Diary 13th August 2014

Well today had come and my excitement for Joseph(Review here) had arrived. I was most excited to see the production. Maureen(Nun) had previously told me the story of Joseph. I met Brendan and Daniel at the NCI College, and we all headed on off to Bord Gais Energy Theater. I was there the last time for the Big Gay Sing, in aid of Marriage Equality. We again waited outside for a few minutes. After the popcorn was the not the best the last time, I was a abit hesitant in getting it again. So I decided to try it. So I got the SMALL version this time, just in case. It wasn’t as bad. The salt level was low and the most important it was stale as O’ Farrell says. hahah. So then we all went in. Then at the Interval, we went for a toilet break. I got my scrumptious Green Tea. mmmmm. Then we all went back in. After a wonderful performance, we all headed on home. We left Brendan at his Bus. Then I walked with Daniel to Baggot St., where he lives. On the way, I encountered gorgeous buildings. Twas lovely to experience such wonderful place. I explained to Daniel, that when I walk, I’d to be thinking and of course we don’t have to concentrate etc., hahaha. Whereby if your cycling or driving ya have to concentrate on the road.

On the way home, after leaving Daniel, I accidentally ended my Fitness Apps, which was a pity if ya ask me, cause one of the apps, I have NOW allows me to post to DailyMile and then in question on Facebook. Whereby previously I had to Map my route on my own. So then I stopped by Gay Spar(as Mike told me a few weeks ago the Spar on the corner of George’s St/Dame St where all the gays go for whatever) to see if I could get a sandwich, as I keep forgetting to take out a bread outta the freezer. To my surprise n shock n horror they didn’t have any Vegetarian or at least Meat Free sandwiches let alone salads. I was quite taken aback. So then onwards and upwards towards Londis where Subway is on O’ Connell St., So then I headed on home via Drumcondra and got myelf a Veggie Burger n Curry Chips. I was most impressed with the service. When I got home, I saw a takeout, says I to meselfe “Fuck it, she don’t trust me”. The reason I says so, she don’t trust me to eat on my own. She being my Mom. Well assuming it was her who put it on my bike.

On the way home, I decided to try the OK Google feature on my Android Cell Phone. I wanted to remind me about the Bread int he freezer, SO I said the following “OK Google, Remind me to take bread out of freezer. And would ya believe it, it worked. Quite freeky, might I add . hahaha. Am waiting for the the actual time.” Then I tried S Voice provided by Samsung. And as it happens it saved the reminder in Google Calender. Whereas the OK Google, as provided by Google Now, saved the reminder there.


Hollywood has lost another great acting icon. Lauren BacCall died of a stroke at the age of 89. She would have been in the earlier era of Hollywood. WAY before MY time.