Diary 10th September 2015

For the very first time, I had a dream, whereby Sammy my +Puppys Stanescu was in my dream. He was just simply sitting in a corner on a chair. What does this signify, I wonder? hmmmm

So then afterwards, I got up headed up to my folks. We had brekkie. I asked about Granola that I had bought. mmmm. Mom says I should steep with cold or hot milk OVER NIGHT. So then Dad and I got onto the job of hedge trimming, and the back ie the Laurels.

Maureen came by. I don’t know why exactly. hahaha. But her face expression was the MOST WEIRDEST. Its as if she was telling me that she caused the rift between my sis and I and the Dad and I. Of which I ain’t gonna get into. But its a face I’ll never forget. That’s all I’m gonna say.

So then she left, Mom, Dad and I had a meal. heheheh. I then headed off for home.

So then after a bit of TV I headed onto town for to see Mission IMpossible: Rogue Nation(Review here) with Andrea.

My first port of call was to do a few errands. Namely Aldis for Fruit and Tescos for yoghurt. So that was all’s well. heeheh. I then decided about 5mins BEFORE I was due to meet Andrea, that I was going to Pennys. I saw an image on Pennys that I looked at more than once, and posted the image on FB. THe image is that of a guy ie Model for Pennys whereby he’s wearing a Beanie hat, Jumper and trousers ie denims. As I was encouraged and did really look nice, I saw that I might as well get it. However it came at a hike of a price tag of which I had hoped to keep the cash for the Friday nights movie. hehehe.

However after all the errands, though I saw that I had finished in Penneys at 18.58 ie almost 7pm. I was to meet Andrea at 6.45. The film being on at 7pm. So I got myself moving. So I rang ANdrea to find what seat he was in as when I went to the Outhouse where I was to meet him, I was told that he was in the cinema. So I headed on over to the cinema and then rang him. He hung up, so I was getting a bit anxious as to where to sit. He told me in the call that he was in  the back. So I just took a guess as to where in the Back he was in. hehehe. So then I went to the desk and asked to be seated in the back. The person at the desk was very helpful. He showed me the screen. There was a one person on their own in seat 7 and another person had two seats taken. So I assumed the person who was on their own, was good chance himself. So I got the seat eventually. But as it happens, he was actually further down. WHen I arrived, I was surprised that their was an elderly woman on her own looking at an action movie. ahhaah. Twas good. THen a couple came up beside us. She instantly reminded me of my mate Karen from Florida. The way she was laughing etc.,

So after the cinema, I decided that I wanted pics for the Wolrd Prevention of Suicide Day Go Orange Campaign. So I went round by Trinity College, Bank of Ireland on College of Green, and the Mansion House. I had hoped that Grafton St which was on the list would be lit in Orange, surprisingly no. Then I headed on home.


Northern Ireland’s FIrst Minister PEter Robinson has stepped down with Arlean Foauster stepping in temporarily. She is currently a Finance Minister. This was due to the murder of McGuigan. Bobby Story one of  the three arrested for Kevin McGUigan’s death has been released. 

Primarks has opened in Boston. IT is the first branch to open in USA. ANother store is due to open in Pennsylvania in NOvember

The Banking INquiry has held its last PUblic INquiry. AJay and MInister of Finance MIchael Noonan were the last two witnesses to be called. The Inquiry is now to compile a report and publish it. 

Diary 8th September 2015


One of the dreams, I had was quite interesting, but at the same time troubling. I’m in a queue for a job or something. I’m wanting to apply for a job BUT while MARRIED. I ask about SameSex, the employer whistels a tune, and then I notice the word Jesus, so I just assume he’s a bigot and not a chance I’ll get a job.

Next and final dream, was most weird, but very disturbing. Its as follows. I’m on a bus tour with kids. This particular kid keeps messing and although we’ve arrived at our destination makes the bus go further down a road to a bridge. I with my Driving skills, step on the Gas(Accelerator). Even as a I right and recall this dream, its as vivid as if I were dreaming right this second. So I drive the bus back towards where we were suppose to stop, however we are forced to stop. We stop outside a restaurant and we notice the road where we were on initially is actually a place where Food is delivered to the restaurant. There is a crate(wooden) of lettuce and vegetables and then to wash the food it is emptied into the water then sent to the restaurant. I then see the food again and this time it is emptied and I exclaim: “What a waste of food”. So the food is emptied crates again and we see the road again, as the road itself is visible and turned around.


What a day today turned out to be. I had been on the Facebook before going to bed onto Darragh my cousin on my Dad’s side. I had apologised to him for my outburst last year for getting involved in my business on FB when he had said to me stop airing my dirty laundering on FB, something like that. I replied to him to Fuck off. So I apologised for that outburst blaming it on my depression. So then I also asked if I could re-add him as a friend on my Facebook. So he accepted and he asked if I could help him do fencing. I initially turned him down with a view of sleeping until it was time for my dole which An Post closes around half 5 and I wake up at five to 5. However my body woke up and 11.54am ie five to midday. I was rethinking of whether I should stay on or not. It was a lovely day out. So I got up. GOt a voicemail from Maureen saying that Dad was doing gardening of shredding, something like that.

So then I headed up to Darragh’s with a view of helping him with fencing. I initially actually messaged him on FB first. But no answer. So I just went up just in case he was sleeping or whatever or maybe he left the cell inside the house and he himself working outside. But as it happened no one was there. I even jumped up and down at the side gate to see if he was there. But couldn’t see anyone.

So then, I rang Dad to see if he wanted help. he said he had started if I recall. So I headed to my folks. When I arrived, Mom and I hugged with here being teary. Dad had nothing to say. We just chatted in general. I noticed that the garden had been done, but the hedge on the balcony had not been done. So I said what gives, Maureen had told me otherwise. So then I said that Darragh was onto me relating to Fencing. I said to Dad he hadn’t aged a bit. hahaha. So I just had a meal(back to square one – says I to meself). So in future, I’ll strictly keep to visiting my folks once a MONTH, like I do with AIlish and Noel. Like after all that’s happened, as I said to my sis, later tonight, I’ve lost all respect for my pops. He really pushed me. Just before I headed off to Darragh’s for the fencing, Dad asks me if I had enough money. Now he gave me €100 of which I gave to me sis, yet he asks me. I’m getting mixed signals……..

Darragh in the mean time, had messaged me saying the offer is still there. So I told Mom n Dad that I wanted to help Darragh. So back to Darragh, when he messaged me saying that he still is around. He was leaving his girlfriend Sarah to the Airport. So I spent a few hours with Darragh. Darragh had emigrated to Australia a few years ago for no jobs reasons. He’s home for a weeks. He had an encounter with his next door neighbor Maureen. He was helping a neighbor across the road with a leak in the pipe. The main reason I was half thinking of the fencing was one I wanted to sleep but on the other hand, I REALLY wanted to see him. Afterall, I haven’t seen him since he emigrated even before then. hahaha. It was really great to see him.

So then we finished up around 4.34. Just in time for the dole. Then into the Bank, while getting change, Brian who works in Kennedys was curious if all i’m gonna be getting is the change. So I’ll attempt to change in the future either from the Post himself OR when I go to put in Money into the savings and the TV License stamps.

Then SmallChanges. As Darragh paid me, I used his cash on food in SmallChanges. hahahah. Great shop it is. Got myself different flavors of Cheese VioLife and also enquired about SATCHED soup instead of Cans. He checked if they were vegan as there was no label “Suitable for Vegans”

Then I came back to watch a documentary on how the replacement Twin Towers that was sadly Terroisitically Attacked in Sept 11th 2001. It went to document how it all came about the World Trade Center Memorial and One World Trade Center. Twas quite emotive to look at actually. So then afterwards, I watched Mrs. Brown’s Boys. heheeheh.

I then headed to my sis. I initially met her in Centra to get grub for myself. We headed to her place. Had a grand ould time, full of laughter with Comedy of course with Everybody Loves Raymond and Golden GIrls. hahahah.


Alexander Pacteau has been sentenced to 23 years to jail. He was charged a month ago. He was charged with the murder of KAren Buckley. Karen from Cork, moved to Glasgow, UK a  few years ago for to study Nursing. She was on a night out. She disappeared for several days. She was found on a banquet after 4 days missing.

Transgender people or People who identify as Transgender can now get a Gender Recognition Form, following the passing of the Marriage Referendum in May, and the President signing it into law last week. The Marriage Referendum paved the way for Transgender Equailtiy as well. So now if you wish to change your Gender in the eyes of teh law, you must apply to the Department of Social Protect with a form

The makers LucasFilms who makes the Star Wars saga, has been given the all clear to continue filming more on Skelling Micheal in CO. Kerry.

Diary 5th December 2014

I was due to get up earlier for to see if I could download the USB Ubuntu file on my sis’ connection. However, As I failed to get up in time, Dad collected me. We did a bit of gardening. Today we were just connecting up the lights.

Dad treated me to a takeout. DiLucia’s and for my pics for the decorations.

So came back to the folks and downloaded the USB installer for Ubuntu. Sadly it didn’t work.

Headed off to the outhouse. On the way to Dunnes then into outhouse n cineworld where I went to see Penguins of Madagascar. (Review here)

Diary 15th September 2014

Well as Mom was collected me to do gardening with Dad, I stayed up ie another LACK OF SLEEP. hahaah; I have been looking at TV the whole night. hahaahah. So then Mom arrived. As I had a few errand of my own to do especially my Bank, I had stressed to her that they’s VIP. I had AIB to pay, as I mixed up the dates for my Sky Bill which WAS due on Friday ONTOP of my Loan Payment. I mixed up the lot completly. So that left me in debt of €95 which I wasn’t gonna let the bank get the better of me unlike last year. Now my next worry was to try to figure out for my next errand which is Lidl how am I gonna get the cash for that when I realsied that my Credit Union was closed on a Monday, which is normal. So I withdrew from An Post, but as it happens it wasn’t enough. I lodged my required €45 for my debt, to AIB, then onwards to Folks place. Whiel withdrawing and heading to wartds back to mom’s car, I saw Phil. He was a barman, when I working in Kennedy’s back when I was younger. hahaahh.

To start on the gardening. He was doing the hedge. Mom had asked when we last did the hedge. She thought likewise, I did too, it was back in April or at least the beginning of the year. But as it happens, its actually June 24th. So we continued. We did mulching. Then afterwards a break was deserved by all. While having a break, more so a dinner. Mom pointed out to me that Paisley was a bigot. Didn’t I think that he was against gays or whatever, but actually against CATHOLICS. She even quoted him as saying that he referred to us as “Vermins”. I have notice though however, that Mom has changed alrite, ever since she went to Pride march back in June. Why I say such, was joking with me about guys et.c, and “Oh you don’t say that” etc., etc., So then Dad and I got back onto work. I was mowing his lawn. I can’t even remember the last time, I mowed his lawn.

So then Mom brought me up to Lidls in Artnae. TO get a few stuff. There was a lady ahead of me, who dropped all the coins, likewise me. I had dropped my note etc., I then headed to pay for the stuff. Then we went back to her place, as I was to type out an email to Jim(Dad’s relative in the States). So then Mom thought as she MIGHTNED be around tomorrow as she may have to go to a funeral, to collect my laundry, that she go today to collect the laundry. When we did so, it was found that they hand’t started as I had specified Tuesday. So bottomline it wasn’t ready.

So then I got ready. While I was getting ready, I heard Frankie(the landlord). THis has been his second visit, and to date, NO phonecall, NO attempt to even contact me, assuming he knows I’m inside. But at least a little phonecall wouldn’t go amiss. But eitehrway, I’m living it i up to him. When  he wants to do renovation, he tells m when, I will gladly go along.

I popped into Lidls to get more clothes. hahaha. I’m trying to achieve one goal. And that is to LOOK normal to the public. I’d to feel that I ain’t. LIke to day for e.g, I had a heavy jumper, Tshrit(WIHT COllar), Vest, Trackies Trousers. EVen that didnt’ still satidsfiy the pub.ice.

So then it was time to get ready for the PDC(Personal Dvelopment Course). Today’s lecture was based on ASSERTIVENESS. Twas quite a difficult one, However I still maintained my understanding.

Our first task was to do a memory game. Person 1 would say their NAME, and their one thing ABOUT THEM e.g Sammy,  Person 2 would say Sammy, Puppy and my name is Patch and I’m a puppy etc., etc., Examples of others quite amusing. Such as Dragging a boat, works at Unibar, Marathon, Florists, etc., etc., When i twas my turn , I said my name Georgian and of course what I like about me is Green Tea.

Self Assertiveness:

Is defined as follows:

  • Force
  • Mutual acceptance
  • not being a fraid of who you are
  • Boundaries
  • Communication
  • Feelings
  • Behavior
  • Open to Criticisms
  • Context
  • Self Expression: For this bullet point, I gave an example of the gays dissing me at Pride, they were quite interested. Listened attentively. Bottom line, I explained that I was trying to bring US to Ireland ie American Gay traditions over to Ireland.

Then the 4 Methods of Communications:

Passive – Point out the Pet Peeves

Passive/Aggressive – OMGLike, Don’t answer phone etc.,

Aggressive – Explosive/Violence

Assertive – Advising/SAY in Nice tone/ Being you/ Being angry BIT physical ie Compromise

WE were broken up into groups of 3. And asked to give an example. Our group consisting of Dave(Who works behind the counter),


Let some one skip queue


Telling sis that I’m gay


last out after Overnight study

Then it was time to get onto Assertiveness Skills

Be Specific



Self Disclosure agree with true feed

Disagree if untrue

Aggressive if Started BY YOU

e.g ppl who won’t shut up through film.

Then as we went for a break, I was brought as side, by one of the peers Eugene asking about my phone usage and being a distraction. He was actually really nice about it. I explained, that I take notes down and as the notes, which I checked on my email is so difficult to understand. Like I can speak English no problems, BUT when it comes to written, I get completely lost. So the the stuff they say in the actual class, that I understand. He thought it would benefit the class After the break that I got and tell the class. I was actually getting nervous thinking they’d think I was recording them or something.

So then the second part of the class commenced in which we started with Self Esteem.



Going topless

Self Esteem is defined by the relationship between you and the Inside

Self Approval


Self Esteem Scale




can change with events, etc.,

Start with small

Learn to appreciate your yourself

Avoid negative people

Doing something your good at


Shortly before the class finished, a member asked about a homophobe who constantly quotes the bible etc., Twas quite distributing. And get this, they’s the best of buddies, YET when ever the subject of homosexuality appears he does this. He just wanted to find out which part of the methods of Communication would it fit in, namely Passive/PassiveAggressive/Asssertive.

I bumped into Ronan. Great to see him. And Bernard. who else. hehehehe. After the class was finished, Bernard gave a little lecture of Henry 8th and the way WOMEN are treated in India, etc.,e tc., Quite intriguing but as Martin(who’s part of hte course) says anything Positive. ahhahahaah. So then Martin and I headed on home. Martin who is from Waterford(originally Germany) works in Waterford had to head home, as had to be home for work(florist) for the morning. Imagine coming up to Dublin for 2 hrs every week. Wow. So after I left him, I headed to Indian Taste, the Rice could have done with more flavoring. Then onto Nicos, I thought Nicos was the best of the lot. The owner of Nicos was telling me, after I enquired that he was getting the outside painted or something. He explained for his 40th Anniversary in Dublin, he is renovating. Buy means of pain at the very least and a party in the New Year. Then I noted and told the owner that the Chinese next door has changed the name YET AGAIN!!!! hahaaha. He explained possibly for Tax reasons. Maybe tax evasion?????So then I went into Bao Trans and got myself a takeout. I found the curry to be of sweet flavor than normal. So then I enjoyed my feast and my sis’ wine of which she DIDN’T want. I had BareFoot Red Wine, It was so strong. I kept throwing it out. However hers wasn’t too bad.

Finally Found or why my wallpaper kept changing. Everytime, I wanted to set my wallpaper on my Home and Lock Screens, after a few minutes, the phone would change the wallpapper. Well on the Home Screens. IT was quite infuriating. So I Googled and even Google himself was baffled. Bottomline, it was actually my IFTTT I had initially setup, that 500px Wallpapers would change every few minutes. Its a recipe I had setup. You may remember the last time, IFTTT was playing with my older cell phone, and it now its after catching me out yet again. hahaah.


The Garda Penalty point abuse system, has come to light again, after Sr. Maurice McCabe(Whistelblower – who blew the whistle on the whole debacle).

Diary 4th August 2014 – Bank Holiday Monday

Well so far as I right this Diary as at 5th August 2014 at almost 1am, I have NOT slept. Throughout the whole day, I had been so worried of my sis’ whereabouts, I had been ringing her, rang hospitals even the cops. Nothing. So I was left throughout the night that she was dead. Not the best feeling. So on my way over to Todd’s, for a different entirety, I decided to try her once again. No surprise. So then, I deiced try something that I’d NORMALLY wouldn’t for COST REASONS. So I rang her via Facebook’s call function. TO my surprise she actually answered. I asked that she hang up so that I can ring on the O2 Network INSTEAD of the Data(Internet) which is COSTLY. Without going into details of her whereabouts, I’m more than happy to announce that she’s safe and sound. That doesn’t’ mean that she’s happy as larry or anything. She is undergoing treatment for her mental health. That’s all I can give you for privacy reasons. Rest assured she will be looked after by myself her brother, and of course her family and friends. But I am so happy that she’s alive and well. Its all we want, for her to be happy and most important SAFE.

So with that in mind, I continued onto Todd’s for mainly to do gardening for him, as he’s moving out to a another place and he wants to put the place into ship shape before he moves into his new place.  He set out the plan for the day. We do a bit of gardening, while he does cleaning inside, then to go to a viewing, then he’d have to wait for his Tescos groceries and finally finish the night off with the Movie.

So I started my job of gardening. Pruning the rose bush ie the prickly one, and weeding the patio. I did this for awhile. We then sat down to a cuppa tea. As he don’t have soya, I tried an Earl Grey. He said that Earl Grey should be tasted with Sugar. Of which I did. It attracts its strength. I guess I will have to get use to Early Grey.

So then we got ready for a viewing out in Belmayne, Malahide, Co. Dublin. We waited for a bit. We were taken aback by the amount of enthusiast of the landlady and her (probably boyfriend – as I later learned). I learned myself that there’s a Fr. Collins Park that you can walk around. The landlady who is a young female teacher is renting the place out. She lived there for 6 yrs and is now letting it. So expressed a bit of a missing say her TV Furniture and blinds etc., I found that a bit abnormal but Todd told me that’s normal. She then thought that we were together moving in. So that suggest that’s she’s acceptance of gay people or whatever. However her boyfriend, of which I later learned that’s why she was moving out, to probably move in with him, I kept looking at him. So hot he was. He was wearing very tight Grey Jeans, and very tight tshirt or at least on the smaller size as I could see his belly button or at the very very least his undies. He’s hairy, But I just kept looking at him. I later on in the day, kept telling Todd this. That I’ve never felt like this after seeing a “straight” guy.

So then when we came back we continued on the gardening. We brushed up any dirt on the ground. He asked that I prune a plant that his mother gave him, when she was over here in Ireland for the first time a few years ago and then  to transfer it to a different pot.

So then we went inside. Entertained ourselves for a bit. I meself was getting a bit sleepy(NOT good news as I wanted to see the film. ). So I asked Todd if we could get a takeout, as I was starving me guts. So We agreed that I pay for the Cinema Food and he get hte Tickets and the Takeout(as part of my birthday pressie and my pay). We eventually got the takeout. Mind you it was lovely. It was actually Spice n Rice(A place I had planned on trying at one stage anyways). Todd had ordered Tescos groceries for today(Monday) for between 4pm – 6pm. It was approaching 6pm and no groceries delivery. So he started ring around. It was found that the van had broken down. So he is to get his ordered tomoz night(Tues)  around 8 – 10pm .

So Todd invited his friend Steve Kendell along to the cinema. I found him at first to be a bit insulting (obv joking – but as some of yee might know, I don’t take jokes too well). But I like any other NORMAL human being got to know him UNLIKE other ppl who shall remain nameless who constantly judge ppl. I got to know Steve. He’s actually a cool guy and NOT forgetting a hottie. hahahah.The three of us popped along to Guardian of The Galaxy(Review here). So after the film, we were going to go for a drink, however Steve had to head off and the Gibson Hotel bar was closing at half 11. SO then we dispersed and headed on home.


Today marks 100 years anniversary of the beginning of World War 1, where Germany invaded Belgium. The conflict was hoping to have been ceased by Christmas of 1914 the year World War 1 began. Europe instead witnessed Slaughter on an industrial scale. It instead dragged on for 4 yrs. The collapsing of Empires were experienced or witnessed and the birth of New States. Úachtarán na hÉireann Michael D. Higgins joined heads of States from more than 70 countries including German’s President: Joachim Gauck, UK’s Duke of Cambridge: Prince William, French President: Francois Hollande, Belgian King Philippe of Belgium