Diary 11th February 2016

Shortly before I went to bed, I was charging my new Nexy(Google Nexus 9). I had the charging atop Ducky. Then I got a sudden image of whereby my place would be burnt alive, as the case it was seen in the last few weeks, whereby a charger went alight as it was ontop of MATERIAL. So with this I decided against it and put Ducky elsewhere. awwwww

Then I went to sleep. And when I got up to take a leak, I realised that I actually forgot to get my Social Welfare. Considering I’m in debt of over โ‚ฌ141, how I acutally forgot to be up in time for it? hmmmm. Just can’t get my head around it.

So then it was time in actual time to get up. However I had gotten so cozy, that I just decided to sleep it out. hahahaha. LIke I was far too late for my Social Welfare. Goosebumps was only realsied in Cinemas. I was due to go and see Goosebumps aswell.

So when I got up then eventually which is 1am, I noticed that one of my programs I wanted to record Prime Time dedicated to General Election 2016, only to realise that it ran out of space. ANd added to that the 12.30 News Bulletin clashed. Oh boi!!!!!.

Diary 5th February 2016

Twas a nice and quiet day. hahahaah.

I had initially wanted to go into Pennys in O’ Connell St., and to get teddys for my sis in EuroGiant. However, I had horrific diarrhea BEFORE going to bed and in the middle of the night.

So with this, plans were to change. So instead I actually went to the Outhouse and then to the cinema. heheheh. The lads all congratulated me on getting my citizenship of which I obtained last week. George said a phrase “You can’t get a bog out of a man, BUT you can get a man out of the bog”. So I was welcomed with open arms. heheheh. I had asked Stephen whom was also there as a British Citizen would he be allowed to vote in the upcoming General Election 2016. Con confirmed that Stephen will not be allowed as he is NOT resident in ROI. hehehe.

So onwards to the next place of interest ie the cinema to see Spotlight. I of course had my sleeve with me, in the bag, of which I smuggled him in. hahahah

Diary 3rd February 2016

Well today was fairly quiet. As I ย had stayed longer than anticipated. It was anticipated that I head to bed straight AFTER the Superman films. However I was adamant that I wanted to get all coverage on the Dissolution of the 31st Dรกil, so I waited to see if THe12.30 on TV3 or the 1 O’ Clock on RTE1, and as they didn’t extend I headed on off to bed.

When I went to take a leak, I quickly checked to ensure I had enough space.