handy. It was BYOA/D(Bring Your Own Alcohol/Drink) event. ahhaah. So while I was in tescos, I bumped into a familiar face. He was surprised to see me there. He thought I was living there. I said, no I was visiting my friend Brendan of which both guys know each other. The guy in Tescos had another guy in tail with him.

So then finally I arrived at Brendan’s place. A 2 hr walk, on a wet rainy night. What a great and most enjoyable walk. Again despite the rain, I thoroughly enjoyed the walk. So when I went in, I came across Daniel. I met Daniel originally with Brendan at Pride. Twas wonderful and lovely to see him again. WE chatted for hours on end. With of course our alcohol. heeheh. I was constantly offering the use of Dips Nachos and of course Absolut etc., O Farrell thought that the Absolut  was Russian. So I quickly in a fiery said that Russia is against gays, and if Absolut were to be of Russian product, kinda ironic and contradictory. So then I looked at the Bottle and as it happens it’s actually Swedish, to which myself I was relieved. As I know for a fact that Absolut do support Gay Marriage. They outstandingly support gay rights and marriage equality. Even the last time when I first found out in Panti that they don’t sell Smirnoff Vodka, BUT they sell Absolut Vodka and I quickly told the bar staff sure. The reason for the quick answer was that they support Gay Rights.

So then we continued on the harse topic of Water Charges here in Ireland. As some of you may know that Ireland for hte first time is getting Water Charge ie we will be charged for using Water. So I proceeded to ask the guys this. TO my surprise Brendan totally against it. I said that US have it, UK and NI have it, and I’m pretty sure other countries in EU let alone the world have it. Daniel could see thou the point if all of a sudden a person is to start getting a new bill  that it would be annoying others.

I then told em of my misfortunes at the Annual Gay Pride Parade. I revealed to em that I have written a letter to the editor regarding the matter. That I was totally disgusted with the whole idea of gays discriminating there own. I went on to give an example of Country A and Country B analogy. They were in complete awww and agreement. I then asked is it right to use a “tactic” to the No side of the campaign for the upcoming Gay Marriage Referendum. E.g WE could say to the No side BUT you hid Babies for the Mother and Baby Homes, Molestation etc., etc., Brendan totally agrees, now that I think actually BOTH agree. As back in Pride Event of Pride Politics, we were refrained from doing such tactics

Then somehow Business Ethics comes up. I me being a Gay Rights activists, had to ask if you were working for a company who is AGAINST gay rights, marriage etc., and a gay couple comes up to you an employee and asks for a cake with a same sex on the cake or something. Brendan would say, while he would obviously agree, but for the sake of the job, he would have to decline them. Daniel however would just simply quit. I would have to agree with Daniel, ahem that is until Brendan made a very good point, in that there ain’t not much jobs out there. So there’d have to be some compromise or something.

I then came across something horrific. Whenever I’m with Brendan he would cross the road, here’s me thinking it was to do with his opposition of the Republican Sinn Féin shop that’s on the street, BUT whats above is what shocked me. Brendan told me ontop the shop, is another business called Life House. He describes it as totally Right Winged ie against Gays, Abortion etc.,

So then Brendan then asked me, If I believe in God, and then WHY?I of course believe in God, However I failed to  answer WHY? I attempted to give him the excuse that I prayed to him that the Flood would reced, which miraculously it did. Daniel’s answer of course he believe’s in God, BUT his reason is very simple. YOU NEED Religion and Spirituality.

Brendan is very keen on learning why I wanna move to NY. My first was Homophobia, But now its the LGBT Community and how they treat they’re kind. Brendan asked if any of us heard the term INTERNALISED HOMOPHOBIA. I vaguely recall it. But I don’t think any of us knew. But anyways, Daniel recommends North East(NY, CT, Vermont(Personally recommended by Daniel etc.,et c., ) and Cali.

And finally before we jetted off, we had one last discussion of relating to one of the thoughts that I’d have when I walk everywhere. So in this instance, I told em, that one thought that came to mind was that do all countries have some form of civil war past history e.g US against the South(southerners and Red Necks), Spain with Basc Separatist and the Catalans, Italy with the South too, and who can forget Ireland and the Northern Ireland. Very delicate issue that is. Then Daniel reminded us that Spanish DON’T have a dialect. Unlike Gaeilge e.g Caide mar a tá tú(Donegal – Ulster), Conas atá tú?(Leinster); Cén caoi bhfuil tú?(Munster). As far as I understand Romania, French and perhaps other languages(well minus the Spanish language) DO have a dialect. Who knew. heheehe

So then We heard Brendan’s mother coming in, and we all quiten but continued chatting. However that was shortly curtailed as we had all exhausted our voices. So Brendan went off and then Daniel and finally me. heheeh


Belfast have celebrated their Annual Gay Pride Parade on a WET Rainy day. Biggest of its kind in Ireland and Britain.

Galways City Center and Belfast played host to protest against the GAZA Conflict. Dublin by far was the biggest. From the time it took to cross the city center from the Gardenance of Remembrance to St. Stephen’s Green(Department of Foreign Affairs) the numbers partaking int he protest swelled up

100s of Foreign nationals have been leaving Libya over escalating violence. Its believed over 100 Irish Nationals are currently residing there. Chinese and British are amongst.

An Australian Couple have been underfire after a global campaign had been launched in lite of this. Its believed that Australian Couple didn’t want a unhealthy child and when they learned the child had Congenital Heart condition and Down Syndrome, they didn’t want it. So a Thai Surrogate mother has vowed to care for the baby boy.

Diary 21st July 2014

I just remembered, that I can now recall why Johann Strauss’ Radetzsk Marszch means so much to me. AS well as its fantastic score, I remember that I got a Johann Strauss CD from my Mom when she was in Prague with her long time friend Joann(who sadly is with us no longer – RIP). I remember I was studying my Leaving Certificate(State Exams) in my bedroom and had the CD playing in the backroom.
I then headed to bed for my more frequent hibernations of late. I had thoughts throughout the sleep and hibernation. In that one of the thoughts were, that I would ask my Mom(Romania) what advice would she give when I underwent homophobic treatment at the time. My Mom over ere(KC), she says simply says to ignore of which I value it and completely ignore the naysayers. I would be however interested in what my Mom in Romania would have said. If of course she is supportive that is of the LGBT.
Then later on throughout the night, (of course, I’m still having thoguhts), I’m being told by letter and I get it translated that she’s gone. I naturally am devastated and attempt to take the “ultimate step and take me own life”(Mrs. Doyle – Father Ted(Going to America)) on a number of occasions and types of attempts: By bridge into water or injecting or the bus on O’ Connell or the more than likely bang my head til I conk out. and somebody finds me.
My folks ere attempt to tell me.  And I reply “So much pain”(Professor Charles Xavier(younger self of 50 yrs previous) –  Xmen: Days of Future Past)
I would like to remind you all or to recall how all this Mother story started for me. Lemme tell u a little story. It all started when my fathers best mate went. Father I mean the one here in Ireland. I started getting the feeling of being followed etc. constantly thinking of her ie my mom In Romania. Ie she perhaps wants to “get to know me” – Chris Salvatore(Eating Out 3 : funnily having a cam to cam session with Daniel Skelton). Then on Thurs during the Dawn of The Planet of the Apes movie I suddenly got this vision of a ghost-like human. I kept looking at it. Then I asked my friend later on if he saw something of the same. He said no. So ever since I have been fearing the worse, that perhaps my Mom(Romania) has passed on.


The Bodies of the Plane Disaster have left by a refrigerated train to Karchev,North East Ukraine. There was a delay in realising the bodies of the 274 who perished in last weeks Air Disaster. Two Newcastle United Football Fan have been found to be on the plane in which it perished.

The Monuments Men

I found this film to be of very slow moving. I love films that tell the true story of something. Again as with any film with an educational perspective, twas lovely to see a bunch of men(Monuments Men) to be so interested in Art. They were trying to recover the Art the Nazis had stolen. Initially through out the film, I tried figuring it out, as to why did the German’s want painting. Then a light bulb(or in my opinion anyways), They wanted to confiscate it off the Jews as they had done the Artwork. Then again my area in WW2, Jews and Nazis is very flaky. So forgive me otherwise. There was a bit of comic relief