Diary 11th October 2015

Diary 11th October 2015

Got up late after being exhausted from the Sleep Out.

I rang Maureen to confirm the meetup for Thurs. She told me of a dream she had of where she would be invited for a cuppa, the place all redecorated etc., Sadly not all dreams come true I said

I rang Mom to reply to her missed call or Returning her call. We chatted then when she said Good Bye, we got a great laugh. hahaahah. So in future she’ll say Cheers. hahahah

I then headed onto my sis. I brought my own food and we had a feast whilst looking at Golden Girls n Everybody Loves Raymond. hehehe. I told her of a wonderful time I had at the Sleep Out last night. hahaah. When I headed to my sis, which around 8pm, it was bitterly cold. The exact same coldness as 4AM, hahaah.


Taoiseach Enda Kenny “My intention is to have the General Election in the Spring of 2016 and I see no reason to change that”, has pledged that the General Election will be a Spring Election in 2016

A family of 10 has been killed in a fire. 5 Adults and 5 Children were killed in a blaze. It’s thought a spark set the fire. This occurred in a travellers Site, in Carrickmines, Co. Dublin

A shootout has occurred in Co. Louth. a Garda was shot dead and another person. The Garda who was shot dead was the 88th Garda to be killed in the line of duty since the Foundation of the State. Its thought to have been a Murder suicide. 

Diary 7th September 2015

Maureen popped down to me with nothing knew of me ignoring her.

Likewise Mom too.

I was looking at Frasier for the day. hahahah. Great memories of the show. hehehe. While looking at the show, I came across this particular phrase or saying in a Facebook Group I recently joined belonging to a blogger. hehehe: “Those who hate you won’t win Unless you hate them back – Richard Nixon(1974)”. Now I fully agree. I seam to have a lot of haters in the current situation. I won’t be going into any further detail, but from what I gather to date, they ain’t winning atm. heheeh. I swore to myself, that I wouldn’t be licking. In fact I said to Ailish the other night, that I ain’t gonna “lick his boots, was gonna say arse” hahaha. This was my reply when she said “Ahh but George they’re your family”. That got me thinking for a few minutes, but what happens when Christmas comes, that I’ve no family, will my depression escalate like it usually does because I’ve no RELATIVES etc.,etc., except this time it will be family. So I said to myself, until Dad comes up to me or rings me and states to me that he is sorry for what he did, I will NOT be going near Mom, Dad or MAureen. My sis I don’t mind her. But the other three, NO.


Election Pact has been announced by the Irish Labour Party. The Tánaiste announced as the BOTH parties Fine Gael and Labour have announced a voting pact. The Junior Party in the Irish Political History has been always known to suffer in ALL major Elections. So Fine Gael and Labour Party have asked that Voters vote for each other ie Fine Gael voters vote for Labour and Labour for Fine Gael etc.,

Diary 29th June 2015

Well yesterday was my day of cleanup as per Monday. hahahah. I did up my bed and got rid of all the electric blankets. And other stuff as well. I but my +Puppys Stanescu on the couch. awwwww. And all my Duckys too. While doing all of this, I was looking at several hours of Dallas. Oh it was heaven. ahahaha. Maureen dropped by.


Dublin has a new Lord Mayor. Críona Ní Dhálaigh, from Sinn Féinn was elected Mayor after a vote of 40….

7 Alliance for Independence TDs have announced their candidature for the Irish General Election 2016.

The two prisoners who escaped from the Maximum Security Prison in New York, has been recaptured. Although one of them was shot dead in a shoot-out, the other one tried escaping from a police in Constable near the Canadian Border, he was also shot twice.

The Greeks on Sunday will be asked to vote on a Referendum on the future of its membership of the Eurozone. The last time Greece held a referendum was 41 years ago to abolish the Monarchy. Greece faces a Default tomorrow, which means that Greece can’t make the Payment to the IMF.