Diary 12th October 2015

It was my intention to meet up with Maureen today. Now considering I wouldn’t have slept  or whatever. This was my plan in terms of sleep. I would stay awake and look at TV etc., after the sleep out and then head to my sis etc., Then meet up with Maureen THEN go to bed to catch up on lost sleep. However it wasn’t to be, as I was physically exhausted from the Mental Health protest/march as I was falling asleep at the computer while looking at the TV after I came home from the sleep out. aka the News. hahaha. So instead I went to sleep for a few hours last night and then to my sis, as per schedule. So I cancelled Maudy yesterday and I’ll be seeing her on Thurs.

So it’ll be a TV Day as per norm. hahaha

Maureen popped down with some grub,, Was great to see her. heheeheh. She thought my hair was curly. I just said that my sis did it up for me last night. hahaah. Great laugh.

While looking at One Foot in the Grave and seeing Richard Wilson who plays Victor Meldrew, I looked him up to see what’s he up to . heheheh. Then I found not only is he for gay rights, but that he came out as gay a few years ago back in ’13. I never knew. hahaah.

My sis came down for some downloading. Then who should I see on the TV on Cheers, but none other than Senator John Kerry MA, who NOW is Foreign Secretary for the United States. I am gobsmacked.

So first I find out Richard Wilson who played Victor Meldrew came out Gay, and now Senator John KErry was a special appearance in Cheers. Wow, what a night so far. haahaahh

Diary 26th June 2015

Well after a long night of sleeping and then at times trying to sleep but more so struggling with my legs. I even slept ontop of Phenay, thinking he’d help me, sadly he didn’t. eheheh. So then after a long time, I got up. Listened to voicemails. I did not appreciate the tone of Dad’s voice and Mom’s voice. I got the inclining or the vibe that I had done something wrong. So instead of ringing them of which I was gonna, I left my Mom a voicemail instead. She rang me back immediately. I declined and have done so to all calls.

So after that, I headed onto the Outhouse, was gonna pop into Penny’s however they were closing up. So then, I headed onto the Outhouse. I saw Fire Brigade and Chemical Incident Unit, I said to my self, oh dear, hopefully it ain’t the Outhouse. So I walked up slowly and saw that it was some laneway on the way to the Outhouse. heeheh. I was greeted by Bernard. Was great to see him. Went up to see the Men’s night. hehehe. Not much around. But got a great welcome. heheehe.

I then headed to Cineworld to see Minions. (Review here). I then went to get my ticket at the machines, however it wouldn’t work. So I saw that it had “expired”, which was kinda weird. So I then saw that I had brought the WRONG, card. I said I’d give it a go, see would they let me in. However it wasn’t to be. So I paid for a ticket. Then just before my cell went out of battery, I saw that my mate Todd, was saddened that I hadn’t invited him. Says I to meself, Its not for the want of trying. I have asked him on numerous occasions in the past. Then shortly after the movie started, I could have sworn, I saw Todd himself in the front row. All that went through my mind, was that Todd would meetup afterwards and ask why I didn’t invite him, etc., etc., but as luck would have it, it wasn’t him. ahahah


Tunisia has been hit in whats its been called a Terrorist attack, when a gun man opened fire on a beach. One Irish Citizen has been tragically shot dead.

France has been hit again in an Islamic Attack. The last time this occurred was when Charlie Ebdou was attacked for publishing an article on the profit Mohammed.

Gay Marriage has now been made legal in the US. ALL 50 States now has made Gay Marriage legal. Or as the leading Gay Marriage rights activist stated “not gay marriage, but MARRIAGE”.

Facebook Messenger NOW does not require you to have a Facebook account to log into Messenger which is now a stand alone App. This was apparent, when I went to log into Messenger. It asked me for my cell phone number. Which at the time took too long, so I just skipped it. I vaguely remember this happened the last time.

Microsoft has now made Official Office Suite programs Word, Excel and Powerpoint Apps avaialbe for Android.

Gay West Virginia High School Athletes Go To Prom As Couple

There’s still hope for us. A Str8 guy(which I think is his bro or bestie, I ain’t sure) asks his Bestie(I think) out to Prom. Oh yeah there’s still hope. Keep on rocking. Ensure Kenny​’s van is hanging around. WE need more ppl like him promoting Marriage Equality. UPDATE, Apparently I seam to have gotten my gay rights articles mixed up. my bad….. Eitherway, we’re all winning. haahah


Gay West Virginia High School Athletes Go To Prom As Couple.

Diary 4th April 2015 – Easter Saturday

I popped along with Barry to see Cinderella(Review here). Great to see him. We had our traditional drink beforehand heehhe. I told him of how I knew I was gay, when in High School(Secondary School in Ireland), I saw my bully’s Ciarán Healy’s in his tighty wighties mmm. We were getting in OR out of our PE trackies. Can’t quite recall exactly. But yeah, mmmm