Diary 20th September 2015

Not bad a day huh. More so not that busy. hahaahah. I got up with a view of seeing my sis as per our usual schedule. heheheh. I then transferred a few Golden Girls episodes for my sis to watch together.

I then headed to see her. We had a few cups of tea of which mine consists of Tea, Black Tea, Coffee and then Green Tea and whilest having the teas the chats and plenny of Golden Girls. hahaah. Was most enjoyable.

I brought along my old cell phone aka Sammy. I had charged it overnight. I have decided that I use it for GPS reasons, ie when I want to use it for Fitness Apps etc., or for finding my way around the city. As my current Sammy 2, doesn’t seam to last battery wise. So I was looking at it, bringing plenny of memories of it. hahaah. I will be Rooting it for the first time. Before that thou, I wanna record the apps that I have on it thou. heheeh

I then was uploading my babes: Inflatables to the following Social Media Accounts. hahaha.

As part of my email ritual, one of them was an article on MakeTechEasier. There was a poll which asked: Should Microsoft kill Windows XP and Be Put out of its Misery. Surprisingly 70% wanted it kept. hahhha. It goes to show you, OLDies like myself love old OSs. I remember the days of Windows 95, more so my fave was Windows 98. Then along came Windows XP. I didn’t really like WIndows Vista. Windows 7 was lovely. Then Windows 8, which appeared on my Dell Lappy, until Dell ripped me off last year, when they refused to help me out on Support. Following are the results of the poll

Last week Facebook announced that its to enable an “emptathy” style button as qouoted from Zuckerburg. As Zuckerburg describes if anyone psots an upsetting post, such as a death etc., etc., or a Natural Disaster, Facebook is to introduce a button wherey Users will be able to agree with the post in question. So e.g if someone dies, you wouldn’t acutally “Like” the post. So Facebook will be sorting this out. Following is a poll carried out on the Facebook button.

Q. What do you think of Facebook’s planned “Dislike” button?

  • A “Dislike” button is something I’ve been wanting for awhile. (40%, 40 Votes)(I voted for this option)
  • I don’t use Facebook, so it doesn’t affect me.(33%)
  • This change will only bring confusion to something that works well. (13%)
  • It will turn out like Reddit no matter what they say. (10%)
  • It won’t change the way Facebook works. (3%)

    Total Voters: 99

Diary 2nd July 2015

Well I got up with a view of getting the errands that I was suppose to do the other day. I first got my dole. Then the bank. Earlier on in the day, when I checked the balance. I was in €128 in debt. Clearly my finances are not up to scratch. I had intended to Withdraw €70 from the savings and put into bank to do my increments. But now the €50 that my pops gave me, I’ve lost it, so yeah quite a shock. Whats even more, I compeltepyl forgot about WestWood, and to top that my Bank Maintenance fee is HIGHEST ever at €30. So for next week i’ll need minimum €105 MINUS my rent etc., I then went to collect Floppy a new member of the +Puppys Stanescu ‘s family. Awwwww. While there, I was given another package which happens to belong to the guy who lives above me. I ain’t his keeper, so I said to the clerk, that this package ain’t mine. He assumed as its the same house.

Then I headed up to the folks.

“Bollicks” term used by Mom when she was describing my sis’ phone. When I told her of my phone not the best.

Memory Block, got a fit of laughing when she told me that I had said on the phone: “where the hell are they”

REalsied that the Mamma Mia concert is actually TOMORROW, when Dad was looking at the tickets.

Before I went to sleep. I was trying to figure out how to get my “Social” life on my phone to work out. So I tried my sex phone, battery dead. And besides looking for the Wall plug 3 pin. Couldn’t find it. So then I tried my Poddy. I was wanting my Checkin’ apps ie Yelp, Google+, Facebook, and Swarm belonging to Foursquare. I went to download the Facebook app for to update it, it didn’t work, then I uninstalled it. But that came as a big mistake as in, when I went to download again, it said I need to iOS 7 upwards. Now “let me tell you a little story”. The reason, It would not update was it was wanting my OLD Email address and password. However since I changed my email address AND my password AND my name(I used to use George Coffey – due to my homophobes), AppleID locked me out compeltley. I contacted Apple via Email AND Telephone support. NOTHING. So I’ve lost all my €€€€€ worth Apps, Music. I was completely pissed off. So I moved FULL time to Android. I’ve never regretted since.


Michael Valentine Doonican has tragically died. He was known as Val Doonican. AS my mom says a “crooner” or a heart throbe. He was born in Waterford. I remember him quite well. He had a beautiful album of Christmas songs. He was known to sing relaxing and peaceful. In 2011 the Freedom of Waterford City was bestowed on him. He lived in Buckinghamshire in England, UK.

Former Taoiseach and Former Finance Minister Brian Cowen was questioned at the Banking Inquiry during the period of the Financial Crash. He takes full complete responsiblielty of the Banking Collapse

Diary 24th June 2015

Well what a day it turned out to be. The most NEGATIVE or BAD LUCK I’ve ever had in ONE day. Quite extraordinary actually.

It all started when I failed to show up for my sis. So thats Bad Luck 1. Then when I eventually got up, I stayed up for a few hours. Was looking at yesterday’s and Monday’s news for the 4hrs PER day. Quite enjoyable alrite. hehehe. I looked also at the documentarys etc., One being the  Coming Out to the Curve that documents LGBT life in Ireland in 2015. One of the members of the Outhouse, Eddie was featured on the documentary. I was most impressed with his Rainbow colored Dinner set. heheeh and cups.

Then Mom arrived down to drop shopping. I then got ready to head out to the dole. I was initially suppose to head to my sis then the college. However I completely forgot about my dole, when I was making arrangements with my sis. heehhe. I was gonna leave the dole til next day ie Thurs. However Meteor and my Credit Union Loan esp him since Friday. As I said yesterday, I was afraid that I would be charged €10 by the bank and UNPAID. Thats the most horrific thing to occur to a customer. So I said I’d do my banking, hahaha. So I went to get the dole, then onto the bank. I wanted to set up my Meteor account on my Online Banking in the bank itself using the self service. However surprisingly, AIB wouldn’t accept it. So am at a loss as to how to pay em. Bad Luck 2.

So onwards to the college. I was to attend an Information Session for the course, Post Graduate in Mobile Applications Development I’ll be doing in Sept. I popped into Mace, beside the college, where I used to go in a lot, ahahah and to my surprise Fresh Good Food Market was their in its place. heeheh. I last was their when I was with my Mom, my sis and my Aunt back at the Markers. So I kinda indulged and overspent. I was met with great reception. heheheheh. So then onwards to Lidls, and Tescos to get OJ, Bread and Butter respectively Butter being from Tescos. So then after Tescos, I headed to my sis. heeheheh where I spent the rest of my day, into night, attempting to sort out my finances, my depression etc., I then realsied something that I was to purchase an Inflatable that I had clicked on Buy Now. And only remembered it tonight. heheeh. I had received a message on EBay reminding me that I had started a purchase on EBay for an Inflatable. And I had completely forgotten all about it. heehehe. So I first attempted to log into Paypal to add my Bank to the account. Well I went through hell trying to get my password. So I had to reset it. Then I attempted to pay as per normal, however I realsied that I had to transfer the funds over to Paypal from my bank account, then I realsied that I would have to wait a few days for security reasons. So then I said I’d attempt it considering I’d need it to go and pay for the Inflatable. So my sis offered to pay for it, of which she offered several times. So in the end, my sis paid for it, and I gave the cash I miraculously had to her. So as you can see not the best day in my life. haahah.

AS regards the depression aspect, I still have the fear that my mate Todd will tell me that he has to work for Saturday 4th July, which would devastate me. It would be another “Keith” saga all over again. Now obviously Todd and I are not a couple or anything. But I hardly see him, so its just a fear. And onto my mates of the two Brendan’s of which I have not seen NOR heard since June 12th. Now I don’t know whats going on. I ain’t their daddys or whatever, but if they are mates of mine, I should have heard from them as in like say “Where’s George”, I haven’t seen him, or whatever.

My sis and I were also discussing while attempting to look at movies. However connection all over the place were not working. Her WiFi and MY 4G Data Network wasn’t. So while hanging around, waiting for episodes and films etc., I explained to my sis exactly what happened when I was blocked from uploading Photos. It happened as follows. I uploaded 164 Flowers, NADA. I uploaded 141 Gay Love theme photos. TROUBLE. I was in the middle of uploading, and I was asked to RELOGIN, of which I did. I was immediately given the below screenshot.

Then I came to the conclusion that, I was a victim of an individual in Facebook who has coded a computer program, whereby if the program encounters Same – Sex or LGBT themed photo to BLOCK the User.


It has been announced as expected that Dry Rot, has been the cause to the terrible Berkely Tragedy that killed 6 Irish citizens.

JOsave Thsanaiv has been formally sentenced to Death. He along with his older brother Tamerlan, set off two Home made bombs at the finishing line of the Boston Marathon Bombings on 15th April 2013. 3 people lost their lives. Tamerlan, Tsaniaaiv was killed in a shootout with the Police

2 more victims from the Berkeley Tragedy are laid to rest. Niccolai Schuster and Olivia Burke.

Diary 22nd June 2015

Today is my weekly cleanup of the Apt. ahahah. I continued with the bathroom, as well as putting up with the shit. Nothing I can do. As I said yesterday, Gonna try and see if I can get the flat next door to me to ring Franky, the landlord. So then I continued to tidy up my shoes, you’d swear I was a lady, haahhah with the amt of shoes, runners etc., I have. ahahaha. At the same time beeing looking Knots Landing. So far 21hrs. I have. ahahah

I went to see what all the hollabaluu was. So to make an excuse I brought my rubbish bags out with me. I was gonna go round the back instead of going sideways, cause of the shit. So I went up my steps then when I turned round there was a large truck doing dredging or something. Says I to meself, so American the front of the truck at aleast. haahaha. The workers were so kind, that they had to stop the operation of dredging and he pulled the truck back slightly. Well the surprise and shock I was in. Someone had locked the gate completely. I was literally gobsmacked. I have since learned actually that the landlord had locked the gate so that no one from the outside could get access to the bins. I went out with my rubbish bin to ensure that the company outside dredging didn’t lock the gate. But it was the landlord. My fears were confirmed by a tenant.

Throughout the night, I was uploading pics of Gay Love, non porno onto my sex Facebook, yet I was shown the block of 7days of uploading photos for uploading an inappropriate pic which is totally false. So then I only learned then its a computer that is actually doing all this blocking business etc., I’m not even able to Appeal my block. And now I also learned its the same for my gstanescu84 FB account too. Following is the excerpt from my Status Update.

ATTENTION all LGBT people, sexual or not, Facebook has enabled an option that BULLY you into thinking you have uploaded Pornography, when all I have uploaded was Gay Love two men kissing embracing etc., NOTHING sexual at all.

Take this. I uploaded 164 FLOWERS, NOT A BOTHER,

I uploaded 141 Gay Love, I have been blocked for 7 Days on THIS ACCOUNT and my sex account from uploading photos. I just bypass it, but they keep adding an extra 7 days etc., etc.,

So we now have a homophobic computer at Facebook Headquarters in the US, that deals with LGBT people. Somebody has written code in Facebook Headquarters to BLOCK all LGBT PHOTOS of kissing or whatever


The last body of the repatriation process, has arrived home in Dublin. Olivia Burke’s body touched down in Dublin Airport shortly after 12am this morning.

A suicide bomber has gone off in Kabul, Afghanistan. This was outside a Parliament Building. The Afghan Parliament were electing a new Defence Minister.

A sex shop due to open in Drumcondra (my town I was reared in, hahaha) has reversed his decision to open. However after several petitions including members of the public AND politicians Cllr Noel Rock(FG)The reason for such a petition in the first place is because there is a Primary School(Elementary School) across the road. His argument is that there are porn available to kids at a young age on their cell phones.

Diary 13th June 2015

Shortly before I went to bed, I was checking my sex Facebook account, I was checking my messages. I had 3 guys blocking me, just because I wanted to add them. haahha. They first messaged me, then never gave me the opportunity to go and reply to them. One said “Who are you”, and other guy said “No of course not” something like that”. So I in my wisdom replied with my NON-sex account the gstanescu84, says to them

A bit pathetic for to block me. I wasn’t stalking you or any criminal offence or whatever. If you don’t want me to add you JUST grow a pair of balls, and reply with what your mother reared you with known as in Ireland as MANNERS

And literally BEFORE I shut down my lappy, I got a last minute message from one of the guys who blocked me on my sex account and says “Ok, sorry”.

All I want is respect, nothing more nothing less. I’ll give you respect if you give me respect. Takes two to tango. hahaha. As one of the pop singers sings as sung by Mercedes(I really looked up to her) from Glee R.E.S.P.E.C.T

SO with that said, I headed onto bed, after I awoke, I heard a doorbell of which I thought was my sis. So then I got up eventually around 10ish. I was due to go to my meetup of officially Eoin’s group Cineworld Craichead. However he wasn’t going to the iMAX version of the film Jurassic. So instead I signed up to Adam’s(oh yeah u know who he is, haahah), But he was going to the iMAX version. I really wanted to see it. So I said, ill put on my big man boots and face him, if needs be. I initial plan was to say my hellos and goodbyes to the Dublin Movie Maniac(Adam’s group) and then wait for a few minutes for the Craicheads. Their film would be on later than Adam’s.

So then my plan was to head  up to my folks then back to cinema to go and see Survivor for quarter past 11.

I was suppose to see Ailish and Noel however it wasn’t to be, Ailish feeling up.

But all the above was collapsed in that, I didn’t go out AT ALL. Awww noooo. I just can’t face Adam. I don’t know why. So I stayed on, I was too late for both films. So I said I’d leave it. I then said I’d head to see half 11 iMAX of Jurassic, but then I wouldn’t be sure if the food be opened. So as you can see I had a very undesicisive day. haahah. Then lastly I asked me mate Todd, if he’d like to join me, for the film. As it happens he had bought a gadget so he was too in his comfort zone, so I said I’d leave it.

So all in all, after all the will I, will I or won’t I, I decided NOT to go out at all. So I saved myself about €24. Cause I need that for to get Patch and Sammy’s new pet, Father’s Day pressie. So I enjoyed a nice takeout my Mom had dropped down to me. haahah


Dublin’s Iconic Clery’s Department Store has closed suddenly yesterday evening. It was bought over by a real estate Natrium Ltd. These days, like Dunnes Stores, you’re NOT gaurateee a life job anymore. I was recently advised its like the American style of jobs. Its on a SHIFT basis. So hopefully the iconic store will reopen in due course. It suffered a major flood. It is 160 years in its existence. It opened in the 19th Century.

Van Morrison has been knighted by Her Majesty The Queen.

William Butler Yeats a well loved poet, is celebrating his 150th Birthday. He was born in Sligo. A year long celebration has been launched.

The farming sector goes pink in a bid to raise for breast cancer. The Bales of hay are being wrapped in pink. Normally the bales of hay are wrapped in traditionally black .

Republic of Ireland drew against Scotland in a bid to qualify for the Euro 2016 Qualifiers.

Diary 25th May 2015

Well today was the day that my Dad was celebrating his 80th with his side of the family ie his Brothers etc., the Coffeys down in Meath. etc., So Mom, Dad and I, headed on off to Kinnegad. I asked Dad is there a hotel in Mullingar as I quite remember a hotel where he took me for a meal when Keith and I broke up. But as it happens, I then realsied at the end of the day, that it was the same hotel we went into in Kinnegad. The same hotel for the Dad’s celebration but that didn’t stop me from enjoying meself. hahaha.

So both Mom n Dad n I, headed on in, to make sure everything was alrite. So then all the relatives started to pour in. I bumped into Maura and Gerry. I had sent Maura a message askign if I could add her on Facebook. I saw that she had read and seen the message, but nothing. So I assumed she didn’t want any contact. So she explained what her reasons were, which she thought the “person” who sent her the message was someone else. She only knew me as George Coffey, and NOT Georgian Stanescu which is my birth name. She would have been told many moons ago when I came over. So it was cool that she wanted to add me. So then I was introduced to Marie and her hubbie Paddy. Now these are the parents of Steve and Roy. Those are names I hadn’t heard about in about 15 yrs or so. It was amazing. Like Steve and Roy were with me celebrating my 12th Birthday down in Co. Meath. Mom Dad my sis and I were down in Sean and Mary whom was also at the party, were staying with Sean and Mary. Steve and Roy live up the road(well did  – they have since moved out to Mullingar and the parents too). We also bumped into Mairead – Dad’s sister. She was in bits with her back. His other sister Bridie, couldn’t come due to chemo being down to her – I can only wish her well. So we all sat down to dinner. Then afterwards. I asked Mom why wasn’t Nancy no where to be seen as Mary(Paddy’s) was there. I was explained to that Nancy was too emotional for poor Reggie my uncle who went two years ago. Yet Mary who’s hubby Paddy also my Dad’s brother went too. I spent many happy times with Paddy and Mary. They owned a pub in Birr, Co. Offaly. We being Dad and I watched Brendan Grace one night while staying overnight with them. When I met Mary at the party she was very dismissive. It hardly was my sexuality. So I couldn’t understand. Its not like the Coffey’s are on Facebook let alone a computer. hahaah. The Same Sex Marriage Referendum was brought up by others NOT me, as warned by Dad before we went in. I overheard at table disgusting comments. Like from what I could hear, that they wondered what happens if a gay man has a wife and children does he leave them etc., They’s all just need to be educated and grow the fuck up. So after the meal, we all started to disperse. Before we all went, Maura wanted my number and commented about gay marriage in that she was delighted that Same Sex marriage was passed. I was over delighted to hear of this. Then Críona wanted to add me on Facebook too. Says I to them “all the women”. ahahahah. So Josie – Dad’s cousin, I think, came home with us.

So when we arrived home, Mom n I dropped up to my sis.

Diary 9th May 2015

I was planning on visiting Ailish and Noel to welcome em back and to give Ailish’ pressie, however it wasn’t to be. SO I headed to Mom and Dad’s instead. I email Liz Plasier(Liz’s wife) via MY Facebook for Dad. I was afraid he’d see a hot guy or whatever on my FB. hahaha. Me nervessss.

I then afterwards watched TV. My sis needed support. So she popped down to me.

While I was with my folks, I saw a piece on Aodhán Ó Riordáin(Ireland’s Equality Minister) on the Saturday Night Show. I didn’t know what was going on. So I took it with a grain of salt. I then watched it for myself, and saw that the host had asked Aodhán to take off the badge. I understood it had something that was bothering the host in terms of light or whatever. But as it happens, Aodhán had been adverting a Yes vote. He was asked to take off a flag that was bearing a Rainbow. Aodhán was talking about Drugs, a portfolio he was responsible as well.