Diary 21st June 2015 – Father’s Day; Longest Day of the Year(Summer Solstice – Astronomically terms)

Today being Father’s Day, as I hadn’t given my card to my pops on Wednesday when we went out to Avoca(Review here), I had decided to give it to him on the day. Normally we would celebrate Father’s Day or any biggie beforehand hahha on the Saturday ie yesterday or a day before the actual day because of the kids in restaurants etc., however, as I had plans made(On me own, hahaha) I couldn’t go out with my family for Saturday. So we pushed to last Wednesday.

So with the above in mind, it was my intention to go to Pro Cathedral to sign the book of condolence and light a candle for the victims of the Berkeley, and then to pop up to Gerry to give his God-Father’s Day card, and then to my folks to give my dad’s card. However it wasn’t to be, as with my legs. So then I got a voicemail from my Mom saying she’s be PICKING me up, so I said, ara, I’ll just go to the folks and leave it at that.

So Mom picked me up, we headed for a takeout. WE went to DiLucias and I got Udon ie THICK Noodles. haahah. The Noodles were scrumptious. The gravy chips thou were less appealing. Could have done with more gravy. hahaah

My sis then came down, with the shit problem outside my gaf, at the shore. So I says, I’ll leave it. My landlord has accused me of using “wipes”, First I ain’t a woman, I’m gay, and therefore no children exist in my life, well except +Puppys Stanescu  and +Inflatables Stanescu but in human terms, not hey don’t exist. hahaha. So it don’t make sense why he is accusing me. haahah. So I’m gonna get someone else int he apartment to ring him about the shit problem. Then see what happens. So then I dropped my sis down to her place. We got into deep conversation of which I wasn’t expecting. ahahah. I relented about my “depression” and my pining of my mates. I had told the girl from Chicago(Windy City), USA that my “former” friend when relating to money issues. I expressed my DELIGHT of seeing my sis on Saturday night ie last night. If she hadn’t appeared, I would never have gone out chances as I wasn’t sure if they’d accept me or not. So I said, what the hell to do, haahah. So when she appeared, my mind had been made up. I don’t think anyone realises the good a person does for another person who is under the weather mentally. I was going downhill again until my sis appeared last night.

The exact same thing happened to me at Christmas, particularly New Years Eve 2014. It was a minute after midnight ie 2015 when my parents next door neighbor texted me “Happy New Year”. Well the gleam that came outta me. I had literally was about to self harm, cause a guy couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Follow this link for details.


The bodies of the 4 victims of the Berkeley Tragedy in California, have arrived back home in Ireland. The victims who were brought home were:

Lorcán Miller

Eoin Culligan

Niccolai Shchuster(Escuse the spelling)

Eimear Walsh

The funerals of the above four, are expected to take place on Tuesday. The remains of Olivia Burke is expected to arrive home to Dublin Airport tomorrow morning.

A memorial of the 9 people has been held in the Historic Black Church, in Charleston, South Carolina. The attack occured when a white male Dylan.. joined the congregation at the back of the church for about an hour, and then opened fire. It was said to be of a Hate crime ie Racial intent. It has been found that a Racial Manafesto was found online.

Diary 17th June 2015

Well as with my soar aching leg, I couldn’t bear the thought of going to bed. And plus I’d have to be early for the meal. So then I quickly showered. Then got ready for the meal. They collected me and my sis. WE set off for Avoca, Malahide Castle, Co. Dublin(Review here). We had a great laugh. Like Mom had said “She was watching a program on TV”. Well the fit I got. ahahha. So after a great laugh, we all headed to the Garden Center. I hadn’t been at Malahide Castle since I was a kid. I remember the swings, but couldn’t remember the restaurant. Dad told me however the Railway Museum used to be where the cafe is now. Oh I know the Garden Center too well. haahha. Then we headed back to the folks place for dessert.

So we all dispersed. I of course left my cable for the cell behind, so cycled up to the folks to get it. When I got back, I did a bit of recording and while doing so, I sorted my shorts out so that I could find out what would be acceptable for Gear on Saturday night.

Just about before I headed to bed, remembering I hadn’t slept yet, I actually found that not only is my McAfee working again, fingers crossed, but actually my cell I think has now gotten the Lollipop update. Oh boy, am so delighted. After so many forums etc. etc., of giving out with the length of time it was taking to deliver the Update of the Android Operating System. I shall be installing it, as part my Monthly Update schedule I normally do. I also got my McAfee installing. I don’t know what happened, however since i updated the McAfee as per normal, the Real-Time Scanner failed to turn on, even though I asked for it to turn it, it failed to scan which got me worried.


Relatives and friends have started to travel to the Berkeley, CA, USA.

The names of the victims of the tragedy has been announced.

Lorcán Miller 21, from Shankhill, studying MEdicne UCD. Former student of St. Andrews Booterstwon

Olivia BUrke cousins 21 studying DADT, staff East Coast FM

Eimear Walsh 21 studying Medicaine UCD

Niccolai Schuster 21 Terneure studying UCD forner ckassnaet if Eion Culligan.

Eoin Culligan strydugbat at DIT, loved GAA. Played at Ballyboden St Enda GAA Club

AShley DOnohoe I/Ads Cousin of  Olivia Burke. Irish American who lived there.

The New York Tiems paper int eh States, has come under fire in awake to this tragedy. Reason being one fo the editors has branded Ireland as being a “source of embarassment for IReland”. Full quote is as follows:

But the work-visa program that allowed for the exchanges has in recent years become not just a source of aspiration, but also a source of embarrassment for Ireland, marked by a series of high-profile episodes involving drunken partying and the wrecking of apartments in places like San Francisco and Santa Barbara.

With the above text, Eileen Murphy, the Vice President of Corporate Communications at the New York Times: issued the following statement:

We understand and agree that some of the language in the piece could be interpreted as insensitive, particularly in such close proximity to this tragedy. It was never our intention to blame the victims and we apologize if the piece left that impression

The Public Affairs Editor of the New York Times, Margaret Sullivan, posted on her blog the following: “My take on this: The thrust of the story was insensitive, and the reaction to it understandable. An examination of the building’s structure, rather than the behavior of young people in the J-1 program, would have been a more appropriate focus for a second-day story.

30% in the number of callers to the Dublin Rape Crisis Center’s Helpline. The Dublin Rape Crisis Center launched their annual report.

The findings is as follows

  • Just over 12,000 reached out for help in 2014 either by phone, email or SMS(text messaging)
  • 55% of those were first time contacters, rising up 30% from 2013
  • A rise of 14% in the number of callers reporting Adult Rape
  • An increase of 71% in the number of crisis appointments with therapists for recent rapes and sexual assault

Diary 16th June – Bloomsday

Well after a horrible night with my legs, I got up struggling. for 12.15, which I was suppose to get up for, so I got up forcingly for 3.15. My plan was to go to NCI, then the Dole then the folks. After a big tidy up yesterday, and my NSFW photo shoot, I headed to bed around 1pm. Which I went out like a light. However i woke up around 2ish in the morning. I spent around 5hrs, trying to sleep however my legs were aching me.

So eventually, I got up. I had gotten my brekkie ready for eating, however Mom after several missed calls, called down to me. Her plan was to get my dole, NCI then a brekkie out with her. However time was not on our side, more so traffic. So we just left it at the dole. I told her it was my plan to go and visit them. Mom told me they had planned to go up to Kathleen Mulligan as her father Brendan is coming out of hospital(from a mini stroke in November ’14) on Thursday.

I then headed onto NCI on my bike. Obviously I was too late. So I left my details with the receptionist. This was the form I got the other day, for to get my Transcript as required for the Springboard Postgraduate course I hope to do in September.

So onto my next was Lidls to get a pressie for Dad, for Father’s Day. Technically I was gonna go to EuroGiant, as I had seen something for him. But I thought of the slippers that he might like. However I mixed it up with Aldi. So I got my Vegan OJ and Vegan Bread.

So I was about to get a pressie in Aldis for the slippers, however knowingly they’d be gone, I said I’d pop into Centra beside Lidl which was great, as I got scratch cards and a card. I asked if they sell brandy and the guy said Hennessy. I asked how much is it. He said €13. I said that’s good value til he told me its for a nagan. So I said I’d leave it. ahhah.

So then Mom rang me to invite me up to their place. I asked what about Kathleen. She said that Dad and herself are too tired. So I then rang my sis jstu to let her know of my plans. One thing I found infuriating that Maureen whom my sis was with kept asking my sis questions. So I said to my sis to go and pass on my MANNERS onto my Aunt.

I then headed onto my folks. For a dinner. Then helping Dad with Photos ie printing em off then he was curious about his UPC household bill. For a 3mins talk on 11811 it cost him €9 which is abominal.

I then headed onto my sis. We chatted had a great laugh. We watched two movies. 22 Jump Street(Review here) and White Chicks. I expressed my nightmare of the sleep I had last night. Of Todd repeating my ex’s actions of NOT being able to go to the Mamma Mia concert being held in July. Also my desire of self harm via boiling water on me via the clothing. but most upsetting was my deflating of my inflatables I did yesterday, as there was no point in keeping em up if they keep going down ie deflating.


Google has launched Google Web Light. What this means is that if you’re on a slow connection or wherever, you will be shown web pages with very little to minimal content such as just text and very LOW qualities images

Facebook have released an app called Moments for Android. I ain’t sure if its available for the iOS platform. It allows you share your photos to your friends on FB, Messenger etc. Apparently it ain’t available in the Republic of Ireland. Hopefully soon.


6 students have died after an apartment balcony collapsed killing 6 injuring 7.

Donald Trump – businessman worth over $8bn has announced his candidature nomination for the Republican Party for the Presidential race in the US.


Diary 14th June 2014

Well today was to be a very busy day. I got up quite early after my hibernation –  hahaha yesterday. Showered and got ready. I looked at yesterday’s News Bulletins. Then after that I got ready to head to one of the most anticipated events of the annual gay calendar, ahahah. This year thou was to be something of an exception. In that Various Voices came to Dublin for the first time, of which is my understanding, now I could be wrong. It is the European LGBT Chorus Festival. Various Voices is a competition between all the LGBT Choirs from all over the world, and they descended onto Dublin. So with this in mind, City Hall was 1 of many venues, whereby we could “sample” the choirs. So that’s the background to the event I attended today. On my way to Various Voices, I came across a guy, that I thought I recognised him from DublinFreeWheelers. Quite the splitting image of him. Further towards the Various Voices, I came across another guy, now I had my headphones, on so I couldn’t hear what the guy was saying. But from the lip reading, I could gather he possibly says “Faire play to ya boi”. I have a Marriage Equality TShirt on me. heheeh, hence why he possibly says such.


So now onto the exciting Event in question. I arrived eventually at City Hall. It was indicated on the Dublin Pride booklet, that to get into the Various Voices event, that you would need to book a ticket via emailing. However O’ Farrell since told me that you don’t need to, just come and stay as for as long as you want. So when I arrived, I was standing for a bit. However late on, I found O’ Farrell and then sat beside him. WE were treated to wonderful choirs. The choirs were from as I said above all over the world. It was my intention after the choirs, that I pop along to the Dublin Food CoOp to get dad’s pressie for Father’s Day. I stayed for 3 choirs. Each choir sang a selection of songs. I recognised a few. Not many. The 3 choirs, were from Switzerland, Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus, England and Germany. Out of the 3 choirs, I heard, I wholeheartedly enjoyed every moment of Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus. They were so powerful. They sang a wonderful rendition of I Dream, A Dream – Les Miserables. There was an elder woman in the choir, possibly in her 70s maybe 80s. She had her stick. I totally admired her for that. The only fault I found out of the other two choirs, was the language. They sang in their local native language, of which I found to be of a dampener. But didn’t spoil the day one bit. I totally enjoyed myself.


So afterwards, Brendan joined me to pop along to Dublin Food CoOp. We sat down for a bit. Then we looked around. I treated him to a wrap might I add a Veggie wrap. He truly enjoyed it. It was  a Greek wrap. He was most impressed with the building Dublin Food CoOp. He said a few times, that his mother would like the Oil as she uses it quite alot. He told me just before we went in, that his Paps(RIP), grew up in Frances St., then moved the family to Terenure where he grew up. Then I got myself a beautiful Vegie Falafel and then sat down again fora  bit. While sitting down, he was asking why I can’t find a book to read etc., I explained English is and can be an obstacles, but more so, that if I look up the web or ask someone what does such a word mean ie the dictionary, I would loose my train of thought. I explained one book I had read when I was a kid, based on the IRA goings on, in the past ie the Northern Ireland troubles. I went onto explain that I felt like I was a “character” in the book. So after a weee chat, we then headed to the little shop I got my now infamous Vegan Butter Biona. Can’t wait to taste it. heehehe.


So then after a wonderful visit to the  Dublin Food CoOp, Both Both Brendan and I headed off. He wanted to go back to the Various Voices and I wanted to headed to the Outhouse, as when I was passing the Outhouse, to the Various Voices, I noticed that there were alot of Banners, meaning I understood to be of an event or something. On out way to the Various Voices, where Brendan wanted to go back, to, I popped into the 99c store to get a card fro dad. When I arrived, it was literally “dead”. Not a single soul around. So I just got myself a sandwich, and a cuppa Green Tea. Twas lovely. While there, I was reading an article by Brian Finnegan, Editor of GCN(Now The Outmost). Twas quite interesting it was. It was referring to the Gay Marriage Referendum whereby it will be put to the People of Ireland in 2015. The article, states that those who are in favor of Gay Marriage are in the young age bracket, hence the past Referendas have had a history of a low turnout and only those who are in their elders or older, possibly might reject the Proposal of changing the Constitution of Ireland. In the article it was also mentioned that countries who are against Marriage Equality namely Uganda and Nigeria and Croatia, would pay big bucks to the No side of the Gay Marriage Referendum. It was quite disheartened to hear such people would such. Aww well, we’ll be out with full force for the Yes side.


So afterwards, I had a small intention of seeing a movie namely Godzilla in iMax. However plans changed. Yesterday or the day before, I had received a voicemail saying that both my sis and I can give our dad pressies for Father’s Day at  the CAR. So I made my way to my sis. However I got a missed call from Mom. I attempted to ring her, but went to Voicemail. So there’s me wondering to myself, that my sis is in hospital or something. I got her a few groceries. I was struggling with them on the way. Even though it was only a short distance. When I arrived, I rang her buzzer several times, no answer. So I still thought yep she’s in hospital or something. I attempted to ring her, but my battery went. So I trawled her groceries all the way back and might I add my stuff that I had bought too from both C+T and Centra. So when I got back all sweaty and all, I rang her to see what s up, the fact that her phone was ringing, says I to meself whats up, well actually I checked her Facebook Messages and her profile to see was their any clue that maybe she gone into hospital or whatever. Nope. Nada. So I rang her, and as it happens she was up with the folks. It was found that Mom had last minute changed plans to get my sis out of her place. Eitherway, I didn’t appreciate all this last minute change. I was saying to myself did I hear her right I mean on the voicmail etc.,

So back to my sis I went with her groceries, but wasn’t too bad. But jazis my hands were literally soar as be damned. and as scared. So on my way to my sis for the second time, I took my top off cause with the plastic bag’s handles were killing me, so I needed something soft. As I was going round shirtless, literally, I had eyes gawking at me, as much to say what up with this. U never seen a topless dude. As I said to my sis, I am bringing America over here, by means of behavior etc., So my sis and I looked at TV then after a short stay, I headed on to the folks to hand over the pressie. Twas nice to see em and all. Mom being her usual Irish Mammy self. WORRY. Well never fear mam, I’ll never go in hiding. So after a heavy heated debate on what I should wear(bearing in mind the Marriage Equality TShirt), Mom n Dad dropped me  home.




Daniel Day Lewis has been Knighted by Queen Elizabeth.