Diary 25th July 2014

Well after a great sleep yesterday, I got up with a slightly happier mood,(I have Patch to thank – heheeh). I got up, with a view of doing the News Bulletins from July 24th and free up space. However it wasn’t to be. I showered. Getting rid of all the hair, that I had let overgrown over several days to a possibly week. So then I headed on with my first errand of getting my haircut. There was an auld lad in front of me. I vaugley recognised him. When it was confirmed he’s an accountant for Jim Markeys across the road, I remember seeing him there alrite. The accountant customer was asked what he does for a Friday ngiht. His idea, is very simpley and elegant. Pub then onto another pub, for music and the he simply hops into a taxi. Twas great to see a bubbly guy(barber). We remembered dear old Kevin, Who was my manager in Spar in Drumcondra where I used to work, when I was a kid for pocket money. heheeh. He even remembers Don – my nemesis. Wow, talk of bringing up my past. It was amazing. My birthday of this year has brought up some happy BUT painful memories. Ain’t that abnormal. So with such a happy face(for once – at least)

So then I headed back thinking I had a bit of time, but as it happens, I didn’t have that much time. It was my plan to see How to Train Your Dragon 2(Review here), as the last time,So then I popped my head into the Outhouse, literally. As the film was starting at 6pm. I saw Brendan S. Great to see him. Then I headed onto the Cinema, for my peaceful time. heheehe.  I was late for the beginning. But as it happens, I wasn’t as late as I thought I was. It was really effective alrite as I said in my review.

I then headed back to the Outhouse where I was greeted by Dave. I had hoped to get a sandwich. However, Dave explained  that there aint no Lettuce and JUST Tomato. So I jsut left it and got my Green Tea of Raspberry. Ohmmmmm So scrumptiouslioucious. as I don’t take their Tea anymore(cause I first keep forgetting to bring my soya and they don’t have it and secondly my wish of weight loss and not only that the discovery that Soya brings upon Man Boobs as mentioned by one of my FB Mates). I had asked Dave, that can it be done, whereby I bring my OWN green tea, and they just give me the hot water. He was a bit apprehensive about it. So he just recommended that I ask Joe. So we just left it at that. Now, as I don’t take their tea for Men’s Night, which they get for free(some arrangement in advance is made), I had to bring my Green Tea in a Paper cup. Which I didn’t mind. So ownards I headed on up. Great to see a lively bunch. heeheheh. Patrick, Brendan S, Brendan O’ F, Eddie, Ken(who left shortly after I arrived), Peadar, Bernard, Ollie and a few others I couldn’t recall their names, BUT obviously recognsied. Patrick brought up a story he heard on Liveline(Joe Duffy on RTE Radio 1). Whereby he heard a woman from Donegal. A guy went into a bar in none other than a Budgie Smuggler, from what I gather is a swimwear or underwear that only covers ONE side of your cock. Something like that. But it ain’t what I thought. Eitherway it was featured on the Liveline. Shame I didn’t see the guy. hahahah. mmmmm. So then Brendan O’ F later on told me that his mother was asking for me. I can’t tell you how happy that made me feel. The feel that ANOTHER mother was asking for me. heheeh. Its kinda weird come to think of it that my mother asked me to send her love to all when I was at the Andre Rieu Satellite Concert last Saturday. Brendan S, then told me that he put O’F and myself and whoever else on a Restricted List. Its a feature on FB. I never got the jist of it. He put it in lamens terms. This means that if he posts anything public, then we’ll get the post. He was under the da illusion that he posts too much. He was told something of this. I told him that that’s wrong. and they’s nothing but a lier. I told him, that my sis posts BUCKETS(which I don’t mind – obbbbbbv), but that he hardly posts at all. I have him on the Notifications.

So then onwards to my next film. I headed this time with O’ Farrell to see Transformers: Age of Extinction(Review here). Before we went in, O’ Farrell asked me which Hepatitis, I had, whether it was B or C. I explained that I contracted it along time ago in Romania. BUT, that it got “activated”, when I “drank myself to death” a few years ago while I was enduring  Homophobia. I used drink as a coping mechanism. NOT that it didn’t work. However that’s another story for another day. So then we headed in. We unfortunately had some unpleasant experience. There was a family of god only knows how many. They were all UNDER 12(considering the film was 12A Certification provided by IFCO). The Mom n Dad were there. The Dad sat beside me and the Mom down with the kids. They were making noises. As if it wasn’t bad enough the screen in question hadn’t turned on the 3D aspect of the film. IT was all blurry. But getting back to the kids, CLEARLY the film was not suitable for 7 or 8 year old kids. How they got through is beyond me.  I will bring it up with the staff next time I go to the cinema. Brendan had to go out to seek a staff member. The staff member had a talk with the parents and the kids themselves. This didn’t stop one of em throwing somethings at Brendan. He got really mad. Saying “Obey your parents”. I “will have you thrown out of the theatre”. So then we headed on WITHOUT confronting the ill fated family. They should have had a babysitter or if they couldn’t afford or they couldn’t find a babysitter, just do without it. Oh I ain’t letting Cineworld away with it. I will notify the staff and/or Management.

So after some unpleasantness, I left O’ Farrell to Luas and then as I got a bit lost myself I just went towards Capel St., of which I couldn’t find Panti Bar. Kinda weird, as I haven’t been there since last year for Géilí – last year’s Pride Events(2013). I happened to bump into Joe from the Outhouse. Was great to see him. I vaguely recongised Noel Gannon. Which is kinda weird, didn’t think he was that small. But eiterhway,  he didn’t recognise me at all. Joe says to me, Not norm to see me in these parts hahaha. I felt like spilling my guys about my dear Mother(Romania), but ietherway, was great to see him. He made a suggestive move to suggest I was looking for a bit of actions, not Panti I’ll be looking for action. hahahaah. I had one Vodka & DASH of Coke. Twas lovely. Slightly stronger than what you’d get in the George. Another gay bar.

So then I headed on towards home. I was looking for Barber that Frank my barber had mentioned. On the way, I happened to come across an Internet Cafe or at least what used to be. I recall the days, on a Sunday, whereby I’d sneak out via lies to my folks to go to the Internet Cafe on a Sunday when me Pops would be looking at the match. It was a ritual with me. I used to go their to print stuff off from Ros na Run and of course to surf as well. Now in those days we had the 56K modem(ahhhh memories), there was no such things as Facebook, NOT even Bebo had existed when I was growing up.


It has been announced that all 116 passengers Algeria Airlines all have perished.

US President Barack OBama, has hit back at Ireland’s Tax Inversion. Ireland’s Corporate Tax is 12.5%. From my understanding, Obama is stating that US Companies who come over here, are actually paying at Irish Rate NOT the home company’s country. It first started when it was found that Apple(Being an American company) was actually paying IRISH Tax Rate NOT their own country’s rate.

Diary 13th July 2014

As I went to bed QUITE late aka 4pm, a half hour earlier than yesterday – hahaha. It played up on getting to my sis quite late. So I then got up and got ready. Then I ended up at her place. I did appear to be a bit of a distraught ie in grievance as in the death of my Paps, good friend Sean. May he RIP. WE chatted for a bit. Its all we did. Not even a TV show let alone a movie. hahaha.

There were things on my mind. As in when I went in, I was about to burst into tears cause of the grievance. As I said to my sis on FB, “only the good ones are going”. I had mentioned that I had hope to have Ailish and Noel over in the Outhouse, but then noted that they NEVER go out and or have a chat. I’ve always chatted with em in their house. NEVER outside. So I’ve had to drop them. I shall consider Mulligan(Ailish’s Sister) and Eileen(Ailsih’s Mom, My Mom’s sister) thou. It then occurred to me, that I never had my Aunty(Nun) over at the Outhouse. She claims she ain’t a homophobe. So I shall put it to her very soon.

We then chatted about Sean’s death and brought many fond memories of him. (which is quite limited). I had remembered him, in terms of me helping him with the Broadband and the Cards that they used to play. My Dad and his friends used to play cards every month or so. They used to play in each others houses. When it was time for our house, my Mom would get a Chinese in for the men, and that we eat the leftovers. However since they have moved on in years, eg. Frank who suffered a stroke a few years ago, then there John Cadogan who sadly passed away a few years ago, then there’s Gilbert, who has difficulty in breathing ie Tanks literally every step in his house. So its a pretty sad state of affairs. So they don’t play cards anymore.

Afterwards the issue of my Mom in which I brought. Ahem the one in Romania I mean. In that I expressed the “feeling of someone following me” and dark LITERALLY dark shadows. My sis advised that its a possibility that as I have NO contact whatsoever with my birth mother and she the same with me. So my sis was trying to say that someone’s trying to deliver news or contact via means of shadows or at the very least the “feeling” of being followed. Even on the way home, I heard something fall, thought it was coins or something. I even put the flash light of my cell phone on to see if anything dropped. But nothing. Then shortly afterwards, I got the “feeling” of being followed again. THANKFULLY no shadow let alone a dark one. Thats freaky alrite. But the feeling is quite scary thou. Ever since the feeling I have been getting, I have had thoughts that my Mom is actually WANTING me, as I expressed to me sis, that I have the need of being WANTED. Of course I have my Mom over hear, BUT when she goes, I’ll have my sis of course, BUT NO MOM. etc., etc.,

I explained the Croke Park Debacle of Garth Brooks. I asked my sis who does me Pops blame. He said Garth himself. I somewhat agree. BUT, I actually blame the Promoters and the GAA. Of course he wouldn’t blame the GAA. He loves his GAA – hahahah.

Then a delicate topic was brought up. I brought it up as inspired by Touched By An Angel whereby a person was having an episode of Paranoid Schizophrenia. I asked her if there was a way, I could “see” what that person is actually seeing whilst having the episode.

Dad loosing buckets of weight in our opinion cause of the “potential” loss of medical card. As I explained already about his medical card entitlements, my Dad’s Medical card will be revoked which will be a big blow if it is being revoked. Now we men, don’t like to express our feelings or whatever, clearly by his Weight loss, that’s a possibility. Now his Dr., did say thou to loose weight, BUT the amount of weight he has lost, its a bit of a worry. In that he’s hardly eating unlike the way he used to. He’s even giving me food that he can’t fininsh. So my sis n I came to the conclusion that’s its a possibility that he’s ain’t eating as much, so that he can save on Medical Bills, ie Medication etc.,

Shortly before I left my sis, I asked her what does she think of what my friend Todd had said. In that when I was with him at the bar after Mrs. Brown’s Boys: D’Movie(Review here) he had expressed on the way to the movie, his concern relating to a post I had put up. He’s referring to a Hangman post. In which it states that if you continue to push a person to the limits, he/she may die ie through suicide or whatever. I had denied of such. He said that it must have been on my mind at the time.

Then I had stated that I have lost the mojo, or moxi or whatever when relating to the Citizenship and getting the requirements. I had told her, that I was moving to New York NOT for homophobia reasons, BUT the lack of respect or love from the LGBT Community over hear. Then relating to the Gay Marriage Referendum that  as the Referendum has been moved to Spring of ’15, that I’ve lost the mojo for that too in getting the Citizenship Documents prepped up.

My sis was worried that when she tags a person that her name will appear on her exs page. As I understand, if you block a person, you’re name will NOT be visible to that person. As far as that person is concerned, the person will think you’ve deleted your Facebook Account.

So I arrived home safe and sound, after the weird visioning, I had been encountering on the way home. I found my remote, that I had been searching for a few hours. I had to resort to manual which is a pain. I had to use the buttons on the Box in question.

I finally can now continue to download my gay porn. I had to pause it as my router was reset with the amount of disconnection on a constant basis. It was annoying me. So I reset it and compeltly forgot about my porn connection. I had forgotten how to forward my ports which is required to download Torrents ie gay porn.



Germany first to win as a Unified Nation. West Germany won 3 times.. No European nation has ever won the Competition in South America


Bill O’ Herlihy bows out after 50 years on TV. Anchored 10 World Cups. The 1990 World Cup was a career highlight. Born in Cork. He started his career with the Cork Examiner.  Moved from Print to RTE CA then to Sport. His Swan Song is gonna be the FIFA World Cup Final 2014 between Argentina and Germany.


It has been announced that Minister for Mental Health Kathleen Lynch(Labour) has been confirmed as to staying in her portfolio with an added responsibility of Primary Care. The remaining Junior Minisiterys will be announced by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD on Tuesday.


Pope Francis has been quoted as saying that he intends on finding a “Solution” to the celibacy issue of the Catholic Church.

Diary 4th April 2014



Well I got up today very exhausted, like considering I had walked 17km yesterday between seeing Maureen, then the cinema, so yeah quite busy alrite. So as a result, it was my intention to go and see Mupppets Most Wanted before the Golden Girls Night and then afterwards see Divergent. However as I was totally exhautsted from all the walking, I decdieed to stay on in bed. So even with that I was outta of it. So eventually I got up and showered. I have decided that instead of wanking my Jnr., all the time, that I try and get my ball sack like those in the porn. Literally speaking their balls are swimming in da Juice(wink wink). So gonna try and get that like mine. However there’s one thing I do wanna mention, I saw on my Facebook Newsfeed, that there was an Irish GAA star, not sure if he’s retired or not, but it was found out that he’s doing gay porn. Now whether he’s doing it for cash purposes or that he’s gay or bi or whatever, but unfurnaly he’s getting alotta stick for it. But the reason I mention it, is that would you believe it, he appeared on the site that I download my gay porn. I was more than delighted. He’s quite hot actually. I was studying his moves to see whether he is gay or if he was straight that he would be reluctant in doing the gay porn acts. But quite surprisingly he actually knows quite alot. So perhaps you never know. I’m actually referring to “Fergus” his apparent gay porn name. He is a well known Irish GAA Tyrone Football star. Again i’m not sure if he’s retired or not.


So when I eventually got up, I headed onto the Outhouse event The Golden Girls Night. I was impressed with the turn out. But a few things bothered me. It was €10 to get in. Which I didn’t mind, but thought I was gonna get something like tea or wine or whatever. But instead they’s weren’t’ free. Perhaps on my part. But the noise levels was just out of this world. The layout of the event was quite simple. A quiz and an episodes of the show. Even throughout the epsidoes which I was very surprised, they were talking, not looking but talking, That infuriated me. However all of this was very well compromised with the Drag Show of the night. The Drags were dressed as Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sofia. Our very own Joe was an extra in the show. The Drags did an episode of the show. If I quite remember it was the Pilot episode. It was quite good. I really enjoyed the Drag Show. The episode would be running in the background while the drags would lipsync it. Twas quite impressive. The acutall video wasn’t shown for obvious reasons. hahah. Bravo to those who took part in the show. I was very bemused to learn that the Golden Girls was part of a 2005 study in relation to LGBT. The LGBT audience were the highest viewers out of the general population. Like Blanche’s Gay brother I think, Dorothy’s lesbian college friend. The words that came out of an 80+ yr old lady – Estelle(who sadly is no longer with us). She was asked in the show by Dorothy “How would you feel if one of your kids were gay”. She replied “I wouldn’t love them no less than I love them now”.