Diary 11th October 2015

Diary 11th October 2015

Got up late after being exhausted from the Sleep Out.

I rang Maureen to confirm the meetup for Thurs. She told me of a dream she had of where she would be invited for a cuppa, the place all redecorated etc., Sadly not all dreams come true I said

I rang Mom to reply to her missed call or Returning her call. We chatted then when she said Good Bye, we got a great laugh. hahaahah. So in future she’ll say Cheers. hahahah

I then headed onto my sis. I brought my own food and we had a feast whilst looking at Golden Girls n Everybody Loves Raymond. hehehe. I told her of a wonderful time I had at the Sleep Out last night. hahaah. When I headed to my sis, which around 8pm, it was bitterly cold. The exact same coldness as 4AM, hahaah.


Taoiseach Enda Kenny “My intention is to have the General Election in the Spring of 2016 and I see no reason to change that”, has pledged that the General Election will be a Spring Election in 2016

A family of 10 has been killed in a fire. 5 Adults and 5 Children were killed in a blaze. It’s thought a spark set the fire. This occurred in a travellers Site, in Carrickmines, Co. Dublin

A shootout has occurred in Co. Louth. a Garda was shot dead and another person. The Garda who was shot dead was the 88th Garda to be killed in the line of duty since the Foundation of the State. Its thought to have been a Murder suicide. 

Diary 28th April 2014

“Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. THis was the quote I was looking for yesterday. Well UPDATE I finally found it. I had seen it on a friend’s(Mark Patrick H) Facebook in which he had updated a status with this quote. How this came about was that he liked my comment in which i Had said”My ex used to say taht all the time”. I was going mad for hours until literally a few minutes ago. It took a notifciaotin from Facebook to let me know where I got this quote. ANd me looking up various sociatl networks looking up messages, etc.,


While I was at my computing, I noticed a bit of noise above me. Then I heard it beside me. I’m talking about above me as in neigbors likewise beside me. Then I heard more and even more louder noise. And when I looked out da window, Low and behold, I saw sirens from all corners of the street. I then went out in my onesie and asked whats going on. Fire was seen and smoke billlowing outta the ground(kinda weird) if you ask me. I later on only realised there is an underground Car park(Parking lot to my US Buddies). There was several fire brigades., a police car. As you can see in the first pic, the apartment just over the car park, there was a gay guy living there. I first came across him on Grindr and Grindr told me he was only a few feet away. He obviously wasn’t into me. WE chatted briefly. I have seen him around. Clearly I knew he was gay. However I think he has since moved out, but elsewhere in the block, cause I hadn’t seen him for a while. But I only saw him recently. But going further inside the complex meaning he has moved elsewhere.


Here’s some pics of the resulting fire. From what I saw there was a white tape indicating a crime scene. 




On a separate event, yesterday I was suppose to bring Chips to my sis. However I got distracted when I heard my neighbor next door closing her door, she then approached me as I was closing my door and said where are the bins(Waste Bins). I wasn’t sure anything about em, as I don’t use them. So I said she should contact the landlord. Now she was being nice and all. But this is the same person, from what I understand that the landlord does NOT allow more than one person in his flat. Cuase I told him a few months ago, that there was a man coming down the steps and passing my place. He found that a bit strange. Then recently I was checking the post for my sis and obv myself(sometimes her post still goes there) and I saw the same guy BUT this time with a  bicycle going into the apartment where the woman who asked about the bins. She comes in night hours. So its possible she could be a nurse or something.


SO I went off for a few winks after the early morning events. See above.  

This is another strange but disturbing dream still connecting to my vegetarianism and my childhood in Romania. 

I’m with my sis in my folks place in  the front room playing music videos. Then dad (the one who raised me and loved and loves me) brings in a ROMANIAN cow not an Irish one BUT A FREAKIN ROMANIAN cow. And says to me I want you to eat it. As disturbing as that sounds. sis n I then go to tescos to get a bit of grub. She’s elsewhere in the shop. I’m in the yoghurt isle. I accidentally drop 1 r 2. I pick em up n go and purchase them. While picking em up i hear  shop assistants looking for em amongst themselves but I just continue bringing the broken ones to the counter. 

Then i meet sis n mom r Maureen outside and I see them sitting on a bench in the dark with a fire keeping them warm. I exclaim that that is lovely. There is a man in front of the fire more or less saying the same thing in other words agreeing with me. Then I go to take my phone camera out to take a picture of the fire. However the man has blown out the fire. 

Now separately but quite strange it’s related well at least to the  Romanian cow at  least. I was wanting to tell my Neighbor who approached me regarding  bins that  they could be hidden inside the shed. So I popped along might I ad naked. So I ring the door bell r knock on the door. A man answers by right he shouldn’t b there but anyways none of my business. Jnr wakes up when i start to picture the guy in trackies and I exclaim out loud to him “boy u r cute”. I then say but this isn’t the point. The point is the bins. Your roommate r whatever u call each other bf gf, the woman who lives here asked about the bins. I just remembered that my sis used to live above me and the landlord used to talk to her and said the shed. So then she popped out i said to her that if u were given a key r a combination lock code to try it. The bins could be there. Then out of the blue she saying that I’m her son. Now can anyone tell me how can you tell that by seeing a naked guy that I’m there son. So I asked her a few qs  like her name my orphanage name where I’m from surprisingly she answered them all including why she has a different accent, (English) like i have a different accent but some how ppl can tell I’m. foreign. So then I in a fit of anger I call mom (I’m sure u all should know who my mom is by now) and say “I’m getting da hell outta ere.” But however it’s too late. I have been kidnapped. But miraculously i posted “HELP HELP MY MOM WANTS ME BACK IN ROMANIA PLS HELP” on my Facebook. When my Romanian mother asks me about sis i says we ain’t blood we grew up together in the orphanage n Ireland. To get out of it, I then say I’m gay. Cause I’d know that she wouldn’t accept as shes Eastern European where Romania is. But not that didn’t stop her. 

The Dream ends when I wake up with my eyes very soar and with the tears dried up and all crusted up. Then when I was int he middle of sorting out my FB Friends on my spreadsheet one of the friends had a status of Page Not Found – which Facebook has if the person has blocked you or you have blocked them. So I found that while I was going through my mates on my spreadsheet. So when I stumbleupon a friend of mines RIP William Jackson page, I came across this page a few weeks ago. And thought it was a joke or something, but as it happens that it was actually William had actually day. NO words can describe the shock and horror I had gotten when I learned of his death. Like Peter had only engaged to him a few months ago. As my originally family as in the relatives mainly didn’t work out, I started to get more involved on my Facebook family ie Friends.