Diary 22nd July 2015

Well what a day, it was. Twas of a positive nature. I went to bed earlier like I say, I wanted to try and get a “human” hours. ahhha. So I had set the alarm for 1,15, however I couldn’t sleep right to the alarm, so I got up slightly earlier. And besides, my timing wouldn’t have  been on time, as I needed Fair City, and of course the dole.

So I got up and showered. Looked at TV ie Monday’s news. I was amazed by the amount of Clashes that had occurred on my box in that NOT ONE of my News Bulletins got recorded let alone Fail with no space.

So I headed onwards to get my dole, then the bank, another booboo was made in that Meteor had taken their cash already, so that adds an extra week with no food. So I’ll get their eventually. heeheh. I then headed to Scribbles to get a USB Drive, as I had reported yesterday that my previously died on me. Then headed to Tescos to get initially to get Bread, I saw Vegan bread or what I thought Vegan, and Vegan Washing up liquid. I was so happy with the washing up liquid, but disappointed with the bread, so I then headed to Ryan’s Hardware to get a Mirror for to take pics in, but it wasn’t to be.

So after all the busy morning, I came back to do a bit more of the news. So I then headed to my first Vegetarian Meetup of 2015. We were to meet in Milanos on Baggot St(Review here) which happens to be the place I used to work in. It was under a different name at the time Ciao Café. The last time I was at a vegetarian meetup was back in November of 2014 in Wagamas. We chatted and dined. I enquirerd about Delhi O’ Delhi, and was saddened to learn of its demise. In that it is to be used for the Irish 1916 Centenary Celebrations. We also chatted about the sentient, I happened across an article on Facebook, whereby in New Zealand a Bill has passed whereby Animals are to be treated as to be having “feelings” otherwise known as “sentient”. One of the members of the group was praising Govinda’s on Abbey St., So I thought to stick my oar, in and let em know of the homophobic treatment in Govindas(Review here.) They listened attentively, which I kinda was surprised. Considering I hadn’t been there since LAST year, hahaah.

Oh and throughout the WHOLE day, I was experiencing some back pain. Even at the meetup in Milanos – the above, Everytime, I laughed, I got a sudden surge like the time I experienced that ended me in the Emergency Room. This was a few years ago, when I was experiencing alot of stress, and my sis and I were looking at Mrs. Browns. I got a mother of pain. This was exactly like that.


A ceremony was held in Norway, and in Utoya, in memory of those who died for the 70 who died in Ootoya. 70 people died amongst those were kids in the Utoya Island Labour Camp, when a gunman by the name of Andreas Bearing BRevik(can’t spell his name) gunned down 70 people, 8 in the Paraliament in Oslo and the some elesewhere and the rest on Utoya Island.

Diary 11th July 2015

Today I was due to go to see TWO films: Song of the Sea(Review here) and Terminator: Genisys(Review here). However again, as I didn’t sleep too well, I wasn’t gonna bother. BUT my sis called down to me an hour earlier. Now while it wasn’t ideal, I am actually glad she did. Not only did her pain level, which was the reason she came earlier BUT also, my mental health was somehow distorted towards the positive side of things. While I was at the second film, I said to myself, “Man am I glad am back at Cineworld. cept the FINANCE”. I really missed it. So again, like I said the last time, My sis came down to me when I was mentally under the weather. And I appreciate that. heehehe. Bottomline, if my sis hadn’t popped down, chances are I wouldn’t have gone out. I had told her last nite on FB that she was welcome to pop down. However she did tell me, that if she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to pop down. Before I went to the first film, I popped into Pennys to see if I could get MATERIAL shorts ie trackeis kinda like. However time was not on my side, so I jstu headed to the cinema. I also bumpted into Cineworld Craicheads namely Eoin and his crew. THey were after seeing Ted 2. There meetup was today. I was due to see it. But I wanted Terminator BADLY. ahahaha.

So when I got back home, I showered again my thanks to my sis for such an inspiration. Again all a person who is going under mental health stress(each one is different, I speak of ME), is seeing that person in this case my sis.
So then afterwards, I went to get my lunchie which consists of Caesar dressing for my sandwich. Despite it telling me to SHAKE before use, of which I did, It kept spewing as if it were Coke or something. Which I don’t get n still don’t get. So I came to the conclusion that I never refrigerated it. Not sure. hahaha


20 years ago today, The BOsnian village/town of Srebrenica its worst ever massacre by Radco Mladish who is under trieal for Genocide. The Serbian Prime Minister was escorted after stones etc., were being thrown at as his government backed Mladish. Over 8,000: Men & Boys died during the Srebrenica Massacre Civil War in July 1995. Alexander Rutish

A great comical actor has died tragically. Diarmuid McAdhaistair was aged 71. Best known for Séamus Mhicil Tom in the drama series Ros na Rún. He was in every single episode since the inception fo teh show. The show will be celebrant its 20th year.

Diary 7th July 2015

Well today was quite different. hahaaha. Quote from Dane DeHann(BABE) from Amazing Spiderman 2: “I don’t know how, I don’t know why”, but it just was. The day started off with me struggling to get outta bed in time for the dole. So I just skipped it. ahahah. So my sis came down to me. She was doing her donwlonaiding, which I don’t personally mind. We were both crunching numbers as to how to resolve me finance issue. I’m up to me eyes in debt. So following is whats gonna be done for the two weeks.


STATE €265*2 = €530

What I have             €30

TOTAL                  €560


AIB Debt(FORCEFULLY)                         €51

Rent(for TWO Weeks)(NEXT WEEK)    €260

INCREMENTS Debt(THIS)                     €105

Sky(NEXT)                                                 €46

Loan from Credit Union(NEXT)                €30

TOTAL                                                     €492

Income – Expenditure

€560 – €492 = €68

So as you can see, like my sis says:  I have 68 to “play around with” for two weeks. I was really worried as I wanted to see Jurassic Park and Terminator Genisys in iMAX. Now obviously I can see em both in 2D or 3D for FREE and have NO FOOD, but I like to “celebrate” an iMAX movie considering I’m paying to get in, so why NOT. hahaha

Now onto WEEK 2

Following is the plan of payment of Week 2.

Rent I’ll be paying in Week 2 NOT this week, but NEXT Week.

Hoping the above will help me. heheheh.

I meant to actually put down that Mom called down to myself and my sis for a takeout. heheeh. We went to Nicos down the road for me, where I enjoyed a delicious Chips. The Kebab was alrite as the salady stuff was VERY hard and the Curry chips they were very sparingly on the Curry sauce. So not sure what the hell’s going on. hahaha


A ceremony has been held in London, where the 7/7 London Bombings where four Suicide Bombers detonated a bomb in four locations in London… Buses came to a standstill as a mark of respect. The first bomb went off at half 11 in the morning. 52 people lost their loves, more than 700 people were injured. A ceremony was held in Hyde Park 10 years ago today. Flowers were laid at the sites of the bombings: Edgware Road, Kings Cross, Aldgate UNderground Station and on Tavistock Square. 3 underground trains and a Double Decker bus were the targets. A ceremony was also held in St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Diary 4th July 2015 – 4th July Holiday(USA)

I was struggling to get up in time for Todd to see Minions at Cineworld(Review here). So eventually I met up with him. heheheh. On the way after the film, I noted that there was a protest of Abortion of Pro-Life or Choice. He mentions that he’s never gonna have any issue with abortion. And I says Its none of the govt business etc.,etc., and he says exactly. heheheh

We then dispersed and I headed onto Mom and Dad’s however, my sis messaged me saying that she forgot her drive for her films. So she wanted entertainment. As time was not on my side, I hurridly went to my sis and had a wee chat. ehehhe. I told her, yesterday, when I was going to the toilet, that on the way, I noted that there was a blanket that I bought down in Waterford in Pennys for €25. And was wondering why it was so “cotteny” look, but as it turned out it was actually Patch Jnr’s paws. awwwww. What a laugh we both had. hahahaha.

So then onwards and upwards to Mom and Dad’s. eheheh. I knew it was fairly late. I went to tell em about Mamma Mia(Review here), yesterday. So after a short visit, I then headed onto home. Before thou, I was saddened to hear of Silvia’s crash she was involved in. My sis had told me as well that she sent the two Liz’s an email, despite me knowing about Jane’s birthday. I had sent Liz an FB message on Thurs, when I welcomed Mom and Dad back home. In the meantime Liz had gotten back to me, and I completely forgot to mention it to Dad. So when my sis told me that she had sent an email for dad to Liz, I said crap, I was meant to tell them about the FB message.


The funeral of Lorna Carty has been held. She is one of 3 Irish Citizens who was killed at the Tunisia Terrorist Attack last Friday. 

Hundreds of the Greek Solidarity of Ireland, are standing in solidarity for the Greeks back home, for the referendum being held tomorrow Sunday. 

BOTH Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Abortion rallys have been held with Pro-Choice being the small protest. The Pro-Life accused Amnesty International of calling the government for abortion of Disabled people. 

Diary 3rd July 2015

Well what a day it turned out to be. heheheeh. I was with my folks yesterday, whom Dad made me realsie the Mamma Mia concert is actually TONGIHT. hehehe. Before heading off on my way to see Mamma Mia, I bumped into my sis, who was invited for Dinner with the folks. hahaha. So I set on my merry way to meet Todd whom I bought the tickets for his birthday which was in April which is actually the last time, I saw him. ahhaah for the Easter Rising Commemoration in 1915. So we met up for Mamma Mia(Review here). SOS I put for my sis, Dancing Queen for my pops when I was gonna sing it for him in The George, however it never matierailised as they never called my name out. I remember learning Super Trouper in Keyboard School of Music in Clontarf and Mamma Mia on Keyboard in Glasnevin, where I was told its the most complex song to do on a music instrument. So then after the performance, we went to look for something to eat. hehehe. We went to Milano(Review here). On the way a guy commented on Todd’s beard making him his “Idol”, ahahaha. Great laugh. Todd was telling me he gets it all the time. heheheh. So then after Milano’s we went out and low and behold, it poured out of the heavens. So we got a taxi back. I got out behind Centra in Fairview and he headed on home. Before I met Todd, I was asked to step aside, as there was a film set for which I later learned was Pierce Brosnan’s film. Todd knows it begins with IT….

Just about as I was heading to bed, I was checking my FB notifications from the Pages. In this case Ireland AM. I had written a piece on a “debate”, I had seen with the government of Ireland now having ON-Spot fines for cyclists like the way Drivers have. So if a cyclist is caught being wreckless or cycling through a red light, they will be fined, if of course there is a cop there. Anyways, I was checking, next thing FB logs me out, and DOES NOT LET ME BACK IN, unless I complete a checkin. SO first FB warned the link I was sharing onto my timeline which was Ireland AM may be malware. I ignored it, so FB says you cannot log in until you complete this “Checkpoint”. I was to download Kaspersky Online Scanner from Facebook. I was immediaclty suspicious. I checked my Emails, to see was any of my mates affected or whatever. Nothing. I disregarded their “Kasperseky”, It would not let me through. Kasperseky although is a highly well known and high regard Security company, still I was suspicious, considering I do have my own, McAFee. So anyways to make a long story short, I went ahead, as FB would not let me in full stop. hahaha.


The funerals of Larry and Martina Haye’s took place in Athlone. Larry and Martina were holidaying in Tunisia, when they were gunned down in the Sousse Massacre. Sinead who was celebrating her 30th Birthday had to bury her parents. She was their only daughter. OMar El Cadri represented the Muslim Council of Ireland. Larry’s brother paid tribute to the Islam community with “Assalam aleecom”. On the way to the burial they paused at the Bus Station where Larry worked
At Midday the United Kingdom paused, The Queen lead the tributes. The Wimbledon. Germany, Belgium , Portugal & Russia. Wimbledon paid their respects. 30, were British, 3 Irish the rest were from around the world. Its the worse terrorist attack since the 7/7 – The London Bombings.
TV3 has been sold to UPC and joins Liberty which in turn is owned by an Irish-AMerican business man.

Diary 2nd July 2015

Well I got up with a view of getting the errands that I was suppose to do the other day. I first got my dole. Then the bank. Earlier on in the day, when I checked the balance. I was in €128 in debt. Clearly my finances are not up to scratch. I had intended to Withdraw €70 from the savings and put into bank to do my increments. But now the €50 that my pops gave me, I’ve lost it, so yeah quite a shock. Whats even more, I compeltepyl forgot about WestWood, and to top that my Bank Maintenance fee is HIGHEST ever at €30. So for next week i’ll need minimum €105 MINUS my rent etc., I then went to collect Floppy a new member of the +Puppys Stanescu ‘s family. Awwwww. While there, I was given another package which happens to belong to the guy who lives above me. I ain’t his keeper, so I said to the clerk, that this package ain’t mine. He assumed as its the same house.

Then I headed up to the folks.

“Bollicks” term used by Mom when she was describing my sis’ phone. When I told her of my phone not the best.

Memory Block, got a fit of laughing when she told me that I had said on the phone: “where the hell are they”

REalsied that the Mamma Mia concert is actually TOMORROW, when Dad was looking at the tickets.

Before I went to sleep. I was trying to figure out how to get my “Social” life on my phone to work out. So I tried my sex phone, battery dead. And besides looking for the Wall plug 3 pin. Couldn’t find it. So then I tried my Poddy. I was wanting my Checkin’ apps ie Yelp, Google+, Facebook, and Swarm belonging to Foursquare. I went to download the Facebook app for to update it, it didn’t work, then I uninstalled it. But that came as a big mistake as in, when I went to download again, it said I need to iOS 7 upwards. Now “let me tell you a little story”. The reason, It would not update was it was wanting my OLD Email address and password. However since I changed my email address AND my password AND my name(I used to use George Coffey – due to my homophobes), AppleID locked me out compeltley. I contacted Apple via Email AND Telephone support. NOTHING. So I’ve lost all my €€€€€ worth Apps, Music. I was completely pissed off. So I moved FULL time to Android. I’ve never regretted since.


Michael Valentine Doonican has tragically died. He was known as Val Doonican. AS my mom says a “crooner” or a heart throbe. He was born in Waterford. I remember him quite well. He had a beautiful album of Christmas songs. He was known to sing relaxing and peaceful. In 2011 the Freedom of Waterford City was bestowed on him. He lived in Buckinghamshire in England, UK.

Former Taoiseach and Former Finance Minister Brian Cowen was questioned at the Banking Inquiry during the period of the Financial Crash. He takes full complete responsiblielty of the Banking Collapse

Diary 1st July 2015

Going to  bed last night, was upsetting for me, as I couldn’t for the life of me understand why my cell ain’t charging. All I remember was that it fell, a few yards if even that. From the window ledge to the bed. So its just baffling, why all of a sudden. Like I was telling my sis, today that it took 12hrs and half hours and it NOT at 100% only at 85%. So I just don’t get it it. And it even now decharges rapidly. So something is defo not right. As I said as well, Georgian and BAtterys don’t fit in the same sentence.  My sis came down to me for to download thinking I would be up and about. I was due to do errands. I hadn’t slept too bad. I was teary for a few hrs, with the above battery problem. So afterwards, I said I’ll have to use my birthday money AGAIN on my battery. So I got up at half 5, obviously too late for Dole. So I just left it at that looked at Everbody Loves Raymond episode of where the clan go to Italy. Bringing great memories of Italy to us. hehehe


Greece is the first country who failed to make a payment to the IMF on time ie making it the first developed country to Default. The deadline was 11pm IRISH time, 30th June 2015.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan TD, became the first Foreign Minister to attend the Battle of the Somme

US and Cuba have reached a deal between Washington and Havana whereby the full diplomatic ties between the two countries were cut in the early ’60s will be fully restored and an Embassy will be opened in both countries representing each country. Both President Barack Obama and Cuban President Rahul Castro made formal


Apple’s Music streaming service Apple Music has gone live today. Apple will offer users free for 3 months. After 3 months, you are charged $9.99. You would be streaming the music instead of downloading. For me personally I’d rather download the music so, that I can keep the music. That said Apple Music does offer you a chance to “keep them offline for playback later”.

Diary 30th June 2015

My cell ain’t working battery wise. So the alarm never went off.  And as such, I wasn’t able to get my dole. So I continued sleeping. My sis came down to me.


Roaming Charges are to decrease within in the EU. Since 2007, Roaming Charges have dropped 91%.. From April 2016,

  • Phonecalls are to drop from 19c to 5c
  • SMS or Text messages from 6c to 2c
  • While a MB of Data will drop from 20c to 5c

Presidential hopeful for the Republican Party Donald Trump is in hot water over remarks made tot he MExican Community. Accusing them of bringing crime, rapists etc., etc.,NBC has axed one of his shows Ms USA and the Ms Universe Pageants. He’s refusing to back down.

Diary 28th June 2015

Well not bad a day. Mom and Dad had gone away for the life I could remember, couldn’t even remember. Its only now, I remember. But when Mom rang me yesterday, to wish me well, or more so she was disappointment that I had not heard from me. heheeh. My sis popped down. Told her all about Pride yesterday. hahhah. As I said, It was the most best Pride I ever been to since being with my ex’s Pride in 2010.


It has been announced that a couple from Ireland has also been killed in the Tunisia Terrorist Attack. They were hours away from returning home on the flight. 35 others lost their lives. Most of the citizens that lost their lives were Britons(UK)


Westmeath has beaten my Dad’s home county Meath, for the very first time in history. They were last in a Leinster Championship back in ’04.

Diary 26th June 2015

Well after a long night of sleeping and then at times trying to sleep but more so struggling with my legs. I even slept ontop of Phenay, thinking he’d help me, sadly he didn’t. eheheh. So then after a long time, I got up. Listened to voicemails. I did not appreciate the tone of Dad’s voice and Mom’s voice. I got the inclining or the vibe that I had done something wrong. So instead of ringing them of which I was gonna, I left my Mom a voicemail instead. She rang me back immediately. I declined and have done so to all calls.

So after that, I headed onto the Outhouse, was gonna pop into Penny’s however they were closing up. So then, I headed onto the Outhouse. I saw Fire Brigade and Chemical Incident Unit, I said to my self, oh dear, hopefully it ain’t the Outhouse. So I walked up slowly and saw that it was some laneway on the way to the Outhouse. heeheh. I was greeted by Bernard. Was great to see him. Went up to see the Men’s night. hehehe. Not much around. But got a great welcome. heheehe.

I then headed to Cineworld to see Minions. (Review here). I then went to get my ticket at the machines, however it wouldn’t work. So I saw that it had “expired”, which was kinda weird. So I then saw that I had brought the WRONG, card. I said I’d give it a go, see would they let me in. However it wasn’t to be. So I paid for a ticket. Then just before my cell went out of battery, I saw that my mate Todd, was saddened that I hadn’t invited him. Says I to meself, Its not for the want of trying. I have asked him on numerous occasions in the past. Then shortly after the movie started, I could have sworn, I saw Todd himself in the front row. All that went through my mind, was that Todd would meetup afterwards and ask why I didn’t invite him, etc., etc., but as luck would have it, it wasn’t him. ahahah


Tunisia has been hit in whats its been called a Terrorist attack, when a gun man opened fire on a beach. One Irish Citizen has been tragically shot dead.

France has been hit again in an Islamic Attack. The last time this occurred was when Charlie Ebdou was attacked for publishing an article on the profit Mohammed.

Gay Marriage has now been made legal in the US. ALL 50 States now has made Gay Marriage legal. Or as the leading Gay Marriage rights activist stated “not gay marriage, but MARRIAGE”.

Facebook Messenger NOW does not require you to have a Facebook account to log into Messenger which is now a stand alone App. This was apparent, when I went to log into Messenger. It asked me for my cell phone number. Which at the time took too long, so I just skipped it. I vaguely remember this happened the last time.

Microsoft has now made Official Office Suite programs Word, Excel and Powerpoint Apps avaialbe for Android.