Diary 29th October 2015

Diary 29th October 2015

Well today was quite an interesting day. hahahah.

I first while in bed was wondering, how to figure out the video on Budget 2016. Like I recorded it on TV and deleted it on the TV. So now I would be left with Trying to run the Recording i I have on the Drive ie on the Lappy, while at the SAME TIME trying to record. So I said something has to be done. hahaha. So while sleeping and thinking, I decided to look up or Google The Budget 2016 Speech. And read bits of it WHILE recording my video. Oh BOI. This is the cause of the delay in terms of publishing my diary entries.

Another item, I was thinking of was Appearing on eh Late Late show – The World’s Longest running chat show discussing my Coming out but more importantly my BOOK. Yeah you’s heard me. hahaah.

So afterall the thinking and doing yadedadadad I got up. Following was my plan for the day







However as you’ll soon gather. It wasn’t too be, well at least the last bit. hahaah. So I set about getting rid of my mop of hair. Awwwwww :(. hahaha. Well the welcome I got. IT was unreal. hahah. I told him of my whereabouts. He was most not impressed. Which I was a bit frightened, but anyways, we left on a very good note. He greeted me “and the prodigal son returns”. He even went as far as saying “when you go to your folks, tell them this your Darling son”. hahaha. What a laugh. WHen I checked in via Swarm(formerly Foursquare), I was last there December ’14. I since got my haircut back in February of this year, with Grafton Barber when I was charged €18.

So then quickly onto Cineworld, to see Hotel Transylvania 2(Review here). Then shortly afterwards, I was wanting to get my Pumpkin +Inflatables Stanescu however it wasn’t to be. hheheeh.

Then onto Lidl to get my groceries, and Tescos for the butter. Again asking both of em if they sold Swiss Army Knife. I was looking everywhere for em. As I had lost mine. hehehe. While looking for it, I was wondering why the weird faces I was getting. It must be illegal or something. So onwards to my folks. I had hoped to visiting em on Saturday ie Halloween Night. But that said, I was wanting the knife badly as I had planned for a shower, shaving etc.,etc., Dad had told me that Mary, Laura O’ Shea and Mary’s mother Eileen were up visiting them. So I arrived when they left. Had a nice cuppa tea. Dad was cutting my nails, however extremely soar, so I decided against him cutting my toenails. heheeh.

Diary 11th December 2014

I met Maureen for our monthly. Had a great chat n lunch. Heheh. She told me she saw my sex site on her Facebook under people you may know. She asked if I liked showing my “little friend” off hahaha. But the embarrasment that came about. hahaah. WE cahtted about Romania.

Headed home. Got my hair cut. Headed on into town to outhouse to write cards. I was as usually distracted. However they was some form of an event on alrite. An information session. Heheg. I continued to write. There was a patron of which I can’t think of his name. Brendan O’ F says if he cud get in.  The guy says u can squeeze in. Or anything. Hahah. Brendan asked the patron if he could squeeze in. THe patron replied, you can squeeze in OR “anything”. ahahah.

I encountered a few familiar faces. Of which Niall was one, of whom, I hadn’t seen since Pride n Andrea since the bitching debacle. Haha I invited Andrea to re-add me on Facebook if he so wishes.

So then it was time to meet Emil for the film Penguins of Madagascar(Review here). Great flick. Heheheh. Great to see him too. So whit this in mind we both dispersed. I bumped into O’ Farrell. We all dispersed.

Diary 25th July 2014

Well after a great sleep yesterday, I got up with a slightly happier mood,(I have Patch to thank – heheeh). I got up, with a view of doing the News Bulletins from July 24th and free up space. However it wasn’t to be. I showered. Getting rid of all the hair, that I had let overgrown over several days to a possibly week. So then I headed on with my first errand of getting my haircut. There was an auld lad in front of me. I vaugley recognised him. When it was confirmed he’s an accountant for Jim Markeys across the road, I remember seeing him there alrite. The accountant customer was asked what he does for a Friday ngiht. His idea, is very simpley and elegant. Pub then onto another pub, for music and the he simply hops into a taxi. Twas great to see a bubbly guy(barber). We remembered dear old Kevin, Who was my manager in Spar in Drumcondra where I used to work, when I was a kid for pocket money. heheeh. He even remembers Don – my nemesis. Wow, talk of bringing up my past. It was amazing. My birthday of this year has brought up some happy BUT painful memories. Ain’t that abnormal. So with such a happy face(for once – at least)

So then I headed back thinking I had a bit of time, but as it happens, I didn’t have that much time. It was my plan to see How to Train Your Dragon 2(Review here), as the last time,So then I popped my head into the Outhouse, literally. As the film was starting at 6pm. I saw Brendan S. Great to see him. Then I headed onto the Cinema, for my peaceful time. heheehe.  I was late for the beginning. But as it happens, I wasn’t as late as I thought I was. It was really effective alrite as I said in my review.

I then headed back to the Outhouse where I was greeted by Dave. I had hoped to get a sandwich. However, Dave explained  that there aint no Lettuce and JUST Tomato. So I jsut left it and got my Green Tea of Raspberry. Ohmmmmm So scrumptiouslioucious. as I don’t take their Tea anymore(cause I first keep forgetting to bring my soya and they don’t have it and secondly my wish of weight loss and not only that the discovery that Soya brings upon Man Boobs as mentioned by one of my FB Mates). I had asked Dave, that can it be done, whereby I bring my OWN green tea, and they just give me the hot water. He was a bit apprehensive about it. So he just recommended that I ask Joe. So we just left it at that. Now, as I don’t take their tea for Men’s Night, which they get for free(some arrangement in advance is made), I had to bring my Green Tea in a Paper cup. Which I didn’t mind. So ownards I headed on up. Great to see a lively bunch. heeheheh. Patrick, Brendan S, Brendan O’ F, Eddie, Ken(who left shortly after I arrived), Peadar, Bernard, Ollie and a few others I couldn’t recall their names, BUT obviously recognsied. Patrick brought up a story he heard on Liveline(Joe Duffy on RTE Radio 1). Whereby he heard a woman from Donegal. A guy went into a bar in none other than a Budgie Smuggler, from what I gather is a swimwear or underwear that only covers ONE side of your cock. Something like that. But it ain’t what I thought. Eitherway it was featured on the Liveline. Shame I didn’t see the guy. hahahah. mmmmm. So then Brendan O’ F later on told me that his mother was asking for me. I can’t tell you how happy that made me feel. The feel that ANOTHER mother was asking for me. heheeh. Its kinda weird come to think of it that my mother asked me to send her love to all when I was at the Andre Rieu Satellite Concert last Saturday. Brendan S, then told me that he put O’F and myself and whoever else on a Restricted List. Its a feature on FB. I never got the jist of it. He put it in lamens terms. This means that if he posts anything public, then we’ll get the post. He was under the da illusion that he posts too much. He was told something of this. I told him that that’s wrong. and they’s nothing but a lier. I told him, that my sis posts BUCKETS(which I don’t mind – obbbbbbv), but that he hardly posts at all. I have him on the Notifications.

So then onwards to my next film. I headed this time with O’ Farrell to see Transformers: Age of Extinction(Review here). Before we went in, O’ Farrell asked me which Hepatitis, I had, whether it was B or C. I explained that I contracted it along time ago in Romania. BUT, that it got “activated”, when I “drank myself to death” a few years ago while I was enduring  Homophobia. I used drink as a coping mechanism. NOT that it didn’t work. However that’s another story for another day. So then we headed in. We unfortunately had some unpleasant experience. There was a family of god only knows how many. They were all UNDER 12(considering the film was 12A Certification provided by IFCO). The Mom n Dad were there. The Dad sat beside me and the Mom down with the kids. They were making noises. As if it wasn’t bad enough the screen in question hadn’t turned on the 3D aspect of the film. IT was all blurry. But getting back to the kids, CLEARLY the film was not suitable for 7 or 8 year old kids. How they got through is beyond me.  I will bring it up with the staff next time I go to the cinema. Brendan had to go out to seek a staff member. The staff member had a talk with the parents and the kids themselves. This didn’t stop one of em throwing somethings at Brendan. He got really mad. Saying “Obey your parents”. I “will have you thrown out of the theatre”. So then we headed on WITHOUT confronting the ill fated family. They should have had a babysitter or if they couldn’t afford or they couldn’t find a babysitter, just do without it. Oh I ain’t letting Cineworld away with it. I will notify the staff and/or Management.

So after some unpleasantness, I left O’ Farrell to Luas and then as I got a bit lost myself I just went towards Capel St., of which I couldn’t find Panti Bar. Kinda weird, as I haven’t been there since last year for Géilí – last year’s Pride Events(2013). I happened to bump into Joe from the Outhouse. Was great to see him. I vaguely recongised Noel Gannon. Which is kinda weird, didn’t think he was that small. But eiterhway,  he didn’t recognise me at all. Joe says to me, Not norm to see me in these parts hahaha. I felt like spilling my guys about my dear Mother(Romania), but ietherway, was great to see him. He made a suggestive move to suggest I was looking for a bit of actions, not Panti I’ll be looking for action. hahahaah. I had one Vodka & DASH of Coke. Twas lovely. Slightly stronger than what you’d get in the George. Another gay bar.

So then I headed on towards home. I was looking for Barber that Frank my barber had mentioned. On the way, I happened to come across an Internet Cafe or at least what used to be. I recall the days, on a Sunday, whereby I’d sneak out via lies to my folks to go to the Internet Cafe on a Sunday when me Pops would be looking at the match. It was a ritual with me. I used to go their to print stuff off from Ros na Run and of course to surf as well. Now in those days we had the 56K modem(ahhhh memories), there was no such things as Facebook, NOT even Bebo had existed when I was growing up.


It has been announced that all 116 passengers Algeria Airlines all have perished.

US President Barack OBama, has hit back at Ireland’s Tax Inversion. Ireland’s Corporate Tax is 12.5%. From my understanding, Obama is stating that US Companies who come over here, are actually paying at Irish Rate NOT the home company’s country. It first started when it was found that Apple(Being an American company) was actually paying IRISH Tax Rate NOT their own country’s rate.

Diary 18th July 2014

Well today, I had plans to get my haircut, then to see How to Train Your Dragon 2(Review will be provided in due course). So then I woke up again later than anticipated. It was around quarter past 8 when I realised it would be too late to get to the cinema for the Transformers(Review here) at 8.45. So I just left it, and took to the bed.

While sleeping, I relaised that while looking at Dawn of the Planet of the Apes(Review here) I had forgotten to mention that I was seeing a white shadow constantly. I kept looking at a person I thought was getting up and down. ie another view of someone following me. Possibly my Mother????


I received word and a vicious look from my Mom(fostered one) when I turned down a birthday pressie from them. I explained to my sis last Sunday, that I can’t accept anything off them, as when my Dad goes to pay by Credit card,he jokes to the salesperson, I guess Ill have to pay. Something like that. Now my sis has explained she can easily stand up to him, by saying “I have the cash etc., etc., “. But my naivety won’t let me stand up to him IN FRONT of the sales person or anyone one else or even on his own.


Also for reasons UNTIL after my Birthday(23rd of this month), I cannot give any heads up in case something happens until after that date. I was speaking to a relative last month via email just a general chat. Now when he said in the email and I quote: “Is this your email adress <email_address>”. I said obviously duhhhhhh. Like when u receive an email from someone, their email appears in the FROM field. He’s an Information System analyst aka he knows everything about computing. So why he ask such a dumb question???If he does look up my email on Google or whatever, he’ll come across the Blog here and WordPress tooo. If he does, then the event may be forcibly occurred on the 23rd. Or whenever. I know to some of yee, this particular paragraph may be a bit worrying or just simply non-nonsensical. But stay tuned over the next few days. It will become clearer to u.


I was chatting to a mate of mine in US(Indiana). A shocking revelation has come alite. In that, in Indiana anyways(not sure about the whole) uses the British System in distance ie Miles. Yet in Ireland we use KM for distance. Considering Ireland is Britain’s neighbor, we actually use a different system. hehe




Up to 100 AIDS researchers and Activists were heading to a International AIDS Conference in Australia


189 Netherlands

42 Malaysia

28 Australia

12 Indonesia

9 UK

4 Germany

4 Belgium

3 Philippines

1 Canada

1 New Zealand

1 Ireland(From Dublin, living in Western Australia for several years). She was only coming home from Dublin to Austrlaia. She came home for a visit. Sr. Philomena Tiernan – A Catholic Nun. of Irish Decent, based in Sydndey. She was on retreat in France.

1 Hong Kong

1 ?


It has been found that a member(Glen Thomas) of the World Health Organisations was also onboard. As well as a Real Estate agent(Albert Risk) in Australia

Euth Lang was amongst those a prominent Dutch AIDS researcher was amongst the group of delegates en route to the Conference in australia.

Cor Pan was travelling with his GF(Natayy Tull). He posted a pic of the Plane on his FB joking “If the plane disappears, this is what it looks like”. More than likely he was referring to the missing Plane MH370(the one that appeared back in March 8th – and still missing)

Diary 5th June 2014

Well I got up quite early after a long hibernation period. Poor Todd wasn’t around as it happens, he wasn’t well. I got his message this morning when I woke up.


I have been looking at TV alnight. So I instead got up and got my haircut. I asked the Barber of advice relating to let my hair grow downwards to see how it would look. My sis said that my hair grows too thick, likewise the barber. He did say however, let it grow for several months. So I got it cut. With which of course, I’m delighted.


So came home, to get ready for tonights films, kinda sad cause I’ll be saying good bye to my wonderful son who has been the thrill of my life. Well at least I have him as my son on my Facebook. heeheh. I first popped into the Outhouse, On my way, I came across Laurence(Albanian guy). He was standing on Granby Row. I understood he was waiting for someone. But he said as it was too hot or too strong, the Sun I mean, he said he’d stay in the shade while waiting for the pedestrian lights. Ie Green man. He walks in the shade. NOw after seeing him, I felt better in myself. In that throughout the whole day, I felt down. Not sure why. Perhaps my sis’ relationship or more so, that I have given up on the information grabbing from my folks relating to my sis etc., or it could be the mixed feelings of O’ Farrell etc., I still fail and think to myself on a constant basis, “Why the hell did I not go to the Outhouse, during my days of homophobia. “. Like I rang GLEN, my ex told me about GLEN, and YET NOT the OUTHOUSE. WHY SO. Outhosue has saved me umpteen tiems. So I onwards I went to the Outhouse. Got myself a cuppa tea. I saw David and some guy chatting. David said hi, BUT not a peep outta the other guy. Quite rude I says. I first thought it was Dayne. But I knew Daynes wouldn’t be ignorant like this guy. He just turned round, and NOTHING. I must be  a piece of shit or something. However when my pic(which I took of my new haircut) goes up on FB, I’m pretty sure 700+ friends or even my closest will say otherwise. So then  I went to the first film of the night X-Men: Days of Future Past(Review can be found here). Where there was comic areas(provided by none other than, Logan(Jackman) not a peep out of the audience. Only myself. They must have been dead or something. haahah. So then onwards to my next film Godzilla:(Review here). Saying my last goodbyes hehhe. Awwww. The Barber when I told him about Godzilla being my son, says something quite interesting BUT very true. He says that me having such fictitious ideas, must mean I don’t have much to think about. heheeh. He’s my precious(Godzilla – I mean). Then throughout the film, I began to think should I call Godzilla Precious. But just remembered that a pet name is actually called Precious from a TV or a Movie. I know, its just come to me. The movie Ice Age 4: The Continental Drift had a whale called Precious by the Granny  of the Sid character. Thats just so adorable. So while coming down the escalators for to get the next ticket for Godzilla, I saw O’ Farrell. Twas great to see him. He was going to see X-Men as it happens. I had already seen it, he wanted me to go with him. However I was going to see my goodbyes, to my son, BUT at least he’s still on my FB. God I’ll miss him terribly. haahaha. O’ Farrell and myself while in line, agreed to meetup after the film. Of which we did, he got the bus, and I walked back.


On my way home, I had gotten myself two Chinese. One being Fried Rise, Chips and Curry. and the other being Tofu, Curry and Fried Rice. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one from Welcome City. The latter being from Do Son. I kind liked the latter. Now don’t get me wrong, I love tofu, but it tasted like meat. On the menu and I said to the girl, that I wanted Tofu. yet it looked like meat. But anyways, the fried rice was separate hence probably why I enjoyed the original.



Archbishop of Tuam calls on responsibility on the Bon Secours Sisters behind the Mother and Baby Deaths of over 700 almost 800 babies sculls found


Gun Fire shoot 3 ppl officers dead and 2 others being injured in News Brunswick. Last time this happened was in 05 where 4 Officers were shot in whats was described as the deadliest attack in over 120 yrs. This is highly unusual in Canada considering High Levels of Gun Ownership.

Diary 20th February 2014

Today was a somewhat busy day. Following is the scheduled.

  • Lidls shopping
  • Laundry
  • Crina
Mom collected me shortly after 1pm. Before Mom met me, I was very upset over the passing of one of my dear FB Friends: Richard Hancock. He had passed away of natural causes. He was very young(well no matter his age) that’s the way I see him. May RIP.
So when I got up, Mom met me and collected Crina afterwards. She was waiting at the steps. I couldn’t stop admiring her top she had bought with my voucher I gave her for Christmas. We first dined in the Yacht of which I ordered my  salad that I loved.
Then we all headed off to Lidls in Artane. This was a new branch they opened. Twas magnificent. My bill was €25. Twas very good value. For 5 Bread, 5 OJ, 5 Milk, yeah great value. So Mom left both of us home, I helped Crina with her shopping.
Then shortly afterwards when Mom left me home, I started to get things ready for the laundry. So stripped the bed and now its in the laundry. I was as always struggling with bringing the laundry to the shop. Then just literally right around the corner from the shop, I was battling hail stones. I kinda thought thou when I think about it, that one of the clouds in the sun(might I add), had a funny funnel shaped cloud. While right beside it, I saw a cloud shaped like a crystal clear mountain. Either Way Hail stones pouring outta the heaven, I mean like what gives.
So after the Laundry, I tried again to see if I could get my haircut, So I saw that the door was indeed opened so went up and as I was the only customer, he took me in. I asked him what had happened last week, when I attempted to get my haircut. He went onto explain that the place was opened. I said that I couldnt even get in, he said that he was prob getting lunch or something and that he had forgotten to put in a piece of paper to prevent the door from being locked. ANYways I got my haircut, of which I was delighted. He did say will I miss my warmth of the mop, I said that I rarely ever feel either difference. So I came home, in the sunshine might I add – hahaha as it was atoricuos going to the laundry.
I then headed to Crian like I do every week and on a SUnday too. Twas a wonderful and lovely and a comedic visit. WE were looking at Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. I most certainly was not impressed with the film, bottom line far too crude. No doubt. So we then looked at The Millers, and The King Of QUeens. Twas a most hearty evening. As I described to her, Instead of me going home crying my eyes out like last week, I was delighted to be walking home with a big happy face or as Lisa Simpson “Put on a Happy Face”.
One thing I would like to point out thou, whenever I’m with Crina, my fam(minus the relatives), I feel like the young shy guy(well Crina feeling like a normal guy – depends on the mood I guess), BUT whenever I’m with my mates ie Brendans or anyone in the OUthouse ie THE GAY COMMUNITY(I am GEORGAN, not a shy guy. I have been feeling like this ever since I came out. ie like as if there was 2 GEorgians. I’m gonna have to bring this up with my Therapist on MOnday, see what he makes of it.
Another group of people I feel very comfortable around with ie being Georgian would be my FB mates. I’ve known a gud few of em be they allies or the LGBT Community. One person I have been in several contacts in recent years is my dear friend Karen Love. I have known her for several years now. How we met(FB) was actually through Cafe World. I recently regained contact with her.  I thought she had lost her job or something. But anytime I’m chatting with her I feel am in NYC there and then. Shes an ally of gays. She ain’t gay herself, but fights for our rights. Im proud to call her a bestie.