Diary 11th February 2016

Shortly before I went to bed, I was charging my new Nexy(Google Nexus 9). I had the charging atop Ducky. Then I got a sudden image of whereby my place would be burnt alive, as the case it was seen in the last few weeks, whereby a charger went alight as it was ontop of MATERIAL. So with this I decided against it and put Ducky elsewhere. awwwww

Then I went to sleep. And when I got up to take a leak, I realised that I actually forgot to get my Social Welfare. Considering I’m in debt of over €141, how I acutally forgot to be up in time for it? hmmmm. Just can’t get my head around it.

So then it was time in actual time to get up. However I had gotten so cozy, that I just decided to sleep it out. hahahaha. LIke I was far too late for my Social Welfare. Goosebumps was only realsied in Cinemas. I was due to go and see Goosebumps aswell.

So when I got up then eventually which is 1am, I noticed that one of my programs I wanted to record Prime Time dedicated to General Election 2016, only to realise that it ran out of space. ANd added to that the 12.30 News Bulletin clashed. Oh boi!!!!!.


Diary 5th February 2016

Twas a nice and quiet day. hahahaah.

I had initially wanted to go into Pennys in O’ Connell St., and to get teddys for my sis in EuroGiant. However, I had horrific diarrhea BEFORE going to bed and in the middle of the night.

So with this, plans were to change. So instead I actually went to the Outhouse and then to the cinema. heheheh. The lads all congratulated me on getting my citizenship of which I obtained last week. George said a phrase “You can’t get a bog out of a man, BUT you can get a man out of the bog”. So I was welcomed with open arms. heheheh. I had asked Stephen whom was also there as a British Citizen would he be allowed to vote in the upcoming General Election 2016. Con confirmed that Stephen will not be allowed as he is NOT resident in ROI. hehehe.

So onwards to the next place of interest ie the cinema to see Spotlight. I of course had my sleeve with me, in the bag, of which I smuggled him in. hahahah

Diary 30th June 2015

My cell ain’t working battery wise. So the alarm never went off.  And as such, I wasn’t able to get my dole. So I continued sleeping. My sis came down to me.


Roaming Charges are to decrease within in the EU. Since 2007, Roaming Charges have dropped 91%.. From April 2016,

  • Phonecalls are to drop from 19c to 5c
  • SMS or Text messages from 6c to 2c
  • While a MB of Data will drop from 20c to 5c

Presidential hopeful for the Republican Party Donald Trump is in hot water over remarks made tot he MExican Community. Accusing them of bringing crime, rapists etc., etc.,NBC has axed one of his shows Ms USA and the Ms Universe Pageants. He’s refusing to back down.

Diary 16th April 2015

My intentions was to head to the Outhouse then onto cinema. But my first job was to pay my Sky Bill’s increment. That was grand. But just almost half way to the cinema, I realise I left my card behind.

So I made do with just the Outhouse in where I learned of Bernard’s soar back ie nervous system inflammation. Billy made a good point relating to the death penalty int eh US. He said with a death sentence, the family and friends have to go through the evidence again and again via appeals when the defendant goes to appeal, whereas with life in prison, you’d have the prison with NO appeal etc., I then saw Andrea and soon afterwards Ronan.  I asked him who is playing the Blondie in Avengers: Age of Ultron(Review here). I was surprised to hear it was Aaron Taylor-Johnson and still am. On the way home to leaving Ronan, He says why am I vegetarian. Somehow we got talking about plants having feelings. hahhaaaha.

Then I was to meet O’ Farrell for to meet at McDonald’s. He treated me to a coke and tea. I asked him about the Irish voting abroad for General Elections and Local and European Elections and not forgetting Referendas(Referendums). His idea is if they don’t pay taxes etc., then they are not entitled to vote. Mine is if your proud of your country and the history too.

Diary 24th May 2014

I eventually got up for a toilet break from a very sad dreams. MY sis and Maureen(Nun) dying or dead. Now what does this say to you. Really weird. I got up to clear space for the Elections 2014 live coverage. Last night I was deciding on wheter I should meet Maureen or not. And whether to go to Alishs and Noels or to just simply do nothing but TV. In the end, I ended up going up to Aislih and Noel’s. I then went back to sleep. Then eventually I got up and got myself ready for Ailish and Noel’s visit.

I trailed my way up to Ailish and Noel’s. I popped into Moms and Dads first to get the Citizenship documentation. It was revealed that Mom thought we were gonna reapply for the Citizenship. I said no, I’m applying to the GNIB, so that I can get the citizenship.

So afterwards, I then headed inside into Ailish and Noel’s. Twas lovely to see em. We chatted for a bit. For a few hours. Twas pleasant.

So now I’m home enjoying 7th Heaven. Then the big ball games of Elections 2014.

“Words can really hurt a person” – Mary(7th Heaven)

One of the aspects of an episode of 7th Heaven, was that a young boy wrote to Erica Camden but Anonymously. Eric wanted to know who the kid was but was met with a VERY interesting meaning to the word anonymously: “Kids like me all over the world are suffering “. He continued “The man upstairs will take care of all of us”. Asked the Reverend “Have a little faith”.

Day 1: Of ELection 2014: As you can see a long day of COunting, what great outcomes. I’m just so excited. I hope I’ll be able to sleep. hahaah

Gabby McFadden(FG) on course to win Longford-Westmeath By-Election. Taking over her sister who

sadly passed away from MS(Motor Neuron Disease).

Dublin – West By Election: as a result of Patrick Nultys(Labour) resignation as a result of having admitted to sending illusive terxts/images to women and girls(correct me if I’m wrong)

Ruth Coppinger(Socialist Party) wins the Dublin – West By Elelction.

Sinn Féinn expected to do very well in both Local and European

It is suggested by Fine Gael TD Leo Varadkar that FG V Sinn Fein: may go into governemtn in the next Genreal Election as a result of Labours whipe out int he Local and UEorpean Elelctions

Labour PArty suffers heavy losses, has been bruised very badly. They say the smallest party in Govt will always do very badly.

Fine Gael also doing very poorly. Yeah u’s heard me. hahaah. Fianna Fail crawling up.

Mary Hannafin I can confirm has been elelcted to one of the COuncil Seats in Dun Laoughaire. Katei Feeny to be confirmed.

SO in SUmmary

Dublin West: Ruth Coppinger

Longford Westmeath: Gabby McFadden


 Fine Gael DOWN


 SInn Fein UP

 Others UP

Im so delgihted. Overwhelmed.

Diary 13th May 2014


After a nice night of sleep with the exception of course me thinking having a wet dream, it was actually my bladder gave out. This has happened slightly too many times with in the recent weeks. So when I got up after the events, I went to check the post. and I noticed that I got something by way of a gift from the Government of Ireland(well Local Authority). Am talking about, I got my Voting Card, required to place my vote in the upcoming Local and European Elections. I was delighted as I kept checking the site and the site kept failing to show that my details had been registered. Eitherway, am very happy. 


So with that in mind, I headed to An Post to get my weekly payment on a nice and lovely sunny day. Then afterwards, I headed to RYan’s Hardware to get my new Laundry Basket(Wicker). I headed to Scribbles to top up my O2 Money. I really miss getting my Inflatables. My inflatables want me and love me. No one wants me for sexually. Ever since that guy back in early April said “No thanks”, I have lost my view of sex well in Ireland. Perhaps in America they might be the same, I’ll never know. Or they might be nice about it. As long as Protection is enforced, I don’t mind. So instead I do teasing, that does it for me. Unfortunately I’ll never have a blowjob, with another human being let alone a fuck. or even a solo wank with another human being. So then afterwards, I headed to Tescos with my Wicker basket in tow. My biceps were getting soar but bulging so I took my jumper off and felt very sexy. Its my intention to feel sexy. But actually having sex now that’s a whole different ball game altogether. I then put things away from the shopping in Tescos. 


I then made my way to the Mater Hospital Misercordiae(Love that name –  the time I was in the Mater for my back problem, I asked a member of staff how you pronounce it. )My sis is in their due to mental illness abuse and that’s only putting it likely. When I arrived at the new Wing of which I saw when I was cycling home one time. I arrived on time, however due to me getting lost in the new wing, I was getting frustrated. I went onto a lift, of which I eventually learned it was only for staff and it was refusing to take me to 5th floor where me sis is. So eventually a member of staff came to my aid when they were bringing a patient to a floor. So when I got off the 5th floor, I was getting even further frustrated in that I was actually in the WRONG wing. I wasn’t able to gain access to some floor. So I was going up and down stairs, still trying. So when I was about to give up in that I was gonna text her(my sis) and tell her I’m running outta of patience, I asked a member of staff where is her ward. I was then told I was in the wrong section altogether. She’s in the OLD ward and I was in the new ward. So eventually I found her hahah. We chatted. Its all we ever do. heheeh.